Our love will survive the ages.

Stef and Lena commonly referred to as, AdamsFoster is the romantic pairing between wives Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster.


Stef and Lena met prior to the start of the series and have been in a ten year long committed relationship prior to the series, but they soon decided to officially legalize their relationship as a marriage in the episode I Do. Later in the seasons, they did file for divorce, but it was merely a ploy to stall in order to give them enough time to save their house. Fortunately, they do get remarried in The Long Haul.



Stef comforts Lena about the argument she had with her mom.

The Morning After

They realize they have been more distant and try to schedule some alone time. Lena gets mad at Stef for not telling her about giving Lexi the morning after pill, but they soon resolve the problem. At the end of the episode, they get their groove on in the car.


Lena and Stef are seen in the kitchen telling Mariana and Callie that they can go to Wyatt's house. Later, they talk to Mariana about Lexi, as well as Callie about bringing Mariana home drunk.

The Fallout

Lena and Stef are seen talking to the Rivera's about Lexi and how they can help find her, as she ran away.


Lena and Stef both attend dinner with Gretchen. They have an argument shortly after Gretchen leaves. Lena and Stef find out about Jesus helping Ana, the twin's birth-mother.


There are flashbacks of when they first met. In the present, Lena visits Stef at the hospital. Stef asks Lena to marry her in her hospital bed.

I Do

Stef and Lena are seen arguing about the details of their wedding. They make up when Stef realizes internalized homophobia is keeping her from fully enjoying her wedding. Fortunately, the wedding commences without a hitch.


First Relationship


Stef and Lena are parents to five adoptive children together, including Stef's biological son. The couple also attempted to have a daughter together, Lena's first biological child, however, she ultimately miscarried.

Image Name Adoption Year Status
Prom 7
Brandon Foster Ten-years prior to Pilot Adopted by Lena
Chasing Waterfalls 6
Mariana Adams Foster July 1, 2006
Adopted with Jesus
Invisible 5
Jesus Adams Foster July 1, 2006
Adopted with Mariana
Tumblr no1lgrajjl1tm8h5mo1 500
Jude Adams Foster 2014 Adopted
Telling 12
Callie Adams Foster 2015 Adopted
S02e06 37-1

Francesca in a dream

Francesca Adams Foster N/A Unborn: miscarried


The Fosters

The Morning After

Lena:  "Oh my god!"
Stef: "What?"
Lena: "I meant to pick up some guacamole from that place you love."
Stef: "Oh its so good too."
Lena: "Sorry, Mariana called me, then Jude needed me for something and I just forgot."
Stef: "Remember when you used to love me?"
Lena: "Don't do that it makes me feel terrible."
Stef: "I guess, salsa will be fine, I just...


Stef: You're the absolute love of my life, Lena Elizabeth Adams Foster. And nothing will ever, ever, ever, ever change that.

Good Trouble

Parental Guidance Suggested

Stef: They take showers together!
Lena (talking over Stef): Honey, would stop? Calm down.
Stef: But...
Lena (talking over Stef): Sit. Just stop. Please.
Stef: Lena...
Lena: Remember our one-minute meditation?
Stef: Okay, a one-minute meditation is not gonna change it.
Lena (over Stef): Shh... Shh...
Stef (over Lena's shushing): Please don't shush me. I'm upset en-
Lena continues shushing over Stef.
Lena: Close your eyes. A minute is just a moment with handles on it. A beginning, a middle, and an end.
Stef: I'm gonna finish my cookie while we do this.

Lena: There are some party leaders who think I'm too progressive, too black --
Stef: Too lesbian --
Lena: To win. and they think that the Dems in San Diego who voted for this president are going to want a more centrist --
Stef: White --
Lena: Candidate.


  • They had been together for 10 years before getting married. Lena always desired marriage with a partner whereas Stef didn't see the need for it. However, after Stef's shooting, Stef proposed to Lena, much to her joy. 
  • Following having Brandon, Jesus, and Mariana, they had initially decided against taking in any more children due to lack of space and time for it. But upon growing attached and loving Callie and Jude, they decided to adopt them and make space for them. 
  • They each have a special bond particularly with either Callie and Jude;
    • Lena has an emotionally intimate bond with Jude whereas Stef develops a very child-mother bond with Callie. Ironically, Callie had originally had not trusted Stef due to her being a cop, but she soon begins to trust Stef when seeing she always means well. 
  • While hesitant to have Lena artificially inseminated, they both were overjoyed when learning the procedure had taken and Lena was pregnant with their first biological baby.
    • When Lena lost the child due to Pre-Eclampsia, Lena began to clearly grieve the loss, while Stef initially hid her sadness about the death. However, she soon broke down and wept over losing baby Frankie when stumbling across the child's was-to-be baby blanket, just as Lena called her. She soon admitted to Lena how much she missed the daughter that they lost and never got to know. 
  • Except for Brandon, all of their children have come through the foster care system. 
  • Stef is two years older than Lena. 
  • Stef receives their divorce papers in the mail in The Long Haul when it was revealed that they would lose their house prior to that (they decided to file for divorce in order to have their finances tied up and, therefore, potentially have the buyers back out). They later get married again that same day. 


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