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The Byte Club also called Women of Tech Fight Club is a secret feminist group within Speckulate that strives to change the sexist and misogynistic culture within the company. The women help each other find ways to cope with the sexism, vent to one another, and recently, campaign together.


The group was founded in "Imposter" by tech-engineer and coder, Mariana Adams Foster, after her ideas were consistently stolen by her team leader. She was inspired by her own relationship with Casey Pierce, the only female team leader at the company, to start the group. Mariana sent out an email blast to all the women in the company telling them that the club was happening off-the-books at her apartment building.

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They had their first official meeting in "Byte Club" at The Coterie. This is also where Mariana coined the name "byte club", which the other group members didn't agree with, but has since become the commonly used name. The women of Speckulate eventually opened up to each other over a bottle of wine. They aired their grievances, unfair treatment, and experiences with the sexist culture at Speckulate. They shared advice on how to navigate the culture and how to make sure that their ideas are listened and properly acknowledged by the people in charge. Mariana successfully used the clubs advice at a work meeting where she finally received the recognition that she deserved.

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Mariana gathered the club at work in the staircase the next day to suggest that they didn't need to navigate the culture at Speckulate - they needed to change it. For the first step, she recommended closing the pay gap between male and female employees. The plan would be to walk into their upcoming end of year performance reviews and demand a raise that would result in equal pay between the genders. In order to do this, they had to overcome roadblocks such as non-disclosure agreements and unwilling male participants.

Mariana eventually suggested an anonymous spreadsheet complete with the salaries of various employees. The group began to gather male employees who were willing to share their salaries, including Mariana's fellow team member, Raj Patil. Raj went a step further and informed the head of HR about his team leaders discriminatory behavior toward Mariana.

In "Less Than", Mariana and Raj faced another issue with their spreadsheet. Raj was the only male employee willing to share his salary, which made it almost impossible to prove a gender pay gap. However, Mariana did discover a pay gap between the women based on race - both she and Claire were hired at the same time for the same job, but received significantly different salaries. When she raised this concern to the group they shot her down, saying that they should only focus on one issue at a time if they want to be heard. Casey, the only other woman of color in the group agreed with the majority.

Later, Mariana reconvened the group to plead her case once again. She stated that in ten years, she would have earned a significantly less amount than her white female co-workers, and would fall behind even from them. After pleading her case, the women of the Byte Club agreed to add a race column to their spreadsheet. Casey reminded Mariana that if they added a race section their anonymity would disappear, as they are the only female women of color at the company. Mariana confided in Raj later that night, who bravely agreed to add his race to the spreadsheet despite being the only Indian employee at Speckulate.



The byte club also has a list of allies in the workplace that aren't official members but have agreed to help them with their projects.


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