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Putting your heart out there scares you a lot more than getting caught breaking the rules.
Wyatt to Callie in Vigil

Wyatt Casey is a recurring character in the Freeform series, The Fosters. He was Callie's first friend at Anchor Beach Community Charter School, and they had connected over them both being outsiders. Eventually, he becomes her boyfriend and had an on and off relationship with her. He appears for the first time in Hostile Acts.

Wyatt is portrayed by Alex Saxon.


Wyatt attends Anchor Beach Community Charter School. He is known as an outsider that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the world. He first met Callie in English class and, later, became a love interest. Wyatt feels connected to Callie probably because they have similar past situations. He becomes her on-again, off-again boyfriend for a majority of the series. Their friendship seems to end when Callie discovers that he slept with Mariana. 

Physical Appearance

Wyatt has dirty-blond shoulder length hair that is naturally wavy. He has dark blue eyes and a very toned but muscular body. His sense of style is very hobo chic. He puts on a very fierce and repellant exterior that drives people the other way when they pass him. Just based on his appearance, he seems very closed off to the rest of the world and keeps to himself. 



Hostile Acts

Wyatt and Callie in class.

Wyatt and Callie meet when they both have issues with being inspired to write about a time they have felt guilt and shame, which is homework. When both finally write about something, they tear the paper apart together and throw it into the garbage.


Wyatt talking to Callie in school.

He approaches Callie while she eats her lunch, and engages her in a conversation, trying to get to know her. When Wyatt is questioned about what he wants, he responds that he wants "What all guys want... a stimulating conversation. And sex." This results in Callie laughing, and he compliments her on her smile. He then asks her if she'd like to hang out with a couple of friends, but she tells him she has a thing to go to. And he tells her that if her thing becomes boring then to go find him. Later Callie meets Wyatt at the bonfire.

The Morning After

Callie invites Wyatt over to attend a Foster-family barbeque, where Brandon acts hostile and refuses to befriend him; Wyatt stays afterward to help clean up the mess and dishes, getting him on Lena's and Stef's good side.

Callie and Wyatt.

After Wyatt leaves, Callie is told by Brandon that Wyatt is trouble and that Talya once dated him, but he dumped her the morning after sex. When confronted about this at school by Callie, he tells her that Talya was becoming controlling and obsessive, which he did not like; he also said that he didn't break up with her the morning after, but a couple of weeks following the sex. He then tells Callie that she will have to make it up to him somehow for not trusting him, so she agrees to go out on another date.

Wyatt and Callie kissing.

They stop at a beach house, which Wyatt says his parents own but never use. Together they sit on the porch and wait for the meteor shower to occur, but it is blocked by clouds; to pass time, Wyatt and Callie begin to talk and then kiss but are interrupted when a light flickers inside. When Callie states that he had said that his parents are nearly never there, Wyatt pulls her by the wrist and tells her that it really isn't his property at all.

They both hide behind a dumpster, where Callie angrily says that she is still on

Callie and Wyatt.

probation and could get sent back to juvie. He tries to lighten the mood by joking around on how funny the situation would be the next day, but she doesn't laugh. Callie is then forced to call Brandon to pick the both of them up due to the fact that Wyatt's car is blocked by the police.

Wyatt and Callie kissing.

At school the next day, Wyatt is seen asking Callie if she wanted an apology from him. When she refuses, he apologizes sincerely anyway, saying that he has done many stupid things, but never has regretted any, except for what he did the night before. They then kiss and hold hands, implying that Callie has forgiven him.


Wyatt is first seen in this episode when showing Callie his house, which is being sold very soon. He opens his closet to show her some artwork he did when he was young on the walls. He asks her to come to the party he is throwing that night, Callie says she'll think about it. He begs her to stay with him, but she has to go to a foster kid meeting. Later in the episode, Wyatt is seen handing out spray cans and paint as he greets Callie, who decided to come to the party with Mariana. He explains to her the paint is to destroy his old house.

