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Take Me Out is the second episode in Season 2 of The Fosters. It aired on June 23, 2014. It is the twenty-third episode overall.


Brandon contemplates a big decision that could either restore or destroy his dream of playing piano, but Stef and Lena find themselves on opposite ends of the debate. The Foster siblings plot to cheer Brandon up by taking him out to see a band and he butts heads with the lead singer Lou (guest star Ashley Argota). Meanwhile, Stef confronts Mike about his whereabouts the night Ana disappeared. A mysterious stranger keeps tabs on Callie, and Callie is faced with a choice that could further complicate her life. An encounter with Connor's dad creates a rift in Jude and Connor's friendship. And Jesus begins to feel threatened by Emma's independent spirit.


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Brandon is staring at his piano when Stef joins him. They flashback to when Brandon couldn't sleep at night, and he would crawl into bed with her. She asks about his hand, and Brandon replies it is the same. He asks her the possibility of him not playing the piano like he used to. Stef comforts him and tells him that he can't think that way. She advises him to keep trying and never give up. It's morning when Lena wakes up and finds Stef and Brandon sleeping together on the couch. In the morning, the family is getting ready for the day. Stef compromises with the family for family dinner at 6 PM. Jude says he will be joining Connor and his dad at the batting cages. Brandon tells his mom that he thought about what she said the night before. He says that he wants the surgery. Stef looks overwhelmed and tries to reason with him to change his mind. Stef visits Mike to talk about Brandon wanting the surgery. She speaks with Dani about Mike and his alleged beating with Ana. Dani tells Stef that if she has questions about Mike's sorbriety, she should ask him herself.

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At the batting cages, Jude is at the batting with Connor and his dad. Jude struggles at first, but improves. He notices how Connor's dad treats him when he starts yelling at Connor for his technique at batting. This makes Connor uncomfortable, especially when Jude receives praise. Callie is talking to the same man who keeps visiting her. They talk about milkshakes for a short time. He asks about her life and tells her that he will see her soon. After Jude's session with Connor, Jude comforts Connor is hard on himself. Adam Stevens notices this, and he immediately feels uncomfortable. At the diner, Daphne is counting the tips they receive and realizes that

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someone left a 100 dollar tip. She assumes it was the same man who keeps visiting Callie. At home, the moms are visited by an attorney. The attorney tells them that Mr. Quinn will not sign the papers until he is proven to be the father through a DNA test. Callie is shocked by this.

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During dinner, Mariana complains about sharing the gym with the wrestling team. Jesus jumps in and says that isn't easy for them either. He says that a dancer, Kaitlyn, can't take his eyes off him. Jude tells him jokingly that he shouldn't let Emma hear him. Jesus says he can handle Emma, but the family laugh at this. Brandon comes in and asks about the hand surgery. Stef tells him that his father and she didn't agree on the surgery like Brandon. Brandon becomes angry and says it's his hand. Stef asks him to speak about the subject later, but Brandon flees the scene. Lena asks her about her meeting with Mike to speak about the surgery, feeling rejected as she should had been involved. Callie steps in Brandon's room. She questions his decision about the surgery. He says that everybody is focusing on the bad case instead of the good side. Callie understands. Brandon brings up her father. She recounts the meeting with the attorney earlier. She leaves about tells him to think about what she said.

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In the morning, Lena steps in her office. Mr. Timothy is waiting for her. He tells her he'll help decide on the new principal. He tells her to trust him, even after he didn't sign the donor contract. Later, Callie takes her DNA test. In a turn of events, Mr. Quinn does not appear. Callie tells Mariana about the meeting. She tells her that she didn't look forward to seeing him, but after he didn't show up, she felt awful. She admits she was disappointed, and Mariana hugs her.

Mariana shows up in Brandon's room. She asks him if he has any plans for the night. She explains that Emma knows a band that are playing in a location, and they need a ride. He eventually agrees. They arrive at the location, and Mat joins Emma, Jesus, Mariana, Callie, and Brandon. He asks Brandon about his hand. After he leaves, Mariana expresses interest in Mat. The band begins to play, and Brandon seems interested in the singer, Lou. Callie notices this.

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At home, Stef and Lena speak about Lena's position of being a principal. Stef seems uncertain of her potential job, but Lena still wants in. Somebody knocks on the door, and Stef answers. It's Mike. He asks to speak alone. When they are, he asks Stef if she is building some case against Mike since Brandon has barely spoke to him. He tells her that Dani told him about her questioning earlier in the day. Lena justifies her actions since he drunk, got into a fight, and had blood on his hands. Mike gets angry, assuming she thought he would hurt Brandon. She denies that, and says that she worried about him. He tells her that he is fine and is getting it together. She asks him about the bloody hands, and he says he may had gotten into a fight with a man. She asks if he saw Ana at all during that night. He asks if she thinks her blood, and Stef agrees since he is mad at her. She asks him again, and he denies everything revolving Ana. She apologizes, and he leaves, overwhelmed.

