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Tate Wilson was the problematic and rebellious son of Supreme Court Judge Curtis Wilson and Libby Wilson. He is also the younger brother of Allison Wilson.

Tate is portrayed by Zachary Gordon.


Tate was born to Curtis and Libby Wilson and has an older sister, Allison. Tate had a privileged and spoiled upbringing, but developed friction with his father due to Curtis being controlling and mostly absent while his son was growing up. After graduating high school, Tate partied through college, which eventually led him being expelled. Afterward, Tate spiraled and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Initially, he was going to receive a citation until he attempted to punch the police officer and was arrested for assaulting a cop. As part of his plea deal, Tate was put under house arrest and given probation.


Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

Playing the Game

When the team visits Curtis' home, he reveals that his children are both studying abroad. However, when Callie re-enters the home to get her phone, she notices Tate. She realizes that he has an ankle brace and is on house arrest. Callie tells the other clerks about this, and asks Jamie to investigate into why Tate was arrested. It is revealed that he was arrested for a DUI and assaulting a police officer. 

Byte Club

Tate is seen arguing with his father in his office. Tate is angry at his dad for not being there for him growing up, while Curtis is mad at him for bringing shame to the family. Tate storms out and tells Callie he's sorry she has to work for an asshole. 

Less Than

Tate joins his family in having drinks with the Adams-Fosters. Tate reveals to Callie that he had his ankle monitor removed and that his charges were dropped, most likely because he is rich and privileged. 


Curtis receives a phone call from the Coroners office informing him that Tate is dead. Callie takes Curtis to go see him. In a flashback, Curtis and Tate are arguing. Tate wants his dad to give him money for rent, but Curtis wants him to get a job or go back to school. Tate says that he is ashamed that his dad is a judge and that he let Jamals killers get away. Curtis reveals he is ashamed that his son is an addict with a DUI.

Tate's friend was worried after not hearing from him for a couple days, so she calls the police to check on him. They find him in his bed deceased with a bottle of pills on his nightstand. Therefore, they believe he died of an overdose. Curtis says that he wants whoever sold him the pills to be charged with second degree murder. He later calls Callie and asks her to contact Tate's friend Graham, as he believes he may have sold him the pills, but Graham would never talk to him directly . 

Gumboot Becky

Tate's funeral is held. Graham is spotted at the service and Curtis is angry that he showed up. 


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Notes and Trivia

  • As per the plea agreement he made, Tate was put on house arrest and probation.