Callie thinks that his idea is stupid and tells him so, leaving him to go drink with other party guests. Callie finds him telling other guests to break things because he doesn't care, having the alcohol taking him over. He goes into his bedroom, scaring a bunch of people away, as he continues to break stuff. He falls to the ground in despair, and Callie comforts him. She tells him it is just a house and it doesn't mean he can't keep his memories, and then kisses him. He gets up and takes the part of the closet which kept his drawings, saying he'll keep his memories. He then asks Callie if she wants to leave, because the party "sucks."

When Liam approaches Callie, Wyatt asks him if "everything is okay" to which Liam walks off. Wyatt walks Callie and a drunk Mariana home. Wyatt texts Callie and tells her the photos from the party were great.

The Fallout

Wyatt engages Liam in a fight to save Callie when Liam was harshly confronting her, Brandon breaks up the fight. When Callie tells Wyatt to leave her alone, he takes this comment harshly.


Wyatt and Callie.

Callie approaches Wyatt to return his book. Noticing that he has been ignoring her, Callie asks Wyatt what's wrong. He tells her he got blamed as if he was the bad guy or something and that she should go talk to Brandon. He stands up, about to walk away, but Callie stops him. Wyatt sighs and asks Callie to tell her about Liam. Callie gives him a very vague explanation. Wyatt scoffs and sarcastically tells her that wasn't much of an explanation. Callie says "I thought that's what you liked about me. That I was mysterious and a bit screwed up." Wyatt replies with, "you might be a bit too screwed up, even for me."

Wyatt and Callie in the hallway.

Later on, in the hallway, Callie apologizes and asks him to come with her to a silent movie. When he states he has a thing, Callie quotes him "when you're thing gets boring, you know where to find me." and leaves.

At the movie, Wyatt eventually shows up and agrees to stay on the condition they call it a date. Callie smiles and nods. They make fun of the movie with silly accents, kiss, and joke around.


Jude, Callie, and Wyatt waiting at the hospital.

Wyatt is first seen looking through the window at Brandon and Callie. He walks in and gives Callie the donuts he brought. Later at the hospital, when they decide to go out for fresh air, Wyatt tells Callie that he knows she's using him, but he isn't mad. He says that if she likes him, she should seize the moment and tell Brandon her feelings. Callie kisses Wyatt's cheek and he watches her go.

I Do

He is first seen telling Callie that he is moving to Indiana with his mother due to financial problems. Callie is upset about this, as he is her only friend at school. At the end of the episode, Callie asks Wyatt if he can give her a ride someplace, but Wyatt doesn't think it is a good idea. Callie gets mad and walks away from him, but Wyatt drives up to her and tells her she can join him.

The Honeymoon

Wyatt and Callie are at a gas station after they left onto the highway in I Do. Wyatt demands answers, and she tells him that she was going to be sent to another foster home and couldn't handle that as she wanted to take charge of her life. They drive off and leave the state of California. Wyatt and Callie are visiting an area where aliens have supposedly landed. They order ice flavored ice cream, and they discuss their future. She says that Jude is better off without her. Wyatt and Callie are in a motel room settling for the night. While Callie takes her shower, Wyatt receives a call from Lena. She leaves a voicemail for him after he rejects her call. She asks him about Callie, making him realize that Callie ran away and she lied to him. Wyatt and Callie are having dinner in their motel room. He asks her if she was going to call the Fosters. Callie disagrees. She says that she ruined things for Jude and either way she violated her probation. Wyatt asks her what is her plan, and she possibly makes the decision of going to Indiana with Wyatt. She suggests that if she went to Indiana with him, she could find a job as well as finding a place to live. Wyatt asks if she could stay with her father to which he is in prison. Callie says that her father doesn't want her and Jude. Wyatt takes another wind with advice as he tells her that he doesn't understand why her father suddenly abandoned her, and he tells her that Callie always automatically assumes that somebody gives up on her. He suggests that maybe her father is looking for her. Wyatt goes to bed when he doesn't receive a response. Wyatt and Callie end up sleeping together in the same bed. During the night, Callie approaches Wyatt in her sleep and wraps her arms around him to which they cuddle until Wyatt gets too uncomfortable. Wyatt rushes out the door to go to his car. As he gets to his car, Stef and Lena make an appearance asking about Callie. It is revealed that Wyatt called Stef and Lena back. When they enter the room, Callie has disappeared. They rush out. Stef and Lena question Wyatt about the events that have happened. They file a police report of Callie.


