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Vigil is the ninth episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on ABC Family on July 29, 2013.


While Lena tries to process the extent of Mariana and Jesus' lies, Stef and Mike head to Ana's to try and find Jesus. What they encounter lands someone in the hospital and changes the Foster family forever. While the family waits anxiously for news, tensions rise over the secrets the kids kept from Stef and Lena and even Brandon realizes he's to blame for covering for the twins. Callie has a heart-to-heart with Brandon to help him understand the perspective of a foster child and Brandon learns how Callie's mother died. Wyatt calls Callie on her growing bond with Brandon but Callie is all too familiar with the damage that could result from this kind of relationship.

ve to go pick him up. After getting Jesus, Mike calls to tell Lena the bad news. Meanwhile, Brandon and Callie are at the house together, both telling each other of how they spent their nights, when police officers come to contact Brandon about his mother's condition. At the hospital Lena, Jesus, and Mariana arrive and Lena begins to give Mike some attitude as she is frantic about Stef's condition. The doctor comes out and explains to Mike and Lena that Stef had a collapsed lung and is currently suffering from an extreme case of internal blood loss and that they are doing the best they can to stabilize her. Jesus and Mariana overhear the conversation and become very upset with their actions. Mariana begins to feel that it was her fault for Stef's shooting and that Lena was going to blame her for Stef's situation. 

Everyone in the waiting room.

Mike, Lena, Jesus, and Mariana are waiting at the hospital when Callie and Brandon arrived with the officers. At that moment the doctor comes out to the waiting room and to report that Stef is now in a stable condition to have visitors, although Lena is the only one who is allowed to visit as of current due to the doctors not wanting her to have a relapse. Mike begins to go to visit Stef along with Lena, but his captain reminded him that he could not speak to her until the Internal Affairs Department (IA) speaks to them both. As Stef opens her eyes to Lena, a flashback of when Stef and Lena first met is shown. Lena, as the principal of an elementary school, comes to greet Stef and welcome her to the school. Stef introduces herself and begins to explain that her five year old son, Brandon, is beginning to start kindergarten there and Lena happily assures her of the school. When asked, Stef says that her husband, Mike, isn't with her at the moment and that he's running late to the meeting. The episode then cuts back to Lena exiting the room and explaining to the rest of the Foster family that everything was fine and Stef would be okay.

As everyone focuses down with relief, Brandon starts bombarding his father with questions as to why Stef didn't have her vest on and why they didn't wait for back-up to come help. Mike quickly leaves to speak with Internal Affairs in the hallway. The two IA investigators were abrasive and insensitive to the situation, using Stef's sexuality to try and make Mike angry and to get him to admit to something. Mike's captain, sensing and witnessing Mike's rage, decides to end the investigation for now.

Everyone seeing Stef in the hospital.

In the waiting area Brandon begins to yell at Jesus and Mariana, blaming them for what had happened to Stef, saying that they had no right to go behind their backs and do something so stupid even after they were taken in by his mothers. Callie quickly ushers him away to cool down and apologizes to the twins on Brandon's behalf as he goes to the second floor to be with Lena. The attending surgeon comes out and explains that no serious damage occured to any of her organs besides the lung. He explains that, although the issue is slight, Stef could end up paralyzed if they didn't conduct surgery soon enough to remove the bullet resting close to her spinal cord. Lena and everyone except Mike and Callie then go to see Stef.

Jesus and Mariana talking.

The episode once again cuts to another flashback when Stef met Jesus and Mariana at the police station. Stef gingerly walks by the twins as they sit quietly in the police station. She walks into her office and asks one of the officers in charge why they are sitting there. After making a quick joke with him about their reason for being there, he tells her that their foster parents dropped them off to the be taken into the foster system once again as they couldn't handle them anymore. Stef, saddened by this, gets two lollipops and introduces herself to the twins. As Jesus speaks up and tells her their names, Stef gives Jesus a lollipop and tries to give one to Mariana. Mariana, shy and uncomfortable, does not accept the sweet until Jesus gives it to her.

In real time, back at the house, Mariana is going through a box of old family possessions and Jesus comes in and comforts her. Mariana expresses that she was worried that their mothers won't want them after what happened that day. Upstairs, Brandon is going through the closet for clothes to bring to Lena, as she stayed the night at the hospital, when Callie comes into the room. As she helps him pick Lena's clothes, Callie opened up to him and explained that he had a right to be mad but that he was being insensitive to Jesus' and Mariana's feelings as he did not understand the pain of having your parents, the people who are supposed to love and welcome you into the world with open arms, leave you alone and act as if they don't love you. She then tells him to try and be nicer and not to be such a jackass about the situation.

Brandon immediately comes downstairs to assure Jesus and Mariana that he loves them as siblings and was just upset when he yelled at them. There's a knock at the door and Jude rushes in the house, after explaining how he left Connor's house to be with everyone after hearing about Stef. Afterwards, everyone goes to sleep and Jude wakes Callie up and tells her that this reminded him of their mother, to which Callie retorts that it is nothing like their mother as the Foster family is a lucky family and Stef will most certainly live.

The next morning Callie is in the kitchen cooking comfort food for everyone when Brandon came into the kitchen. He, after listening in on their conversation the night before, then began to ask her about her mother and how they ended up in foster care. She explained her mother died in a car crash caused by her father drunk driving.

Brandon talking to Callie.

