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You all have vibrant and brilliant young minds, and I encourage you to use them. Speak up for yourselves. This is your school. Your education. Never forget that.
Timothy to his class in The Silence She Keeps

Timothy is a recurring character on The Fosters He is the literature teacher of Anchor Beach Community Charter School. He makes his first appearance on the Pilot episode. During the season 2 episode The Silence She Keeps, he was fired by the school for not using the proper teaching methods with his class. Mariana then sets up a protest to rehire Timothy and he is later rehired in Justify the Means.

Timothy is portrayed by Jay Ali.


Timothy is a literature teacher at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. He appears to teach tenth or eleventh grade as most of his students; CallieTalyaWyatt, Jesus, and Mariana are all sixteen.



Timothy introduces Callie to her class.


He is seen during a class, and later stops Jesus and Lexi's ex-boyfriend from fighting. He is seen coming into Lena's office handing her a paper about a girl on drugs.

Hostile Acts

Timothy tells his students that the assignment was about writing in a journal about guilt. Callie was in class and couldn't think of what to write for it. Timothy suggested she and Wyatt stay after school with him to find inspiration. Callie and Wyatt, with the help of Timothy, eventually began writing the assignment.

The Honeymoon

Mr. Timothy tells Mariana that she has to find a new partner for the English assignment. Mariana says that she is with Lexi, but he tells her that Lexi is leaving for Honduras and isn't returning.

Things Unsaid

Kids in the Hall

Escapes and Reversals

Don't Let Go

Adoption Day

Mixed Messages

During Mariana and Lexi's Junior Class President debate, Mariana brings up how Timothy was fired from the school, but then later rehired to Lexi, because she wasn't in the school at that time.

Potential Energy

Mr. Timothy stops Mat from opening the door to Mariana during the lock down thinking she could be with the shooter.

Collateral Damage

When class is dismissed, Mr. Timothy calls Mariana to talk to her about the essay. She explains she was stressed from stuff with the robotics team and gives her another chance to rewrite it.

Appearances (18/101)

Season 1 (9/21)

Season 2 (5/20)

Season 4 (2/20)

Season 5 (2/22)


  • He likes literature and eventually became a teacher for it.
  • It is shown that he is likely the most favored teacher in the school among the students. When he is fired from his job, over his teaching methods, the students were furious and organized a protest against his firing and refused to attend school altogether unless he is rehired. 
  • Timothy was the chosen biological father of Stef and Lena's unborn baby.



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