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Trea Kwan is the conservative immigrant mother of Alice Kwan and the wife of Alan Kwan.



Trea is shown to be somewhat overbearing due to wanting her children to be the best at everything they do. She believes in a practical career, working for money, and having a family. Thus, Trea often criticized her daughter, Alice, for being a manager of The Coterie and tried to push her to be more like Sumi, who is an aspiring doctor. Trea also unintentionally picks apart her daughter by forcing the stereotypes of how a young woman should look and act upon Alice. Despite these insensitive qualities, everything Trea does is out of love toward her family. When Alice finally decides to come out to her parents about her sexuality, Trea and Alan were both accepting and loving. Trea admitted that she has known about her daughter's sexuality for a long time now, and was waiting for Alice to tell her. She then assured Alice that they love her and just want her to get married since Trea especially wants grandchildren.

Physical Appearance

Trea is an older woman with black hair and kind brown eyes.

Throughout Series

Willful Blindness

Vitamin C

Alice was planning and preparing things for Sumi’s wedding at The Coterie, when Trea and Alan surprised Alice by arriving at The Coterie. Alice was shocked to see her parents and asked what they were doing there, to which Trea said they were in the neighborhood. A confused Alice said that they live in San Diego, to which Trea changed the subject and said they brought Sumi a wedding present. A moment later, Sumi started out of Alice's room when she noticed Trea and Alan. Alice shooed Sumi back into the room and covered by saying that Sumi was away on vacation but she would make sure she received the present when she got back. Sumi entered the room and played along with Alice's rouse, and Trea quickly struck up a conversation with her. One of the delivery men walked up to Alice and questioned her about the wedding, which Trea instantly became curious about. Alice then made up a quick lie that Meera was the bride and Gael was the groom. Joey Riverton came around the corner looking for Alice, and Alice covered for herself by introducing Joey as "Joanna" a resident at The Coterie.

Alice realized after a few conversations that day that it was time to come out to her parents and accept herself. She called her mother and asked her to put Alan on as well, and Trea turned on FaceTime despite Alice's protest. An emotional Alice struggled to tell her parents about her sexuality, and Trea asked if she was crying because of Sumi - since Sumi was marrying Meera. Flustered, Alice asked why that would bother her, and her parents answered that it was because Alice loved Sumi. Emotional, Alice asked how they knew, and Trea admitted that they knew for a while but they were just waiting for Alice to tell them. They reminded her that they love her, and Trea chimed in that she just wanted Alice to get married and give them Grandchildren. Alan then gently said that Joanna seemed nice.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Originally, Alice thought that Trea still believed that Sumi and Alice were best friends, and is unaware of Alice's sexual identity. The truth, however, was that Trea knew about her daughter's sexuality and was waiting for Alice to tell her herself.
  • She is fluent in both Chinese and English, often switching between the two.



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