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"Dear friend. You are invited to a low-key party at The Coterie to celebrate my twenty-fifth year of life on this planet. We've all been so busy with our lives, following our own storylines, we haven't had our usual family dinners or salons. So as your present to me, I'd love you to share your talents with all of us. Please turn this card over and take this... Inspiration to prepare some sort of creative expression. The idea is to express yourselves. Because that is what sets us free."
Malika's party invitation

Twenty-Fine is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on July 23, 2019.


Malika asks The Coterie crew to create performance pieces expressing themselves as their birthday presents to her, leading to a night of improv, music performances, and revelations.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Starring

  • Chelsea Corp as Dancer #1
  • Sarah Polednak as Dancer #2
  • Candace Nicholaq-Lippman as Yari
  • Iantha Richardson as Tolu


  • Alice: Surprise Me.
  • Dennis: Share your secret.
  • Davia: Breathe.
  • Gael: Lighten up.
  • Callie and Mariana: Sister act.

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the third episode of Good Trouble to celebrate a birthday. The first was Sumi's in "The Coterie", and the second being Davia's in "Re-Birthday".
    • Davia's birthday party is mentioned.
  • Callie getting in a car with a pimp during Season 5 of The Fosters is mentioned.
  • Dennis helps Davia write a song for her performance at Malika's party. He also reveals that he had sex with Bonnie.
    • Davia surprises him by saying that she spent the whole night holding Bonnie's hair while she vomited in the bathroom. Afterward, Bonnie snuck into Dennis' bed so he would believe they slept together and want to do it again.
  • For Gael's performance, he lipsynchs and dances to a song shirtless.
  • Isaac does a poetry recital about Malika.
  • Malika's friends do a spoken word poetry dance performance.
  • Callie and Mariana do improve that leaks into their personal lives.
  • Alice dresses in a sexy outfit and dances provocatively with two background dancers supporting her.
  • Gael decides to cut his hair for the first time since college.
  • Mariana and Callie have a fight on The Coterie roof that leads to them falling in the pool. The rest of The Coterie members and their dates follow them into the pool.



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