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Susan Mullen is the mother and caretaker of Grace, as well as the ex-wife of Henry.


When she was young, Susan fell in love with and married Henry Mullen. The pair then had a daughter together, Grace. They were a normal, happy family until Grace was diagnosed with leukemia at nine years old. Scared for her daughter's life, Susan attempted to lean on her husband for support.

However, Henry had an affair with one of Grace's nurses, which led to him and Susan divorcing. Henry then left the family and rarely, if every, looked back, leaving Susan to raise and care for their daughter on her own. Grace went into remission but later relapsed at the age of thirteen. Luckily though, Grace went into remission once again.



Susan is the definition of a protective and slightly controlling mother. She only wants what is best for her daughter, and made it her goal in life for Grace to have the best and safest life she could. Susan is a warrior, kind, strong, and fiercely loyal to her daughter.

Physical Appearance


Season 5 (9/22)


  • She had a very bad divorce from her husband.
  • She originally didn't trust Brandon, but when she got to know him, she decided that he really is a good person and fit for her daughter.



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