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This article is about the Good Trouble episode. You may be looking for The Fosters episode, Trust.

"How can we trust each other if we're not honest with each other? And we won't be successful business partner, or friends, if we're afraid to be direct."
Gina Spero

Trust is the eighth episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on April 7, 2021.


Callie and the team take on a murder case while Mariana and the fight club girls struggle with their pitch. Malika reveals her feelings towards Dyonte, and Davia comes to a realization about Matt. Gael struggles with his latest assignment, while Alice tries to take control of her relationship with Ruby.


Alice and her comedy troupe perform their stand-ups. Gael watches Yuri break his paintbrushes in half. Malika’s friends as if she’s lost her mind, while Mariana and the girls have an awkward encounter with Gina, Ruby asks Alice if she’s free later, while Malika admits that she has feelings for someone else. Callie sees Nicolette and Jamie together at their meeting. Ruby watches Alice perform stand-up.

Callie calls Ben to ask if he’s still clerking for the federal appeals judge. He brings up her needing a favor and she asks him to use his connections with the judge to see if the FBI is investigating Kathleen. He agrees to see what he can do.

At the office, Kathleen signs for a stack of boxes and tells everyone that they have a new case; Tommy Sung, a 19-year-old high school star quarterback who had a pick of college scholarships until he is replaced by the backup quarterback and his best friend. A few days later, the friend is found at the bottom of a ravine, though the prosecutor’s office believes the boy was hit over the head first. They go to trial in a week if she can’t get a continuance. She instructs them to read the files in the boxes. Rowan remarks on how awesome their first case is, ready to get a photo of them with the boxes. He tells them to have fun with it even though Callie and Tony aren’t thrilled.

Mariana and the Byte Club pitch Bulk Beauty to Kelly as a practice run, though Gina stumbles on her pitching. In the bathroom, Claire, Rachel, and Mariana agree that Gina’s pitching sucks which is why they asked Kelly, however, Kelly wasn’t listening as she had AirPods in. Gina asks if the group has any feedback for her, so Mariana recommends having more energy.

Gael shows Davia and her students Yuri’s art. He warns Andre that even if he doesn’t get the art that he should still be respectful. He remembers Yuri berating him for not getting a stiff bristle brush. He warns Davia that Yuri is in a bad mood. Yuri arrives to make art with the group. Malika goes to therapy where she admits to being confused. She remembers Isaac asking if she’s interested in a relationship with Dyonte, where she assures him that she doesn’t want Dyonte but only Isaac. While in therapy, she admits that she doesn’t understand why she’s trying to ruin her relationship.

Stacey and Alice do another bit where Scott wants them to play into the stereotypes more, which they do as it’s “funnier”. He calls the group in as the showcase is in three weeks and they only have one grand winner for $70,000. They will cut one person this week. When Scott leaves, the group decides to perform at an open mic night. Alice spots Ruby and meets with her secretly backstage. She wants to meet with Alice, who remembers Davia telling her that she should be in the driver’s seat, so Alice brushes Ruby out as she has a date.

At the Coterie, Gina’s pitch is louder and exaggerated but still terrible, so Mariana suggests splitting the part for dynamics which all the girls agree with. Gina suggests that she just be in charge of clicking through the slides and is sad when the girls agree.

Kathleen, Callie, Tony, and Rowan wait for DA Marc Rothman to arrive but he is accompanied by Jamie and Nicolette. Callie lags in handing the notice to Kathleen so Tony helps her sort the files as she slides it over to Nicolette. Kathleen tries to get a continuance but the last attorney delayed it eight months. DA Rothman isn’t open to negotiating so the defense left. Marc asks Jamie to be the third chair on the case. In the hall, Kathleen asks Callie what happened between Callie and Jamie.

At Douro, Malika’s friends vent to her about their love lives. Malika remembers talking to her therapist about being attracted to someone else. She remarks that he’s kind, supportive, shares a similar story, and he moves her in a way she can’t explain. She wants to be close to him as he makes her happy. She tells her friends the information but they aren’t supportive of her having a relationship with Dyonte as Isaac is the best thing to happen to her.

Yuri guides the students as they paint and Andre asks why Yuri became an artist, to which he admits that he sucked at school but they should stay in class and listen to Davia. She thanks Yuri for his help and applauds his work before noting that Gael is talented. She recalls being in his loft as he tries to work on his own paintings but he doesn’t have an in with any of the galleries. She recommends asking Yuri but he notes that the artist has to ask him, he can’t ask the artist. In the present, Yuri remarks that he’s never seen Gael’s work.

Kathleen works late and Callie brings a draft of the continuance to her. She asks about Callie and Jamie’s relationship to which Callie notes that they were too different. She warns Callie not to be rattled when Rothman puts Jamie on the case as he wants to rattle Callie and weaken Kathleen’s flanks. Callie confronts her about being investigated by the FBI which doesn’t surprise Kathleen as she’s challenged many of their cases. She isn’t surprised and hasn’t been since her mother died. She remarks that today is her mother’s birthday so she’s having a pity party. She didn’t pass recently but was only around Callie’s age at the time her mom had a heart attack. Kathleen expects the worst and is only surprised when it doesn’t happen. Callie sympathizes as she lost her mother in a car accident when she was ten. Kathleen notes that it explains her determination, grit, and lack of trust. They share that they were each too young to lose their mothers. Kathleen tells her to remember to rattle them right back.

