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Tanya is a minor recurring character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble.

Tanya is the primary girlfriend of Dyonte Davis, who befriends his metamour Malika Williams.



Physical Appearance

Tanya is a moderately-sized woman in her mid-to-late twenties. She has curly black hair and round brown eyes. She dresses in sophisticated and classy attire, even when the situation might not demand it.

Throughout Series

Season 3

In "Making a Metamour", Dyonte invites Malika to drinks with Tanya - his other girlfriend. It would be a metamour date - your partner’s partner date. It would just be Malika and Tanya to eliminate secrecy from the dynamic to ensure everyone likes each other. Malika hesitates for a moment but then agrees to meet.

Malika meets Tanya for drinks and overhears Tanya talking to her mom on the phone. They hug since Tanya is a hugger. Tanya notes that Dyonte is a great guy, which is why they both love him. She then asks Malika to tell her about herself. As the date goes on, Tanya and Malika have drinks and bond over the quirks and annoyances they notice in Dyonte. Tanya inquires about Malika's work with DPN, so Malika happily reveals that they have raised over 20k for her cause. Tanya likes Malika's passion, but she can't relate to it. Malika assures her that social media and marketing play a role in activism too. Malika invites Tanya to help with DPN since she knows Dyonte needs to figure out his mini-campaign. Tanya is a little surprised as Dyonte hadn't told he he was planning on doing one. Tanya then admits that she is glad they had drinks, and so is Malika.

That night, Dyonte and Malika are on a date when he receives a hedgehog emoji from Tanya. He immediately knows this means she needs emotional support. He explains to Malika that Tanya is going through some things with her family, but Malika doesn't need him to explain. She understands Tanya is his primary and that he has to be with her right now. The next day, Malika confides in Dyonte that she wasn't completely ready to meet Tanya an wants to take things a bit slower in their relationship. That afternoon, Tanya arrives at DPN having taken Malika's advice to help the company with their activism using her marketing and social media skills. She then happily hugs Malika.

In "Lunar New Year", Dyonte, Malika, and Tanya toast to being friends and the Lunar New Year celebration being held at The Coterie. They sit awkwardly on Malika's bed before before Malika pours another drink for everyone. They toast again and down another shot. A few minutes later, Malika and Tanya watch a snoring Dyonte who has passed out. They decide to wait until dinner to wake him. The women head to the roof as they admire the view. Tanya admits that Dyonte told her about Malika wanting to slow things down. Malika assures her that it wasn’t just because of Tanya but because she felt overwhelmed. Tanya has been poly for a while but admits that it can still be difficult. She felt insecure after seeing Malika and Dyonte together. Malika is surprised as she’s so confident. Tanya admits that she feels better now that she knows Malika. She doesn’t want to be the reason for slowing it down or be their buffer during events. Dyonte joins them on the roof to ask what they're talking about. Later, Malika drinks with Tanya to finish their talk. Malika admits that she did want Tanya to come but partly because she wanted Tanya to be her buffer. Malika is scared to get close to Dyonte because she got hurt in her last relationship. She’s scared of that happening again.

In "Anticipation", Malika and Tanya meet at Douro for an afternoon talk. The new waitress Angelica delivers food and then leaves. Malika asks Tanya if she gets a queer vibe from Anjelica. Tanya isn’t sure and asks Malika the same question. Malika isn’t sure either as Anjelica asked her to go on a hike but she isn’t sure if it’s a date or not. Tanya asks if she’s open to that. Malika’s never dated a woman but wouldn’t be closed to it if the chemistry was there. She isn’t sure if it is there or not.



  • Dyonte Davis: Tanya and Dyonte are one another's primary partners, placing each other above any of their other boyfriends or girlfriends. They care deeply for one another and have a genuine love and respect. They have to approve of one another's metamour's so there won't be any tension between the relationships.


  • Malika Williams: Tanya was more-or-less forced to meet Malika when Dyonte began dating her, due to their polyamorous rule of meeting each others metamours. Though things were initially awkward between the women, they learned to relax and became friends outside of Dyonte.

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