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Tony is a recurring character in The Fosters. He first appears in the season 3 episode Wreckage. He is an overzealous, but very talented musical composer who Brandon befriends at Idyllwild. Tony is portrayed by Keean Johnson.


He had been attending Idyllwild for sometime prior to Brandon being there. Not much is known about his personal at-home life.

Physical Appearance

Tony is a young man with somewhat long brown hair along with brown eyes and light skin. He is about the same heigh as Brandon. 


Tony appears to be a friendly guy, quickly befriending Brandon. However, there appears to be something of a mean streak in him when it comes to his musical sucess at Idyllwild. For example, he steals Brandon's piano idea (although fans debate whether he did this with malicious intent or to provoke Brandon into embracing his music methods) during a musical assignment. Also, when Brandon won the competition to play at Disney Hall, Tony is visibly upset and appears to have had complete confidence that he was to be the winner.

Despite hitting a rough patch with Brandon when it comes to their competition at Idyllwild, Tony still remains friendly to him. 


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