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United We Stand is the fifth webisode in the Girls United web series. This episode lasts 5:15 minutes.


Gabi returns and reveals her journey away from the house. She reveals a shocking truth that brings the girls closer together.


At the beginning of the scene, Callie is taking out the garbage when she hears rustling behind her and discovers Gabi in the shadows. Callie questions why Gabi came back and Gabi replies by asking if Michelle called her P.O. Callie assures her that Michelle had not made the call because it had not been 24 hours. Gabi is skeptical, but Callie reveals that Gabi's father was at the house earlier looking for her. Callie tells Gabi that she should come back inside the house, but Gabi reveals that she can't go back to juvie, and Callie assures her that Michelle has not even called Rita yet. Gabi wonders why she should trust Callie and Callie gives the response that shuts her down, "Where else you gonna go?". The scene changes to the living room, where the other girls are setting up for group, when Gabi and Callie walk in.


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The Fosters Girls United - Webisode 5 - United We Stand