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Ximena Sinfuego is a recurring character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. She was first seen in, "Exterminate Her".

She is an art student at UCSD, where she met and befriended Callie Adams Foster. Ximena is also a member of the roller derby team, the Chula Vistas, and the coach of their sister group, The Traumacitas. Ximena met Mariana when the latter attended a roller derby match.

Ximena is portrayed by Lisseth Chavez.


Ximena was born in Mexico to Juan and Maria Sinfuego. She and her parents then migrated to the United States under the Dreamer act when Ximena was two years old. Once in the United States, Maria gave birth to Ximena's younger sister, Poppy. Ximena attended American schools before being accepted into UCSD, where she was able to use her ethnic background to promote activism. At an unknown point in time, she formed the Chula Vista and their sister group, The Traumacitas. Ximena has since come out as a lesbian.

Physical Appearance


Ximena is an audacious and accepting young woman, who fights for not only her rights but for the rights of everyone around her. She is confident and comfortable in her own skin and isn't afraid to be vocal about her feelings toward something or someone. She is fiercely protective of her family, especially her younger sister Poppy, whom she is always pushing to reach her full potential. Ximena is a mentor and coach to many young Latina girls through her derby teams, Chula Vista and The Traumacitas


Appearances (18/101)

Season 5 (18/22)


  • Ximena is the captain of the Chula Vista roller derby team. Her derby name is X-Terminator and her number is #187. She also coaches the junior team, The Traumacitas, which her sister, Poppy Sinfuego, and Mariana Adams Foster are members of.
  • Ximena, along with her parents, was an undocumented citizen of the US.
  • She is a member of the UCSD Progressive Students Alliance Committee (PSAC).
  • In her family's "in case of deportation" plan, Ximena will become the legal guardian of her sister. Her parents have also asked her not to try to come back to Mexico, but to stay in the US without them.
  • Ximena came out to Callie while they were held up in a church in "Sanctuary".
  • Ximena, grateful to Callie for the exposure she got at a rally (which ultimately got them posted on Huffington Post) kissed her in Hashtag IWasMadeInAmerica. Callie did respond to the kiss for a moment, yet seemed shocked and awkward with it, as did Ximena, leaving the future of their relationship unknown. This was never further pursued.
  • Ximena finally got her DACA in Many Roads.



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