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Zachary Rogers, more commonly known as Zac was a former recurring character on The Fosters. He was a love interest for Mariana Foster and was her first boyfriend. He was first introduced in House and Home as a crew member for a school theater play. He moves to Arizona in Adoption Day to live with his father due to his mother being unable to care for him due to her having early Alzheimer's.

Zac is portrayed by Julian de la Celle.


Zac is a 15 year old freshman. His dad left Zac and his mother ten years ago as mentioned in Don't Let Go. He was the editor of the Anchor Beach newspaper.

Physical Appearance

Zac has hazel eyes that go with his brown hair.


House and Home

Zac is a designer for the play. He is unimpressed with Chase, unlike Mariana.

Things Unsaid

Zac who works with Mariana on the school play, arrives to practice and asks why Mariana does all the work, but still gives Kelsey half the credit. Zac see Mariana and Chase kiss while practicing scene for the play. It is also hinted that Zac has a crush on Mariana.

Us Against The World

Zac approaches Mariana. He asks her go with him to the cast party and she agrees. During the party Zac is a little upset that Callie tags along on his date with Mariana. Later, during the party Mariana is seen Upstairs, waiting for Chase. Zac comes in instead wanting to confess his feelings to her, but shortly Chase comes along making him feel uncomfortable Zac ends up leaving.

Kids in the Hall

Zac breaks his friendship with Mariana due to the incidents that have happened during the party in Us Against The World. Zac was upset with Mariana for ditching him, but chose to help her get some pay back. He wrote a terrible review of Chase’s play and let it go to print. He never liked the way Chase was targeting her and he’s all too willing to let things go between him and Mariana.

Escapes and Reversals

Zac and Mariana kiss outside but later on they decided to just be friends.

Don't Let Go

Mariana gets an invitation from Zac's mother (guest star Romy Rosemont) to have dinner with them. During dinner time, Zac's mom acts weird in front of them and Mariana finds out why Zac doesn't wanna date her. Amanda mentions that Zac left them ten years ago.


Mariana is at her locker when Zac’s Mom, runs up to her. She is in a much better mood than before when she called Mariana a whore through a phone call. Zac's mom also says that she’s going to help Lena with the dance Metropolis. When Zac sees them and joins them, he is a very embarrassed to find his Mom talking to Mariana. However after his mother leaves, Mariana tells Zac that she should see a doctor. Zac shuts that idea down right away.

Changing the subject, she thinks they both should go to the dance. Mariana tries to walk up to Zac so she can ask him to the dance, but he does not let her. Instead, he leads her to her locker where he has a cute “Mystery Date” themed card on her door. It ends up being his way of asking her to the dance. Marianna and Zac are dancing when Zac's mom cuts in to dance with Zac. She accuses Zac of screwing Marianna before running off. Zac and Mariana find his mom. She is outside looking at the water, but when they get to her, she doesn’t recognize either of them.

Adoption Day

Mariana learns the truth behind Zac's mom; she has Alzheimer's. Zac can no longer care for his mom all on his own, so he calls his dad asking him for help. He leaves California to live with his father in Arizona while his mother receives proper treatment.

Appearances (8/101)

Season 1 (8/21)


Mariana Adams Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Don't Let Go (1x20)
    • Broke Up: Adoption Day (1x21)
      • Reason: Zac's mother proved to have early on set Alzheimer's disease, meaning Zac will have to live with his dad in Arizona while she got proper care. Zac and Mariana decided against having a long distance relationship.

Main article: Zariana

Zac was a classmate Mariana met while on the set of a school play. It is hinted at that he has a crush on her. However, she initially doesn't feel the same way. Despite her original platonic feelings for him, Mariana grows close to Zac and eventually returns his feelings. They have a short lived relationship, with his mother suffering from early Alzheimer's disease and requiring proper care. This results in Zac moving away to live with his father. Zac is Mariana's first boyfriend.


  •  He repeated his freshman year.
  •  Zac had to move to Arizona, at least for the time being, in Adoption Day with his dad due to his mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


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