Callie goes to her desk where she sees that Jamie follows her on Instagram. She posts a photo of her and Tony, cropping Rowan out of the photo.

Yuri compliments the student’s art and Andre asks what gets art into a museum. He explains that critics review his work. He asks them to critique his work, which makes Gael and Davia nervous. Jesse remarks that she doesn’t get it which Andre agrees with. Yuri explains it isn’t about what it means but how it makes them feel, to which they admit to not feeling anything about the painting. Yuri understands as art is subjective. Davia and the class left after thanking Yuri. Gael thanks Yuri for helping and he is appreciative, but then picks up a knife and slices open his painting before storming away.

Alice delivers her comedy sketch at open mic night but stops when she sees Ruby. They chat at the bar about Scott being problematic, but Ruby explains these are the roles for POC, and at least people will be able to turn on the TV and see diversity. Alice orders two drinks just as Sanjana walks up so when she leaves, Alice pretends to be dating Sanjana. Ruby offers to drop by later but Alice turns her down.

Malika tells her friends what polyamory means and the difference between that and polygamy. She remembers talking to her therapist about it and learning that there is a belief about monogamy being a social construct that makes people feel selfish. Malika’s friends think it’s just an excuse to cheat while the therapist notes that consensual non-monogamy is right for others, meaning that being poly could be a sexual orientation. Her friends aren’t sure Malika would be able to share her with another man, but telling him how she feels might make her lose him for good.

Gael talks to Yuri about his art, as Yuri hasn’t been able to paint anything since his wife left two years ago. He was a terrible husband but a decent father, and having the kids there reminded him of his wife and daughter. He hadn’t felt inspiration since she left but Gael recommends channeling everything he feels into his work and do it for her. Yuri appreciates the attempts to cheer him out, as he knows he can be kind of an asshole. He offers to come to look at Gael’s work tomorrow.

At the Coterie, Kelly asks what the deal is with Gina, as she caught her crying in the bathroom the other day. Kelly explains that she did hear the pitch but it wasn’t her place to tell Gina as she isn’t a business partner or friend. Mariana explains that Gina left on her own accord, but Kelly asks if Gina bowed out because Mariana and the girls made her feel like shit. Kelly validates the strategy but tells her to own it.

Alice scrolls through Ruby’s Instagram when she sees that Derek tagged her in a video of her comedy skit. Scott sees the post and doesn’t appreciate it. The next day, Scott confronts her about the act and finds it hilarious. He notes that they have to be able to laugh at themselves. He instructs them to do the racial skit.

Mariana and the Byte Club apologize to Gina for cutting down her pitch instead of telling her the truth. Gina notes that they won’t be good partners or friends if they can’t be direct. Gina asks how she can improve, so they give her honest feedback. Gina asks for help on working with that, so Mariana suggests going around and giving honest feedback. Gina tells Claire that it’s difficult for her to abandon past projects but she knows it’s because Claire is just a great problem solver who wants to make it work. Claire tells Rachel that her focus isn’t always great so she misses deadlines, even though the work is elegant in the end. Rachel, in turn, tells Mariana her code is sloppy and the other girls agree.

Gael can’t decide which painting to show Yuri and Davia tries to help him choose. He thanks her for helping him get there. Yuri calls to say that he isn’t coming and needs Gael at the studio now as he’s working on new pieces.

Kathleen and DA Rothman present their cases to the judge with her asking for a continuance, and they go back and forth. The judge orders the DA to give the files to Kathleen but denies the defense’s continuance as he views this as a delay tactic. She plans to fly in expert witness and threatens to file a writ if he doesn’t extend the continuance. He tells her to come back in three days with something that wows him. As the defense leaves, Kathleen admits that she has no idea what her novel defense is. Once they are gone, Rothman tells Jamie her days on the case are numbered due to the FBI investigation and Kathleen being dirty.

Ruby tells Alice that they should take a break since Alice is dating someone in the program to avoid things getting messy.

Gael visits Yuri who has finally unlocked his inspiration but needs Gael to execute his sketch. Gael remarks that there isn’t much to go on, so Yuri tells him to prove he is a talented artist.

Kathleen wants to look at the witnesses and anything that could discredit them. Callie takes a phone call from Ben who has confirmed Kathleen is being investigated. He offers to look into it more but she feigned disinterest. After hanging up, she goes back into the room with Kathleen, Tony, and Rowan.

Jamie scrolls through Instagram and sees Callie’s photo with Tony.

Malika talks to her therapist about not suppressing her identity or feelings out of fear of losing the person she loves as not asking for what she needs will end the relationship. Malika has realized that she loves Isaac but needs to tell him she lied. She wants to pursue a relationship with Dyonte while being in a relationship with Isaac. The therapist asks Isaac how he feels, but he remains silent on the couch in shock.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Emmett Preciado as Rowan
  • Navaris Darson as Bartender
  • Kristen Van Nest as Brenda
  • Jaidyn-Bleau as Nyah
  • Dallas Oliver as Jessie
  • Giovanni Goree as Jeptha
  • Andrew Ortega as Anthony

Notes and Trivia

  • "Trust" was also the title of the third episode of Season 4 of The Fosters. This is first episode of Good Trouble to share an episode title with The Fosters.
  • Colleen Jacob is indirectly mentioned. She is the biological mother of Callie Adams Foster who died in a car accident when Callie was ten-years-old.




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