 The accident took the life of her mother and several others who were in the other car. She explains that he was sent to jail for manslaughter and that her and Jude ended up in foster care due to having no other familial ties. Brandon comforts Callie by brushing her hair behind her ear. As they became closer, someone knocks on the door. Wyatt steps inside with a box of donuts, and stares suspiciously at the two as he noticed their closeness before he came inside. Brandon gets a call from the house phone from Lena and tells everyone that Stef is about to be sent into surgery. They all go to the hospital. Wyatt and Callie step outside to get some air while Mike goes to speak to his captain. She explained the investigation seemed to be going okay, and that he and Stef might get off with a suspension of only one or two days. She warns him to stop drinking after working as it is clearly affecting his work. He begins to get defensive but understands and walks off to get coffee. The episode cuts to another flash back where Stef and Mike meet at a cafe. Over coffee explains to Mike that their relationship would never work and that their divorce was not his fault, but her's, as she is a lesbian. She tells him that she has met someone new and that she is glad with her current lifestyle. Back in the current time, Mike is in his car outside the hospital, ignoring orders, he pours a bottle of alcohol into his coffee.

Wyatt talking to Callie about Brandon.

Wyatt and Callie are shown outside the hospital at a fountain. Wyatt tells Callie to go for Brandon and he knows that she likes him. He encourages her to be true to her heart and seize the love she feels for Brandon as life is short and she may never have the chance for it again, using Stef as an example. Callie kisses Wyatt on the cheek, leaves him and rushes back inside to tell Brandon how she feels. However, as she is getting close to Brandon, Tayla runs up to him and the two embrace. Callie quickly makes a turn away into the waiting room. Inside the waiting room, the surgeon explains that although they weren't able to remove the bullet, they removed all fragments and that their operation was a success. Happy, the family hugs and comfort one another. As Brandon hugged his father, he smells the alcohol on his breath. He examines Mike's coffee cup and smelled its contents, realizing he was drinking earlier despite all that had happened and all the warnings given to him. He throws it out and storms off.

The episode goes back to another flashback where Stef told Lena she really does love her and has finally accepted herself as a lesbian. Lena happily retorts by saying "You had me at 'lesbian'.

The episode returns to the present and focuses on Lena with Mariana. Lena explains that she and Stef love Mariana and Jesus and that blood is not what makes a family, but love is, and that that is exactly why they are a family now.

The captain sees to Mike outside as he gets a water. The captain said Ana was actually at the house climbing out the window when she heard the gunshots and that means that they now have an eye witness to help their alibi. The two agents from Internal Affairs are shown questioning Stef. She explains that they went in to sweep the house, and all she remembers is that she was shot, and then she was in the ambulance. IA then leaves, seeing that she is telling the truth and tell her to rest. Brandon confronts Mike about having alcohol in his coffee and tells him he is done with him until he cleans up his act. As the Fosters leave the hospital, the cops are bringing Ana in. Lena tells her to stay away from her family. Mike is finally able to see Stef. She says it wasn't his fault and that she wanted to go in and investigate without waiting for back-up as she thought her child's life was in danger. Mike says he wishes it was him and Stef jokingly says she does too. Mike tells her that the cops picked up Ana, and that it doesn't matter because it was a clean shot and she was probably lying. Stef stares at him.

The episode ends with Stef having a flashback of her shooting, showing that she was in fact lying to IA earlier that day. Stef remembers that when she walked into the room, Ana's boyfriend immediately shot at her (marking the 1st gunshot), giving Stef her wound and causing her to fall to the ground. As she fell, Ana's boyfriend drops his gun on the floor in shock and the impact causes it to fire off again (marking the 2nd gunshot). Mike runs in and fires at Ana's boyfriend repeatedly (marking the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gunshots) without thinking to check for him being armed, meaning that Mike did indeed shoot at an unarmed person and that he and Stef could both get in trouble for the death of an innocent.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Karl T. Wright as Attending Doctor
  • Samantha Sloyan as ER Doctor
  • Pablo Espinosa as Officer Juarez
  • Jason Sims-Prewitt as Officer Harlow
  • Exie Booker as Officer Verdez
  • Matthew Jay as EMT
  • Cassandra Braden as Admitting Nurse
  • Michelle Cates as ER Nurse #1
  • Raney Branch as ER Nurse #2
  • Alexa Droubay as Waitress
  • Luke Stockalper as 5-Year Old Jesus
  • Aryanna Paredes as 5-Year Old Mariana

Title Reference

  • The title is a reference to Lena keeping vigil for most of the episode watching Stef in the hospital.  Vigil means a period of keeping awake, usually time spent sleeping, to watch or pray.

Source Reference

Featured Music

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  • Treehouse by Rosie and Me (This song is heard when Lena & Stef first meet in the flashback.)
  • Anchor Holds The Sea by Captains and Captives (This song is heard when Lena & kids visit Stef in ICU.)
  • That Sweet Thing by Bill Gordon (This song is heard when Mike & Stef talk in the flashback.)
  • On The Other Side by Phillip LaRue (This song is heard when Callie & Wyatt talk; Callie talks to Brandon in the hospital.)
  • For Granted by Odessa (This song is heard when Flashback: Stef tells Lena she told everyone to go back to the hospital, Stef asks Lena to marry her.)
  • Save It All by Marie Hines (This song is heard when Lena talks to Mariana.)
  • St. Christopher (On My Way) by Michael Logen (This song is heard during the closing credits.)


  • Maia Mitchell says on her twitter that this is her favorite episode so far.
  • At the very end of the episode, when Jude is up in his bed looking at a picture of him, his mom and Callie, the photo used was an actual real-life photograph of Maia Mitchell's mother, Jill, and her little brother Charlie.


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