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At the location, Jesus and Emma leave. Mat asks for Brandon's opinion on their music. He says that everything was great except it wasn't articulated. Mat invites him in the band. Lou steps in, and she fires back. She acts rude toward Brandon and leaves. Mat invites him again. Jesus and Emma are in the car, making out. She suggests they have sex. They make out for a little more while, but Jesus backs out, leaving Emma overwhelmed.

At home, Brandon researches the band from earlier. He listens to their song once more. Lena steps in, and she tells him that she thinks he should have the operation. When she arrives to her room, shared with Stef, Stef is angry, asking her about what she said to Brandon. Lena disagrees with the decision to deny Brandon's wishes. Stef warns to never undermine her their son. Lena is surprised by this, repeating her words "Our son?" She retaliates by saying "Or your son?" since Lena was barely included in conversations about Brandon. Lena tells Stef that Brandon is old enough to know that they don't agree on things. Stef says that doesn't want to see Brandon disappointed. Lena says that they can't protect their kids from disappointment. Stef leaves in a rage after a few more exchanged heated words. Callie is doing homework when she researches Robert Quinn, and she has a shocked looked on her face.

At school, in the morning, Jude tells Connor that he got a new video game. Jude suggests that Connor could over to play the game at their sleepover. Connor tells him that he can't come over and spend the night, and Jude suggests another day. Connor reveals to him that he can't sleep over at his house anymore. This confuses Jude, asking for the reason. Connor reveals it's because of his dad who thinks Jude is gay. Jude asks Connor if he really was gay would he not want him to come over. Connor does not answer his question.


Jesus sees Emma at school, who almost apologizes for her actions. She asks him if they still would like to have sex. He agrees, saying that Saturday they would do it the right way. They sit down at a bench. Jesus suggests they go to a nice dinner then go to the beach. Emma doesn't like the idea. Jesus admits to her that she is bossy sometimes, and says it's a turn-off. Emma is surprised by this. He tries to justify his answer to make her feel better. She interrupts him, and she says that she will turn off her brain whenever they are

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around each other. Jesus tells her that is not what he meant. Jesus likes that she is independent, but thinks that sometimes dating her feels like she is dating herself. This makes Emma angry, and she breaks up with him.

At work, Daphne announces to Callie that the mystery man has returned. Callie runs off to him, and she becomes angry. She tells him that she knows who he is, Robert Quinn. She explains how she found out about him and tells him about the DNA test. He asks five minutes to speak with her. He explains that he did not decide on the DNA test but rather his lawyers did. He tells her that he left his mother, but he had no idea Callie's mother was pregnant with her. He gives her a letter, and she asks him if he will sign the papers. He says that he will as soon as lawyer says it's okay, and she leaves.

At work, a detective tells Stef that they found a body at the halfway house where Ana lived, and he tells her that it could be the woman she's looking for. This shocks Stef.

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Brandon is at home. He grabs his computer and his keyboard. He plays the song from the band Someone's Little Sister and he begins to play some keys to the song. The moms hear and come in. They tell him that they have been talking. Stef tells him that she doesn't know what the right choice is, but they will let him make the decision. He tells them that he will wait. Stef is relieved by this.

Jude steps in Mariana and Callie's room and asks them if either of them is willing to play a videogame (the same one which Connor rejected playing). Mariana volunteers to play. After they leave, Callie goes to her backpack and pulls out the envelop Robert gave her. She reads it, and she learns she has a fourteen-year-old sister named Sophia. Sophia expresses her interest in wanting to meet her. This shocks Callie.


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  • This episode's title was revealed by Jules Kovisars, a producer of The Fosters.[1]
  • This episode heavily implies that Brandon is the only one out of his siblings who can drive.
  • This episode foreshadows Mariana's romantic interest in Mat and Brandon's romantic interest in Lou.
  • Mat and Lou are revealed to be cousins.
  • This episode never officially revealed that Jesus and Emma broke up in this episode. It was just implied. The next episode, Play, is the first episode that explicitly mentions Jesus and Emma breaking up.
  • The title, Take Me Out, seems to be referring to Jude and Connor at the batting cages. It could also be referring to the Fosters siblings taking Brandon out to the Someone's Little Sister concert. There could be some other hidden meanings as well.

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