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Take These Chances is the seventh episode of Season 4 of Good Trouble. The episode airs on April 20, 2022.


Mariana invites the RB girls to Bulk Beauty. Davia reaches out to Luca and invites him to stay at the Coterie. Malika’s learning to play the game at work. Joaquin questions Dennis about his sister. Dennis asks Davia to work for him.


Alice is performing stand-up to a laughing audience, who suddenly morph into large creepy insects.

Malika does her edges while Dyonte watches from the bed where he's getting dressed. He asks her how the proposal for the women's shelter is going, and it's going great.

Lucia tells Malika that she's doing excellent work and its ready to take to the floor. She just needs two council members to sponsor it and suggests she try Lucia's allies Gonzales and Brown.

Malika tells Dyonte that Lucia has her working constantly though it's been worth it. She never could have moved this fast in the nonprofit space. He might have been wrong about her taking the job. He asks if she's thought about being one another's primaries and she has.

Joaquin pours coffee when Mariana thanks him for the advice as the call was what she needed. She knows it must be hard not to talk with his sister, and it is. She asks why she left home but Joaquin doesn't want to talk about it which she understands. Dennis arrives and Joaquin remembers seeing his sisters photo with Dennis. Davia approaches Joaquin over his recent article about Luca being unhoused. She didn't know he was homeless, clarifying that she met Luca when he crashed at Joaquin's. Alice overhears and asks who crashed and when. Alice reminds Joaquin that overnight guests have to be approved by the manager, which Kelly finds funny as the rules are never enforced there. Alice loudly tells everyone she's bringing back the chore chart and community services, late fees, and 10 minute caps on showers. She sees a cluster of ants and angrily shouts about having them. Davia asks Joaquin if he can get in touch with Luca, who suggests an encampment near Skid Row. Dennis refuses to let Davia go alone so she agrees to let him come. Alice continues her rant over people leaving food and dirty dishes around which creates crumbs for ants. Malika asks Sumi what's wrong with Alice.

Sumi remembers confronting Alice about lying over quitting the tour and lying. Alice doesn't want to do stand-up anymore and didn't want questions. She changed her mind after being on tour and seeing the real environment. She doesn't want to talk about it either.

Sumi tells Malika that she'll explain later. Alice continues to warn about thousands of ants nearby with a queen.

Joaquin stops Dennis in the hall to show him a picture of Jenna, who used to live there. Joaquin asks if she used another name, Diana Graham, and Dennis recalls Jenna telling him that she used a fake name because of a bad credit score. Joaquin lies that they're just friends from Oklahoma. Dennis met her in some clubs as she came to a few of his shows. He became a resident of The Coterie through Jenna. Joaquin asks about her number but Dennis didn't get it. She was dating the manager of Mickey's a few months later when he bumped into her again. He wishes Joaquin luck in finding her.

The Revitalize girls show Mariana CounterPro which they have developed. Mariana tells the BB girls about the non-compete being void so she can come back to the BB. They hug happily, but Mariana has one more problem to address. Ava and Raisa have a big idea that might crush them. She can't tell them anything as they don't steal. She does have an idea to bring Ava and Raisa into BB. She hopes to explain everything to them. Ava and Raisa are angry at Mariana for sabotaging them. Mariana explains that they didn't rip off any ideas but Jackie did. She asks them how odd it was hat he code was already there. She's asking them to join Bulk Beauty where they value women in tech. She asks if they want to be part of a stolen idea. The girls are unsure as it's a lot to digest and they need to think.

Davia shows Luca's photo around Skid Row but doesn't have any luck. Dennis assures Davia that he's there to help. She hopes to find him by the afternoon for the job. He inquires about the job, and Davia flashes back to practicing Burlesque. The director, Desi, applauds them for getting it together and relays that Jessie had to drop out so she's auditioning new dancers. Davia asks if the auditions are for women only. Dennis is confused over the Burlesque dancing and she admits that it was after she got fired. She did it to be proud of herself. She didn't want Luca to miss the opportunity. Dennis admits she's a good person. Alice sends Davia and Dennis a photo of a a peanut butter covered spoon and the waste from Dennis's food truck, telling them to do better.

Malika tries to get Councilman Gonzales' attention but doesn't get support from him or Brown. She returns to the office and Tracy asks if she's okay, learning about the council people. She confides that Lucia asked Gonzales not to sponsor the bill as she wants to kill the proposal for some reason. Malika doesn't think that's okay and Tracy reminds her that's politics.

Joaquin goes to Mickey's bar to look for Chris, who is the bartender. Joaquin asks about Jenna and likes that his name is Jake Davis, an old friend looking to reconnect. He found out from a friend of Jenna's that she and Chris were dating. Chris denies dating her as, despite her hanging out at the bar a lot, he didn't know her. He hasn't seen her in a long time and shuts Joaquin down swiftly before walking off. Joaquin sees a worker in the back and approaches them about Jenna. He learns that she and Chris were living together for a while but they broke up.

Davia wants to help Luca out if she can as he's a nice guy. She spots Luca from across the street and sprints over. She sees that he's been beat up and learns that a guy has been harassing him. She also introduces him to Dennis. Luca is on his way out of town but Davia has an opportunity for him to dance so he has to stay.

Mariana looks to Raisa and Ava who are working, just as Jackie arrives asking why Bulk Beauty is getting more brands. She gave them the code, the idea, and handled it all over to them but they haven't done anything for her in return.

