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You are pathetic and disgusting. I knew it the first time I saw you and let everyone convince me I was wrong, but I wasn't wrong. Hey girls! Watch your back with this one. She's a two-faced whore who will kiss your boyfriend and then lie to your face about it. You know that I hope the next time you go to juvie, they let you rot in there bitch.

Talya is a recurring character on the Freeform series, "The Fosters". She is Brandon's ex-girlfriend. She makes her first appearance in the Pilot episode.

Talya is portrayed by Madisen Beaty.


Talya is initially Brandon's girlfriend from the start of the series. She is almost instantly jealous and loathing of Callie and her growing friendship with Brandon, even invading Callie's privacy to blackmail her. When Brandon finds out about Talya's threats and hostility towards Callie, he breaks up with her.

Afterward, when Talya sees Callie dating Wyatt, she accepts that Callie wasn't after Brandon, but the other way around, and acts more friendly towards her. Callie then quickly accepts this change and reciprocates the friendliness despite their rough history. However, when Talya learns that Callie and Brandon indeed kissed and went out, she harshly tells her off at a party and remains her enemy. 

Physical Appearance

Talya has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. She's quite tall and thin and wears a lot of colorful dresses and skirts. She has blue-gray eyes.


Talya can be described as obsessive and “boy-crazy”, as seen by her attitude around Brandon. She is jealous, petty, and very hostile towards those she views as threats to her relationships, namely Callie, whom Talya openly expresses feelings of disgust towards even before Brandon ended their relationship. When angered, her language is vulgar and aggressive, telling Callie to, at one point, “rot in [juvie] bitch.” Talya went as far as to invade Callie's privacy by reading her journal and use its personal contents to blackmail her.

Sometime after her break up with Brandon, Talya seems to have mellowed down somewhat. Although it’s been stated that she stills harbors strong dislike towards Brandon and Callie, Talya tries out for the former’s play at Matt’s request. This implies that she’s a bit more tolerant than before.

Talya initially put much faith in the justice system, as one of the reasons why she disliked Callie so much was because of the latter being sentenced to juvie on multiple occasions. However, after hearing about Callie’s experiences in juvie, Talya's opinion later changes, and she displays a more empathetic side. Talya later on participated in Brandon's senior prank for his new girlfriend Grace, indicating she has matured and moved past her jealousy.



Talya is introduced as Brandon's girlfriend and one of the most popular girls of the school. She feels uncomfortable when she sees Brandon and Callie in the music room at school, but she initially gives it the benefit of doubt and buries her jealousy. She seems uncomfortable with the amount of time Brandon is spending with Callie and his lack of explanations.


Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.20.27 PM.png

Talya seems unsettled that Callie is staying with the Fosters. Brandon asks her if she is jealous, and she denies it, complimenting his family on their kindness at taking Callie and Jude in. She is concerned that Brandon is facing punishment for sneaking out to go with Callie, but that Callie is not, and asks if she is being sent back to Juvie. Talya comments that it is sweet of Callie to have done that for her brother, but it is apparent that Callie's presence worries her. She later invites Callie to sit with her and her friends at lunch after seeing that Callie was unsure of with whom she could sit. Talya offers to help Callie join some school clubs and gives intimate details of her relationship with Brandon to remind Callie of whom he is dating. Brandon, sensing Tayla is upset and having consulted Jesus, decides to sneak out that night and have a romantic night with Talya. It never happened because Brandon was spending time with Callie playing music.

Hostile Acts

After Brandon's father invites Brandon to live with him, Talya convinces him to say yes, so they can have more private time. Later, Talya goes to the Fosters' house to see Brandon, but Lena explains to her that he's with his father, but invites her to stay with them to play a game. During the time she was there, Talya was again passive-aggressive

Brandon and Talya talking.

with Callie, and Callie, after talking with Brandon, tells Talya that he's not going to move with his father, making Talya worried. Brandon later tells his family that he finally made a decision and it was that he will move with his father. At the end of the episode, Jude explains he has to write a story for school and needed a villain's name. Everyone offered ideas. Talya offered her suggestion of "Liam", then Jude and Callie realized that Talya was the one who read the journal entry, and Callie thought that it was Mariana.


Talya continues to show her disdain for Callie, as she still believes that Callie has a thing for Brandon. When Mariana decides to pair Callie with Brandon, Talya can be seen showing jealousy towards it, although Brandon kisses her on the cheek and tells her that she's his date. Stef feels the tension between her and Callie. Later, Talya watches in disgust as Brandon and Callie practice their dance

Talya crying.

for the quinceanera. Meanwhile, Talya can be seen coming to the Fosters' home and spots Brandon and Callie with each other, then she hugs Brandon and tells him that he is a "hottie." At that point, Talya pushes a limit when she reveals to Callie that she read her journal as she mentions Liam again. She claims that she doesn't trust her and decides to leave Callie in dismay. Meanwhile, Talya continues to show her jealousy when Brandon decides to dance with Callie at the dance when Callie tells him about what she did. After the dance, Brandon decides to break up with Talya after what happened.

The Morning After

It is mentioned that she and Wyatt dated, but after having sex, she went bizarre and started being controlling, therefore causing Wyatt to break up with her. She told Brandon a different story, however, causing him to think Wyatt is a bad guy.


