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"Bisexuality is a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around. Why do we have to put ourselves in boxes because of who we want to be with? Shouldn't it just be about the person?"
Jude to Callie

The Coterie[1] is the second episode of Season 1 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on January 15, 2019.


The residents of The Coterie throw an epic party, which Jude attends. Callie puts aside work for one evening to finally let loose and enjoy herself, but will it put her job as a law clerk in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Mariana tries to make friends with her new co-workers since she still feels like an outsider. Alice gets some upsetting news about her ex-girlfriend, Sumi, while Malika is confronted by her foster care past.[2]


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Notes and Trivia

  • This marks the first appearance of Hayden Byerly as Jude Adams Foster in Good Trouble.
  • The episode title is also the title of The Coterie where most of the characters reside.
  • The first sneak peek for the episode was released via Instagram on January 8, 2019.[3]
  • The second sneak peek of the episode was released via Instagram on January 12, 2019.[4]
  • The third sneak peek was released via Instagram on January 14, 2019.[5]
  • The episode became available to watch on Freeform Go the night that it aired.[6]
  • Callie is clerking for many cases and studying for the bar exam while trying to balance her personal and professional life.
  • Rebecca and Callie continue to butt heads at work, despite Rebecca's efforts to be kind.
  • Mariana surprises Callie with Jude, in the hopes that he can pull Callie out of her "cave".
  • Davia was ranked in the Top 10 body positive influencers. This leads to trolls stalking her on Instagram, however, she seemingly brushes them off.
    • It is revealed that one of the trolls attacking Davia for putting herself out there to be bullied is actually her mother
  • Alice explains that she is best friends with her ex-girlfriend, Sumi, despite the fact that Sumi cheated on her.
  • Mariana mentions that she doesn't speak to her ex-boyfriend anymore since he cheated on her. She could be referring to either Mat Tan or Wyatt Casey.
  • Jude and Callie have a conversation about bisexuality and Jude advises her on how to handle Gael's sexuality.
  • Davia does an Instagram live and insults Alex by calling him "an ass". When Mariana, who is heavily intoxicated, finds out, she calls Alex multiple times and leaves many of voicemails on his phone trying to apologize for Davia's behavior.
  • When Sumi finally arrives at the party, she announces her engagement to Meera. Sumi also asks Alice to be her maid of honor and she accepts, despite still having feelings for Sumi.



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