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The Fallout is the seventh episode of Season 1 in The Fosters. It aired on ABC Family on July 15, 2013. This episode was written by Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige & Zoila Amelia Galeano and directed by Jeff Melman.


Feeling betrayed and angry, Jesus and Mariana get into a major fight. When Lexi's parents take measures to keep her away from Jesus, Lexi makes a desperate decision, which could have serious and lasting consequences for her and her family. Meanwhile, Lena urges Callie to participate during her weekly group therapy sessions. Callie is conflicted but she opens up to Brandon, who supports her as she confronts a painful memory from her past. Jude hopes to impress his new friend Connor, who comes over to work on a school project.


Jesus and Mariana fighting.

The The episode began with Jesus and Mariana fighting. Jesus was upset that Mariana had blurted out that he and Lexi had sex during the dinner and threatened to tell Stef and Lena about Mariana's secret meetings with their birth mom. Stef intervened and separated them. Stef told Mariana she brought it on herself and she think about who she wants to be in life. Meanwhile, Lena and Callie were discussing finding a new therapy group. Callie then left for the kitchen, where Brandon was eating breakfast. Brandon wasn't talking to Callie and she confronted him about the issue. Callie set the record straight and explained Mariana wanted to go to Wyatt's party and got herself drunk. Brandon was slightly apologetic and Callie was deeply offended by his assumption. Meanwhile, Mariana and Ana were meeting up at the beach, and asked Mariana for money again to get into rehab to stay sober. Mariana got up to leave, but then Ana mentions about them being family and how family takes care of each other, leaving Mariana looking distraught. At school, Callie and Wyatt spoke by the lockers. Wyatt probed Callie about Liam, in particular about his comment on

Liam threatening Callie.

her her Instagram. Jesus roamed the hallways asking Kelsey about Lexi, and she makes a snarky remark about Jesus and Lexi having sex. Back in a classroom, Jude partnered up with Connor. Jesus went to Lexi's home and spoke to her. Meanwhile, the Riveras came to school to officially pull Lexi out of school. Karina and Lena had a discussion about it, and Lena was nervous she might be presented in front of the school board and lose her job. Jesus rebuked Mariana for her actions, which had cause the Riveras to send Lexi away to a boarding school in Texas. After school, Brandon asked Callie if she wanted to go home with him. She told him that she was waiting for Wyatt. Brandon walked off, and then Liam drove up and stormed out of his Jeep toward Calle. Liam grabbed her wrist with aggressive force. Liam told Callie to stay away from him and Sarah. Wyatt ran over, tackled Liam and began fighting him. Brandon pulled Wyatt off Liam. Callie rebuked Wyatt for threatening Liam online and told him to go home, causing Wyatt to get mad and say that he'll stay out of Callie's way. Brandon and Callie walked home together. Callie explained that Liam and her had a relationship while she was underage. She also explained that she had concerns that Sarah might be in a similar situation. 

Stef and Lena talking to the Riveras.

Stef and Lena were fighting in the kitchen about the Lexi issue and how Stef put Lena in a bad situation. Jude interrupted and asked if Connor could come over for a project. Lena and Stef stopped arguing for the time. Later that night in their bedroom, Stef told Lena they shouldn't go to bed mad at one another. Lena didn't respond. The next morning the Riveras showed up looking for Lexi. They explained that Lexi packed a bag and left home in the night. Stef and Lena sat down with the Riveras in the house. They devised a plan to try and find Lexi. In the kitchen, Brandon tried to convince Callie to tell Bill, her foster officer, about Liam. But Callie explained that she can't because it would go on her record and put her in a high risk category and possibly to a group home, where she'll never get fostered again. Ernesto and Stef left together in a car to look for Lexi. Ernesto explained to Stef that his wife gets angry and

Mariana talking to Lexi.

is ris rash. He explained that they made a compromise to send her to a boarding school. Meanwhile, back at the house Lena apologized to Sofia for giving the pill to Lexi. Mariana received a text earlier and her phone read Ana. Marina left home with a bag and showed up to an abandoned house (seemed to be Wyatt's) and met Lexi. 

Brandon talking to Callie about Liam.

Mariana and Lexi were getting along at the house. They began talking about what was going on in each others life. Connor and Jude were up in Jesus room getting to know each other. Back at the abandoned house, Mariana and Lexi were still talking. Lexi explained what it was like having sex with Jesus. Brandon and Callie tried to confront Sarah. Back at the house, Connor and Jude were bonding. And the Riveras explained that they didn't and don't want to go to the police because they are illegal immigrants.

Lexi, Sofia, and Ernie talking.

Mariana returned home and Jesus explained the situation. The two then went to get Lexi and explained she had to return home because her and her parents are undocumented. The episode then cut to Callie's therapy group and she opened up vaguely about her experiences with Liam. Sarah stormed out and Callie pursued her. Callie confronted her and Sarah yelled at Callie. Sarah explained that she would tell everyone Callie is a liar and crazy. Then she ran off and Brandon came up to Callie. Brandon told Callie she did the right thing and tried her best. Callie then told Brandon how Liam forced himself on her sexually. Back at the house Lexi returned to her parents with Jesus and Mariana. Lexi threatened that she would call immigration on herself and them if she was sent to a boarding school. Jude walked Connor out and he let Jude borrow is PSP, since he seemed to enjoy playing with it, and he doesn't have many personal things. After the Riveras left, Stef and Lena made up on the couch, when Callie came home with Brandon. Callie sat down with Brandon and began explaining what happened to her with Liam at her previous foster home.


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Title Reference

  • The title is a reference refers to the fallout between Mariana and Jesus about Jesus's relationship with Lexi.

Featured Music

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  • Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman (This song is heard when Jesus confronts Mr. Rivera.)
  • Get It Daddy by Sleeper Agent (This song is heard when Jesus checks in on Lexi. He learns her parents are sending her to boarding school.)
  • One Woman Army by Kate Earl (This song is heard when  Stef and Mr. Rivera look for Lexi.)
  • New Day by Kirsten Price (This song is heard when Mariana and Lexi rekindle their friendship and Mariana asks about Lexi's first time.)
  • When the Sky Fell by SHEL (This song is heard when Conor gives Jude his game console as a gift.)


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