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Callie: I've been-I've been thinking like that all of this is as good as it gets. For me, you know? Maybe it's not. No, maybe-maybe I can have like...Maybe I can have the moon and the stars, if I just...find the courage to reach for them. Maybe to do that, I...need to make some big life changes.
Jamie: How big?
Callie: Big.
Jamie and Callie

Turn and Face the Strange is the first episode of Season 4 of Good Trouble, and the fifty-first episode overall. It aired on March 9, 2022.


The Coterie Crew deals with the fallout of the season three finale. Tommy Sung’s trial comes to a close, and Callie needs to keep Kathleen from legal trouble. Malika processes Isaac’s surprise return. Gael tries to keep Isabella in town. With the approval of the Fight Club Girls, Mariana meets with Evan. Alice is on the road, leaving Sumi as acting manager. Someone new moves into the Coterie.


Mariana meets Evan at a nice restaurant. Davia saunters to the food truck where she sees Dennis, while Malika arrives at the basketball court to see Isaac. Callie walks down the sidewalk and arrives at an outdoor bar where she meets Jamie.

Alice gives Sumi tips for applications for new residents. Sumi wants her to relax and enjoy her act, which is opening for Margaret Cho. She shouldn't worry about The Coterie. The fire alarm goes off so Sumi ends the call quickly. In the kitchen, Gael, Davia, and Mariana are trying to fan the remains of a burnt bagel when Sumi uses the fire extinguisher. Kelly is bitter she didn't get chosen for interim manager. Sumi has ideas for things to replace as she's upping the rent on the new loft. Gael recalls an emotional conversation with Isabella who is considering leaving - her new job would offer a free place to live. She doesn't feel right living in his loft anymore. In the present, Gael decides to take the new loft for $1,850. Sumi tells him that he has to apply, and if his credit checks out, she'll need first, last, and one months full deposit. Malika gets flowers delivered. She recalls Isaac returning and wanting to get back with her. She can't do it right now as she needs time to think. She now reads the card which is from Dyonte, wishing her luck for her new job. Mariana confirms a meeting with Evan via text. Gael admits that he doesn't have the money for the loft, but will ask Yuri for an advance. He knows she made a choice and she's happy with it.

In the courtroom, the jury came to a verdict of not guilty. Outside, Jamie gets a coffee when he bumps into Callie. He congratulates her but believes there's more to the story. There was a moment when Tommy seemed coached on something, and he doesn't trust anyone who can cry on cue. The feds arrived looking for Kathleen. She has 24 hours before they issue an arrest warrant for both Kathleen and Callie.

Isabella comes downstairs to a frustrated Dennis. Neither of them are into journaling, though she's keeping a pregnancy journal for the baby. The baby is the size of a lemon now. He is having a soft opening for his food truck, which she's invited to, and he's coming up with the food costs. She offers to help as she has restaurant experience. She helps him reduce waste for his menu.

Callie comes into her loft to find Kathleen in Mariana's slippers waiting for her. She asks if Kathleen got the proof she needed from Ken, but things are more complicated now. She took money from the retainer to give to Denise and help her get away. The FBI now have her books. To keep her out of jail, they need Denise to give the FBI something they can use to put her husband away. She needs Callie to convince Ken to do that. Kathleen apologizes for withholding information. She didn't want Callie to loose respect for her, admitting she's scared and needs her help.

Malika comes home to find flowers from Angelica. Mariana meets Evan that the restaurant. The make small talk and he adopted a pet turtle.

Callie and Ken talk about Denise, Kathleen, and the FBI. He worries Denise's husband will have her killed. He refuses to uphold his end of the bargain as he needs to protect his sister.

Davia asks Malika about her first day, which was boring as she had HR paperwork to fill out. She offers tea but Malika also needs advice. She tells her about Isaac and the monogamous offer. Davia reminds her that she doesn't need to be grateful and has the right to explore what she wants. Malika feels abandoned by Isaac. Davia wonders if she can forgive him for leaving, admitting that she forgave Dennis.

Mariana and Evan talk over drinks. She remembers talking to the Byte Clubs about him wanting to meet. They agree she should see him to see if he has information about Revitalize. Now, Evan admits that Jackie wants him to find out if she can be trusted. He isn't here to do his bidding, he's curious as to why he's betraying her friends. She tells him Jackie ripping off Bulk Beauty which he didn't know, or approve. She doesn't either, but lies that the BB girls pushed her out, stole her ideas, and now she's taking them elsewhere. Since neither of them have anything else to discuss, she tells him to tell Jackie she has nothing to worry about and leaves.

Malika meets Isaac at the basketball court. They talk about her new tattoo then play basketball together. They seem to have a lot of fun.

Gael enters Yuri's loft and barely misses a paint bottle being launched across the room. Yuri is having a full meltdown, complete with kicking brushes and destroying furniture. He hasn't seen his daughter in two years and she bailed on seeing him for the summer to spend time with her friends. He regrets losing his daughter to Australia. Gael can't imagine not seeing his kid, so Yuri tells him not to let Isabella leave for the pregnancy, as she might never come back.

Callie talks to Tommy at the law firm, where he expresses his gratitude to her and Kathleen. They toast to the not guilty verdict. She knows it's hard as Zack is still gone from a terrible accident, despite Tommy still loving him. Tommy admits that she's the only person he trusts. He tried to get away from Zack after they fought, but Zack followed him. Tommy tried to walk away but Zack took it physical, so Tommy shoved him and he fell over the edge. He tried to grab him but it happened too fast. He left the party soon after, but couldn't believe Zack had died. He admits to killing Zack accidentally. Callie hugs a crying Tommy.