Callie receives a call from an old friend. Shen then turns around and there he is. Callie shows up to talk to Wyatt whom she got a job filling drinks so he could get money to get his car back.

Adoption Day

Wyatt surprises Callie with not only his surprise appearance but with Rita and everyone else from Girls United! While much excitement is happening all throughout the lobby, lawyers pull Stef and Lena aside to have a chat with them. Callie heads outside to the patio to which Brandon joins her. She asks about the audition and Brandon replies he got it. He leaves to go and get the last of his things from Mike’s and Wyatt takes his place. He is curious because of this recent error with the adoption, will things change between Callie and Brandon. She says no and the two kiss. Callie plays a song for Wyatt on the guitar.


Mariana ends up hanging out with Wyatt at the after-school party following an argument with her boyfriend Mat. They later start kissing and sleep together off-screen.

It's My Party

Wyatt appears at Callie's birthday party and asks Mariana out on a date. After she tells him no, he assumes it's because Callie forbade it. He angrily approaches Callie and tells her that he had sex with Mariana.

Appearances (26/101)

Season 1 (11/21)

Season 2 (7/21)

Season 3 (2/20)

Season 5 (6/22)


Callie Adams Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start-Up: The Morning After (1x05)
    • Broke Up: Vigil (1x09)
      • Reason: Wyatt realized Callie had feelings for Brandon and encouraged her to go after him.
  • Second Relationship:
    • Start-Up: Adoption Day (1x21)
    • Broke Up: Leaky Faucets (2x09)
      • Reason: Wyatt got into a fight with Liam, and Callie doesn't approve of his form of "protection" by getting into fights.
Main article: Wallie

Wyatt and Callie became acquaintances in school, bonding over both being outsiders, and become closer as a result. Their connection later turned into a relationship. When Wyatt steps in on Brandon and Callie having a moment, he comes to the realization of her feelings for Brandon in Vigil. Wyatt tells her that he knows about Callie's true feelings toward Brandon and, after assuring her that he isn't mad, encourages her to follow her heart thus marking the end of their relationship. They remain friends and she asks him for a ride. The two later re-start their relationship, however, when he picks a fight with Liam as Callie watches, she ends it a second time. 

Talya Banks

  • First Relationship:
    • Start-Up: Pre-Pilot
    • Broke Up: Pre-Pilot
      • Reason: After the two had sex, Talya had become overly clingy and jealous.

In The Morning After, it is confirmed by Brandon Foster that Talya and Wyatt dated sometime prior to her relationship with him. Brandon is led to believe that after Talya and Wyatt had sex, he broke up with her the morning afterward. However, Wyatt later tells Callie that what Brandon said wasn't true. He admits that they did have sex, but he broke up with her three weeks later because she became too controlling in their relationship. Callie easily believes Wyatt's side of the story due to her past experience with a jealous and possessive Talya.


  • Wyatt used to date Talya, Brandon's old girlfriend from season 1, but broke up with her when she became overly possessive of him and easily jealous following the two having sex. Her behavior brought him to break up with her three weeks after their first time together. 
  • Having had multiple different jobs throughout his life, Wyatt proves to have good working experience. 
  • He shows a talent for art. He made a beautifully done mural in the closet of his parents' old house.
  • Wyatt is the first non-main character to have his own scene.
  • In the season 3 premiere, Wreckage, he took Mariana's virginity.
  • Wyatt's last name, Casey, was mentioned in the episode "Many Roads" (5x19).



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