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The Morning After is the fifth episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on ABC Family on July 1, 2013. This episode was written by Paul Sciarrotta, and directed by Bethany Rooney.


When things between Jesus and Lexi get hot and heavy, they are forced to face the possible consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, Callie gets closer to Wyatt but Brandon has serious reservations about Callie dating a "bad boy." Stef and Lena learn that two of their close friends, Kelly and Jenna, are having major relationship trouble and it causes them to look at the lack of romance in their own lives. Kelly and Jenna's hip and educated son, Garret (played by real life slam poet Noah St. John), catches Mariana's eye and she becomes desperate to fit in with his cool, edgy crowd. Jude is bullied at school for being different.


Lena meet with Wyatt

This episode of The Fosters started with Stef and Lena hosting a party for their friends. One of their friends, Jenna opened up to Lena about how the relationship with her partner had become mundane. Lena seemed affected by her story. Meanwhile, Mariana was still mad at Jesus for dating Lexi, and Brandon was annoyed at Callie for her relationship with Wyatt.

After the party, Brandon warned Callie about Wyatt. In the upstairs master bedroom, Lena and Stef discussed how their relationship was lacking sexual relations. As Lena and Stef tried to plan a date night, the episode cut to Jesus and Lexi being physically intimate in a bed.

Lexi and Jesus

The next morning, Jude and Mariana were talking, and she offered to paint his nails. Callie told Jude not to wear it to school.

Wyatt and Callie talking

At school, Callie confronted Wyatt about his history with Talya. Wyatt explained that Talya was not a good person and he dumped her because of her personality. Also, Jude was talking to a boy from his class, when some bullies confronted him about his nails. The episode transitioned to Stef picking up Jesus's medicine while a woman is buying the morning after pill. As she left the store, she saw that woman who was giving Jesus the morning after pill. She ran over and demanded an answer. Stef brought Jesus home and sat him down with her and Lena. Jesus explained that he had sex with Lexi. Lena and Stef sent Jesus to his room, so they could discuss the plan of action. Lena and Stef disagreed on the course of action. Stef felt that they should give the pill to Lexi, and not tell her parents.

Mariana at the poetry club

Lena thought that was wrong and stormed off to get dressed. Mariana returned from her date with Garrett. The next day, Lena was talking to Jude about his issues at school, when Callie interrupted. Callie rebuked Jude forwearing the nail polish. Lena explained that Jude has special interests, and Callie agreed, but didn't think it is wise to encourage his uniqueness because he has to be in the real world, with mean people. Callie went off on a date with Wyatt. Lena then helped Jude clean his nails, and explained she too has different interests. She explained that he should not be ashamed of who he is, and he should be proud. Meanwhile, Callie and Wyatt were on their date, when people came home to Wyatt's house. She asked Wyatt why his parents were home, and he explained that it wasn't his home.

Brandon pick up Callie and Wyatt

Wyatt and Callie ran off, and Callie rebuked Wyatt for his recklessness and for being inconsiderate. The police rolled up behind them hiding and blocked his car. Callie reached for her phone and called Brandon, who came to pick them up. Mariana showed up to the slam poetry reading where Garrett was performing. She performed a poem but wasn't asked to come back. Brandon and Callie were home and he told her how he felt about her. Callie told Brandon she can't be intimate with him because she had an experience where she dated a boy in her former foster home and it cost her and Jude a home.

The next day at school, Wyatt tried to smooth things over with Callie. She accepted his apology and kissed him on the lips. Brandon witnessed, and he left feeling annoyed and heartbroken. Afterward, the episode showed Jude sitting by himself in the cafeteria. As he unpacked his lunch, Connor came over and had painted nails too. Then Jesus and Lexi were walking on the beach, and agreed to take a break with their relationship. Mariana was texted by Garrett and stormed off to the bathroom looking for hair dye and scissors. Downstairs, Callie came into the house and rebuked Jude about his nail polish. Jude stood his ground and told Callie she needs to change her way of thinking. Lexi, at school, went into Lena's office and thanked her for receiving the pill from Stef. Lena clearly didn't know that Stef gave her the pill, but smiled and was polite to Lexi nonetheless.

Lena yelling at Stef

Lena rushed home to yell at Stef. Lena reprimanded Stef and she fought back. Stef explained that she did what was best for their son and Lexi. Lena reluctantly agreed with Stef for the time being. Brandon went upstairs to retrieve Mariana so the family could go to the poetry reading. Brandon sees her and tells her their moms are going to freak out. Mariana came down the steps and Mariana had a pierced nose. Stef and Lena were displeased but ignored it for the time being so they could get to the show. At the show, Garrett performed a piece about his moms' recent plan to divorce, and it strengthened Lena and Stef's relationship. Stef and Lena drove home. When in the driveway, began to engage each other physically.


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Title Reference

  • The title is a reference to the morning after pill that Jesus Foster needed after he and Lexi had unprotected sex.

Featured Music

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  • Are You Ready Yet? by Clare Bowditch (This song is heard when Jesus and Lexi decide to have sex.)
  • Wandering Times by Jack Dolgen (This song is heard when Callie gives Wyatt a chance to explain.)
  • My Boy by Donovan Woods (This song is heard when Mariana signs up to audition for the poetry slam.)
  • Me, Myself & I by Toby Lightman (This song is heard when Mariana auditions and doesn't make the poetry slam.)
  • Add My Effort by The Weepies (This song is heard when Wyatt tries to get Callie to forgive him and she finally kisses him.)
  • Show and Tell by Maggie Eckford (This song is heard when Mariana gets a text from Garret.)
  • Be With Me by Anabel Englund (This song is heard when Mariana congratulates Garret.)
  • I'm Good by Toby Lightman (This song is heard when the family arrives home and the moms stay in the car and get intimate.)


  • Brandon tells Callie that he doesn't want her dating Wyatt  because he doesn't want her dating anyone.
  • Brandon realizes he has feelings for Callie.
  • Callie dresses more girly in this episode.
  • Callie and Wyatt get into trouble in this episode.
  • Callie and Wyatt kiss twice.
  • Brandon gets jealous of  Wyatt in this episode.
  • We will find out that Callie is on probation in this episode.
  • Stef catches Jesus at school getting into trouble.
  • Callie told Brandon about an experience she had with a former foster brother Liam.
  • First appearance of Connor Stevens, Jude's best friend and later boyfriend.


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