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Thomas "Tommy" Sung is a recurring guest character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble.

Tommy is a high school quarterback on trial for the murder of his teammate and best friend, Zack. His need for the best defense team leads him and his family to the Law Office of Kathleen Gale.



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In Trust, Kathleen signs for a stack of boxes and tells everyone that they have a new case; Tommy Sung, a 17-year-old high school star quarterback who had a pick of college scholarships until he is replaced by the backup quarterback and his best friend. A few days later, the friend is found at the bottom of a ravine, though the prosecutor’s office believes the boy was hit over the head first. They go to trial in a week if she can’t get a continuance.

In Driver's Seat, Kathleen and her junior law associates Callie Adams Foster, Rowan, and Tony Britton met with Tommy and his parents to discuss the case. His father is adamant about not taking a plea deal as he is convinced his son is innocent, that he didn’t hurt Zack. He admits to feeling angry about Zack taking his spot but was angry at himself, not Zack. Callie claims three people saw them arguing, with Tony saying they were “horsing around”. Tommy claims he left the part around 11 for beer as he was with Katie. He wasn’t there when Zack died. After the meeting, Callie takes with Tommy and the boy becomes emotional over the death of Zack being on trial for his murder.

In Knocked Down, Kathleen details that the prosecution is saying that Tommy hit Zack on the back of the head with a rock. Tony calls out that the rock didn’t have prints, with Callie asking if that’s even possible. Rowan counters that they can as there is a new technology that might be able to do it. Kathleen reminds Rowan to only ask questions he knows the answer to. She’s worried that the new tech could link the rock to Tommy.

That night, Kathleen closes her office door to tell the full story to Callie. Tommy is Denise’s niece, so Kathleen asked Ken, Tommy’s father, and Denise’s brother if he knew where Denise was. If she could offer proof of life the FBI case would go away. But he refused unless she took his son’s case. Callie asks why she didn’t tell her, but Kathleen didn’t want it to affect her view of Tommy’s case. She isn’t thrilled about the coercion but Tommy does deserve the best defense. Plus, she doesn’t think he did that.

In Shame, discovery from the prosecution says a beer bottle near the drop point has Tommy’s prints on it.

In "Opening Statements", Tommy's trial officially begins as opening statements are given by both the prosecution and the defense. Rothman paints a picture that the victim, Zack, yanked away Tommy’s hopes and dreams of being a star quarterback. Rothman also describes the horror of the crime. He paints Tommy as an apathetic criminal. He plans to have his witnesses prove his version of events alongside the fingerprinted beer bottle that was found near the crime scene. He tells them to make sure Tommy Sung pays for the death of his friend. He states that while Zack was bleeding to death, Tommy went on a beer run. Tony realizes that Rothman just changed their timeline, and Callie confirms his suspicions. She remembers telling Kathleen about the video store's timestamps being five minutes slow. In the present, Tommy asks Kathleen what their defense is now that the prosecution has changed the timeline. Kathleen assures him that it’s the same as it always was. The judge declares a short recess before the defense delivers their statement. Callie assures Tommy that he’ll be okay, and is watched by Jamie and Nicolette.

Kathleen tells the jury that the entire case is a made-up story that didn’t happen. The prosecution doesn't have any evidence to prove this was a homicide. The evidence points to this being a tragic accident. She presses that the beer bottle doesn’t prove that Tommy was there. The rock doesn’t have any prints or DNA of Tommy’s on it. She presses that the alleged fight was just them horsing around. Their witnesses will prove that. Their case will show a young kid with a promising future who had a lot to drink, fell off a cliff, and hit his head on the way down. It’s heartbreaking but there is no crime. Everyone lost someone they cared about including Tommy, who lost his best friend. She asks them to perform their solemn duty that the evidence will support - a verdict of not guilty. Tommy begins to get choked up so Kathleen tells Callie that he’s doing great at selling things.

Nicolette calls Zack’s friends to the stand to testify over having seen the fight. They all saw it and agreed that Tommy started it. Kathleen cross-examines by asking if they had been drunk and high, which they were. She presses that their judgment over a fight or “just goofing around” could have been impaired. They both had seen them fighting before, and it was common for the rest of the guys to do the same. They claim it was just guys blowing off steam. Kathleen asks if this continued after Zack replaced Tommy, though both witnesses state that Tommy handled the situation surprisingly well.

The judge tells the prosecution to call their next witness, Christian Matthews, to the stand. Jamie asks Christian if he was drinking or smoking that night. Christian was sober that night and saw the fight. They weren’t just horsing around. Callie asks Christian how close he was with Tommy and Zack. They weren’t friends and she asks if she’s sure it was a serious fight. Christian chuckles that he’s seen the video a bunch of times and it looks pretty serious to him. This gets the entire courtroom’s attention as the idea of a video was never mentioned previously. Callie asks him what video he’s talking about, and it’s the one Christian took that night of Tommy and Zack.

With the jury cleared and the stands empty, the two councils and the judge watch the video between Tommy and Zack. Tommy shoves Zack and shouts that he trusted Zack. They tussle as Zack tells Tommy to go home. They continue to scuffle on the film while Rothman smiles. The video ends just as Tommy throws a punch at Zack. Kathleen states it is improperly admitted evidence. Rothman counters that it came from witness testimony. The judge will take it under consideration and rule tomorrow. But he’s inclined to let it in. Tommy leaves the courtroom upset. Kathleen will lose all credibility and the case if this video gets in.


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