Malika talks to Isaac on the court and admits he just needed time to think. She admits it felt like goodbye and he points out that she lied about having feelings for Dyonte. She admits she was confused and is still learning things about herself. She's sorry for hurting him, so he apologizes for leaving but is back now to be with her.

Mariana opens champagne to toast Callie for her not guilty verdict. She notices something is wrong but Callie can't tell her as it's privileged information. She admits it's not just that, she looks in the mirror and doesn't know who she is. She's not where she thought she'd be. Mariana asks where she thought she would be, so Callie admits she didn't think she'd be here. Mariana brushes it up to being tired and offers a foot rub to Callie, who is confused by the gesture. Mariana tells her to not be so suspicious of her intentions.

Gael greets Sumi and gives her the money for the loft. However, Sumi already leased the loft which hurts Gael's feelings. Sumi has an idea that might work. Flashing sideways, Isabella stands in Alice's loft where she gets to stay for free. Meanwhile, Sumi tells Alice she's $5,550 richer, as she sublet her loft to Isabella to fix her money problem. Sumi reminds her it's a business transaction and won't let Alice be taken advantage of any longer, as her niceness is what got her stepped on before. Now, Gael tells Isabella she can stay for free and doesn't have to leave for Santa Barbara. She appreciates it but needs a job to save for the baby too. Santa Barbara really is not that far anyway.

Dennis serves food from his food truck when Davia arrives. Flashing back to The Coterie, Davia is happy that Dennis is ready to live again. It also made her realize that he doesn't need her anymore - which was the foundation of their relationship. She wanted to save him but he saved himself. She wants to be wanted, not needed. She loves him so much and will always support him, and he returns the sentiment. She goes to leave when he pulls her in for a hug. Now, Davia arrives at the food truck opening. She asks if he's okay and he is. Isabella helps in the food truck while Malika's friends give her food.

Malika's friends notice her new tattoo and she admits Isaac came back and wants to get back together. Back at the court, they admit to missing one another. She tells him that she's moved on with other relationships. She loves him and wants to be part of his life if he'll let her. Now, her friends praise her for standing her ground. Malika walks off to kiss Dyonte hello, and Angelica arrive so she kisses her too. She introduces them to one another.

Mariana is with Callie when she sees a new guy in the lot and asks Sumi, who admits he's Joaquin and is a new tenant for The Coterie. He's an independent investigative journalist who just did a five-piece expose on deputy gangs in the Sheriff's Department. He also has a good credit score. Mariana praises Sumi then decides to introduce herself, to Callie's amusement. She does and herself as a Coterie resident. He thanks her for the welcome and he deflects all her questions back to questions about her work. She realizes he likes to play games but he counters that he doesn't like sharing what he does for work with perfect strangers so he's politely redirecting the conversation. They engage in witty banter as he calls her out for coming over to flirt with him, as he's with someone, and she insults that he's full of himself. He decides to go get more toast. Callie walks over and asks what she thinks, and Mariana admits he's a dick. She tells Sumi she did a bad job then sits down.

Malika's friends get to know Dyonte and Angelica. Isabella is leaving for the night when Gael stops her. She was offered a job by Dennis and he's thrilled as she gets to stay. He remarks that it does take a village, and she admits she's lucky to be a part of this one. Gael, now alone, thanks Dennis for hiring Isabella. Dennis remarks that Isabella is good and saved his ass. Gael asks about Davia and Dennis admits she was right about needing to get himself together, but once he does, he'll see what's meant to be. The music comes on and the groups begin to dance together. Kelly introduces herself to Joaquin and he dances with her reluctantly. Callie texts Jamie until Mariana pulls her into the dancing.

Davia prepares for bed when she video chats with Matt, who is in San Francisco for a conference. She isn't confused about Dennis and wants him. He also had time to think and really believes she's still in love with him. He doesn't want to be the rebound guy and doesn't' want to set himself up to get his heart broken. He wants someone who doesn't need to take weeks to figure things out, but someone who knows.

Jamie and Callie sit at the bar as they talk about ending up on opposite sides of the case. He thinks the universe keeps pushing them together. She's been thinking about how she can be a little "my way or the highway" and held everyone to a standard. She realizes they exist in the gray. Flashing back, Callie plays Tommy's confession to Ken as blackmail to get him to help Kathleen. She'll send it to Zack's family, who will sue for wrongful death, and Zack's life will be destroyed. Now, Callie tells Jamie that she's learned she has to do things she doesn't feel good about for a client. She apologizes for how she handled his situation with the Anwei account and betraying his trust. He's learned that betraying personal ethics isn't always justified. He still loves her and she still loves him, too. They hold hands and she admits she can't jump from one relationship to another, as she needs to figure out herself and what she's doing first. He understands and supports her, as he has his own soul searching to do. She's been thinking if this is as good as it will get for her, and it might not be. Maybe she can have the moon and the stars if she finds the courage to reach for them. She might need to make big life changes to do that. He asks her how big, and she admits they're big.



Guest Starring


  • Quinn Sullivan as Agent Haverman
  • Noel Arthur as Agent Nunn
  • Jordan Preston as Harris Everson / Juror #1
  • Melany Smith as Shelly Smith
  • Lisa Carswell as Jeanne Smith
  • Blaine Gray as Trent Smith
  • Jaime Navarro as Delivery Girl

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first episode to feature Priscilla Quintana as a main cast member. She was a recurring cast member in Season 2 and Season 3.
  • The scenes from Season 3 that feature Malika and Angelica were reshot after the role was recast to Yasmine Aker.
  • It has been approximately fourteen weeks since the events of "Capoeira". Isabella mentions that her and Gael's unborn child is the size of a lemon, which is fourteen weeks in pregnancy.




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