Talya can be seen drinking alcohol at Wyatt's party after Callie discovers her sitting with others. She is drunk, but she

Talya talking to Callie.

thinks that Callie is a cool person for dating Wyatt, thinking that everyone that she liked likes Callie. When Callie says that she told her not to worry about her and Brandon, Talya responds by saying that she should have realized Callie was never into Brandon, but he's into her. Meanwhile, when Wyatt takes Callie and Mariana home, Callie asks if Talya would like to come with them, but she denies the offer and continues to party with the others.


Talya approaches Brandon at lunch and says that day would have been their anniversary. She gives him tickets she got for him before they broke up. When Brandon refuses, she insists but lets it go when he still won't take them. During Algebra, when the teacher leaves, she looks at Garner and his friends curiously, and asks what's so funny. He asks whether she wants to see and hooks it up on the projector so the whole class can see. It was a drunk and shirtless, Talya.

Devastated and upset, Talya runs out of the class after Brandon calls Garner a douche. Callie follows her and tells her not to worry, that it will blow up and she knows what it's like to have people whisper behind your back. Talya just shakes her head and walks off to the bathroom to be alone. Later that night, Brandon and she go out and see the concert, even going out for coffee later.


When Brandon tells her about what happened to his mom, Talya joins Brandon at the hospital. They hug and embrace.

I Do

Talya and Sharon.

Talya is first seen at the beginning of the episode with Brandon. She asks him whether he will go with her to shop for his moms' wedding present, and he agrees. When Brandon spots Callie, he tells Talya he is going to go talk to her. Talya seems okay about it and even said that she could come with if she wanted. Later at the pre-wedding party, she asks Brandon's grandmother, Sharon Foster, if she has seen Brandon. She points out where she last saw him. Talya, unbeknownst to what had happened between Brandon and Callie, takes Brandon back to the party.

House and Home

It is seen that Talya was cast as one of the four characters of the school play. When Brandon helps her rehearse, he breaks-up with Talya and tells her that he should have never got back together with her. With tears, she asks him if he broke up with her because of Callie, and he says yes. Talya goes away and tells him that she will just hurt him.

Us Against The World

Everyone is at the casting party, including Talya whom Chase reveals was the leading lady in the play. Talya gets another drink and sees Brandon. She makes rude comments and he defends Callie's decision to run off with Wyatt, saying she did it because they kissed and not because she wanted to be with Wyatt. Talya, angered by what Brandon said, tells Callie off.


Talya is nominated for Winter Queen. She attends the Winter Ball with Vico Cerar and later helps Vico frame Callie for the fake ID business. However, despite its near success, Brandon instead takes the fall and clears Callie's name.

If and When

Talya walks up to Brandon in the school halls and Talya tells him that she wants to be in the Romeo & Juliet play. Brandon then tells her that he will be hosting open auditions and she answers that she will attend. Later at the auditions, Mat says Talya was the only good singer they could have to play Juliet. After Talya, Mariana comes in to audition and she gets the part instead.

Sex Ed

Talya with a group of students watching Callie present her senior project, a replica of a solitary confinement cell exposing the injustice in the system. Talya realizes how hard Callie’s life actually is and finally forgoes her past grudge, even instigating a protest after Monte has Callie’s senior project taken down for Open House.

Appearances (14/101)

Season 1 (11/21)

Season 3 (1/20)

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Season 5 (2/22)


Brandon Foster

Tumblr mo1cntSxAi1reer7qo1 1280.jpg
  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Pre-Pilot
    • Broke Up: Quinceañera (1x04)
      • Reason: Brandon had gotten sick of Talya's jealousy and also realized his feelings for Callie.
    • Start Up: Adoption Day (1x09)
    • Broke Up: Leaky Faucets (1x12)
      • Reason: Brandon was still in love with Callie.
Main article: Bralya 

The couple was introduced in Pilot meaning they have been dating before Callie joined the Fosters. They broke up in Quinceañera since Talya had become jealous of Brandon and Callie's relationship. They reunite in Clean and get back together in I Do since Brandon may have realized he and Callie may never be together. Although later, Brandon breaks up with Talya for the second time in Leaky Faucets.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Pre-Pilot
    • Broke Up: Pre-Pilot
      • Reason: After the two had sex, Talya had become overly clingy and jealous.

In The Morning After, it is confirmed by Brandon Foster that Talya and Wyatt dated sometime prior to her relationship with him. Brandon is led to believe that after Talya and Wyatt had sex, he broke up with her the morning afterward. However, Wyatt later tells Callie that what Brandon said wasn't true. He admits that they did have sex, but he broke up with her three weeks later because she became too controlling in their relationship. Callie easily believes Wyatt's side of the story due to her past experience with a jealous and possessive Talya.


  • Brandon's mothers supported her relationship with him. (Consequently)
  • She used to date Wyatt sometime before the pilot episode. (The Morning After)
  • Tayla has a history of becoming possessive and easily jealous with her boyfriends. Brandon broke up with her because he couldn't handle her uncontained jealousy after she met Callie and Wyatt admitted to Callie he ended things with her because, after the two had sex, she became controlling and possessive with him and he couldn't handle it. 
  • She got drunk at Wyatt's party and later a video recording of her taking her shirt off to the crowd was shown to her whole class, much to her humiliation. (Saturday)


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