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"I realized that as long as I allow my family connections to get me jobs, and open doors, no one will believe I deserve to be where I am. That I ever earned anything. I won't be my own person until I have the courage to stop being who my family wants me to be. Thank you for challenging me, in so many ways, but mostly to be a more independent thinker and to define myself by my own terms."
—Excerpt of Rebecca's goodbye letter to Callie

Willful Blindness[1] is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Good Trouble.


While Gael is busy prepping for his upcoming art show, Callie is on edge about how much Rebecca knows of her living situation. Meanwhile, Callie urges Rebecca and Judge Wilson to take action to protect a young female clerk working for a judge with a history of harassment. Alice is roped into planning a wedding shower for Sumi.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Starring

  • Joanna Johnson as Diana[3] (Special Guest Star)
  • Briana Venskus as Meera Mattei
  • J. Mallory McCree as Dom Williams
  • Lee Chen as Trea Kwan[4]
  • Robert Michael Lee as Alan Kwan
  • Denise Dowse as Secretary
  • Dianne Doan as Kate Nguyen
  • Karole Foreman as Mrs. Williams
  • Jeffrey Stubblefield as Michael Davidson
  • Noshir Dalal as Amir Turani
  • Jonathan Stanley as Michael Davidson
  • Sasha A. Ali as Courtroom Deputy

Notes and Trivia

  • Joanna Johnson, the executive producer, showrunner, and co-creator of The Fosters and Good Trouble guest stars in this episode as Diana, Rebecca's mother.
  • Rebecca tells Callie that she doesn't intend to see Jesus again, especially since he lives in San Diego and is Callie's brother.
  • Meera wants to throw Sumi a surprise party with help from Alice. Meera and Alice end up getting along oddly well, and Meera encourages her to do standup comedy or something along those lines. This, however, goes south when Meera listens to the comedy show and hears Alice saying incriminating things about her and Sumi.
  • Callie still wants Rebecca to file a complaint against Judge Handleman, despite Rebecca's protests against it. However, Rebecca eventually files a formal sexual harassment claim against Judge Handleman. Judge Wilson applauds her for coming forward about her history.
  • Alice has lunch with her parents but struggles throughout, especially since her mother, Trea Kwan, wants her daughter to be a more conventionaly successful girl, including wearing makeup, doing her hair, bringing a guy home, and having a stable job.
  • Rebecca has a meeting with her mother, who disapproves of her daughter filing a complaint against Judge Handleman.
  • Mariana and Davia give advice to Gael on what to do regarding his artwork and branding.
  • Mariana mentions her birth mother and the events of Season 1 of The Fosters.
  • A number of characters get into arguments.
    • Malika and Dom argue over Dom buying their mother alcohol despite her being a recovering addict, as he is just enabling her. Dom, however, sees it as him buying his mother the alchohol safely instead of her being on the street trying to score it.
    • Alice and Meera fight over the things Alice said about Sumi on-air, and the three's past with one another.
    • Gael and Callie get into a fight over her sneaking up to see him all the time, and he calls her out for only seeing the world, "as Callie".
  • Rebecca takes the job offer in Denver and officially leaves LA, but not before leaving Callie a goodbye letter.

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