Malika tells Lucia that she got Hernandez and Russo on-board for the proposal. Will explains they will expect favors in return. Malika apologizes as she didn't think it would be a problem. Will tells her that she doesn't decide the rules and neither does he. Malika asks Lucia if she wants to kill it and she says not, but wants her to ask before taking action next time. Malika leaves the meeting with a look of triumph. Will tells Lucia that Malika is lying. In the office, Malika gets a text from Alice with a photo of an open bottle of toothpaste surrounded by ants.

Alice is injecting lemon water into the floors to tell the queen ant that it's time to move so she can kill them all. Malika tells Alice that she knows about her leaving the tour and giving up comedy. She asks if Alice is okay and Alice insists everything is fine. She didn't have a bad or she just changed her mind and doesn't want to be interrogated. Malika tries to encourage her to keep going and not quit. She references them saving a bird, trying a metaphor about new things and old things. In the meantime, she bought ant traps to help.

The BB girls are working when Mariana arrives in her loft. Jackie had ridiculed the girls and Raisa questions who wrote the code. Jackie doesn't see how that's relevant as their concern is what they're bringing to the table. Ava and Raisa will brainstorm fresh and new ideas. Mariana tells the BB girls that Ava and Raisa are coming to BB tomorrow.

Luca is on stage when he performs a routine for Davia, the director Desi, and Dennis. His gymnastic skills add to his dancing performance, causing everyone to applaud and cheer when he's done.

Joaquin follows Chris to his house and sees him with a woman, thinking it might be Jenna. He knocks on the door but Chris doesn't want to let him in and insists the woman isn't Jenna. Joaquin forces his way in and sees the woman but it isn't her. He angrily tells Chris that he's Jenna's brother and confronts him for lying. Chris admits that he didn't know who Joaquin was so he lied. He and Jenna dated for a few months but they fought often so they broke up. He drove her to Palm Springs one night to stay with a friend. They got into a fight again and she insisted that he pull over or she'd jump out. He left her on the side of the road as requested, even calling her crazy. Joaquin is angry and pushes Chris to the couch, who tells the woman to call the police. He tells Chris to pray that nothing happened to Jenna and then leaves. He's emotion in the car.

Davia shows Luca a studio space beneath The Coterie where he can stay for a while. He'll be safe there and they can help him with food or anything else he needs. Luca asks why they're helping him. Davia knows what it's like to be alone, they all do, and they live at The Coterie to be a community. Luca thanks them as no one's been this kind to him before. She hugs him happily before offering to get him a phone tomorrow, bidding him goodnight.

A man concludes a comedy set before another introduces Alice for the stand-up bit. Alice freezes before she goes on. She tells her parents and they tell her to keep it a secret, to keep quiet, and she promises to stay quiet. When the man introduces her, Alice runs upstairs and away from the stage.

Mariana packs up her things alongside Ava and Raisa, who thank Mariana for the fresh, new idea. Mariana sees Liza crying in the office and enters to see if she's okay. Liza admits that Jackie came down pretty hard on her so she'll be fired soon. Mariana assures her that she's a great project manager. Jackie wants to motivate by fear which wont' bring out the best in anyone. Liza is scared of losing this job and not being hirable. Mariana tells Liza about going back to Bulk Beauty and is taking the girls with her. She wants Liza to come with them. They're all talented and competent women and deserve to be their own bosses, not to work under toxic people like Jackie. Liza agrees to come with her and thanks her for believing in her. When Mariana leaves, Liza takes out her phone and texts Jackie that they have a problem.

Malika tells Angelica about her day with Lucia, but catches herself as she refuses to let Lucia take control. She wants to talk about them and go on a trip somewhere. She likes her and wants to spend more time together. Angelica asks about Dyonte, and she admits that he asked her to be his primary. She recalls telling Dyonte that it's too soon after his breakup with Tanya. He doesn't agree and asks if that's the only reason. Malika admits that isn't the only reason as she has strong feelings for Angelica and isn't ready to commit to the next step with him. He understands but is a little jealous which she teases him about. He insists he's hum and they continue to kiss. Now, Malika tells Angelica that she did have something to do with her decision, which she's glad to hear. The pair then get into the pool together.

Joaquin visits Mariana and asks to talk with her. She lets him into the loft and they sit on the couch. Jenna left because they grew up very religious and their dad was strict, mean, and violent. When she said she was leaving he said she wasn't his daughter or part of their family. Joaquin left a few years later and went to LA looking for Jenna. His mom thinks she's dead and he thought his mom was being crazy, but he's worried something horrible happened and his mom is right. As he becomes emotional, Mariana apologizes to him.

Alice breaks down upstairs and then sees a trail of ants on the wall and floor. She finds her bag nearby and opens it up to find an open Rice Krispy treat covered in ants. Alice begins to cry over it as Sumi enters. She sees the scene and Alice admits she found the source of the ants. It was her and it was her fault. She breaks down sobbing as Sumi holds her on the couch trying to console her.



Guest Starring


  • Shannon Hollander as Ava
  • Annamarie Kasper as Raisa
  • Casey Mills as Andy
  • April Schutte as Desi
  • Natasha Estrada as Finola
  • Simone Rene Posey as Katrina
  • Britta Grant as Poppie
  • John Anthony Wylliams as Social Worker
  • Andie Ximenes as Councilman Gonzalez
  • Lana Danielyan as Betina
  • Jason Jack Beeber as Emcee
  • Aaron Therol as Comedian
  • Shelby Lee as Tina

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first episode since Season 1 to feature background Coterie residents. Different residents participated in Dennis's improv class in Season 1.




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