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I love who I am. I'm proud of me.
Stef Adams Foster

Stefanie Marie Adams Foster (née Cooper formerly Foster) is the daughter of Frank Cooper and Sharon Elkin. She is the wife of Lena Adams Foster and the ex-wife of Mike Foster, with whom she has one son with, Brandon. Stef is also the adoptive mother of Mariana, Jesus, Jude, and Callie, and the foster mother of Ka'maya.

She was a dedicated police officer for the San Diego Police Department who took down a number of criminals. She was partnered with her ex-husband, Mike Foster, per his request. In "Clean", Stef is shot in the line of duty and struggles to emotionally recover.

Stef was diagnosed with stage-0 DCIS breast cancer, and decides to have a lumpectomy instead of the drastic mastectomy surgery. When the lumpectomy tests positive for the BRCA-1 gene she decides to have a double mastectomy. Later, Stef was promoted to detective. Once she became a detective, she began busting prostitution and trafficking rings alongside her fellow officers. When her kids graduated high school, she opened a non-profit shelter for homeless and abused women while supporting her wife's political campaign.

Stef is portrayed by Teri Polo.


Stef grew up in a very religious household. A strong, attractive police officer, Stef is tough yet kind, even if she’s not what would normally be described as “maternal”. A divorcee now in a happy lesbian relationship with Lena, her soulmate and wife, Stef is the biological mother of Brandon and the adoptive mother of two kids out of the foster system. A loving, but stern disciplinarian, Stef has an agreement with Lena that they won’t foster any more kids until Brandon has left home.

When Lena opens their home to the abused, defiant Callie Jacob, Stef is initially upset, especially when learning the girl was just released from juvie. Later on, she soon realizes that Callie is a broken girl who needs love and mending. After this moment, she and Lena may have no choice but to take her in. Along the way, they also take in Callie's younger brother, Jude, whom they eventually adopt. However, a problem with Callie's birth certificate prevents Stef and Lena from formally adopting Callie along with Jude.

They suddenly find themselves fighting for custody over Callie when her birth father Robert Quinn who, after discovering her existence, decides he wants custody over her as well. Eventually, in The End of the Beginning, Robert finally agrees to stop fighting for custody of Callie and allows Stef and Lena to adopt her, giving up his parental rights. However, various legal obstacles soon prove to be more roadblocks for them. After a long fight with the legal system, they manage to overcome these obstacles and finally adopt Callie in Lucky, much to their joy.

Physical Appearance

In Seasons 1, 2, and most of season 3, Stef had long wavy or straight blonde hair. As of Rehearsal, Stef has a pixie cut. She has blue eyes and is 5'6.

The Fosters

Season 1


Stef and Lena talking outside about Callie.

At first, Stef is upset that Lena brings home Callie, but then she realizes Callie is a broken girl who needs help. At work, Stef is partnered with her ex-husband Mike, who is also a cop, after her previous partner transfers. She is not happy to be partner with her ex-husband, but she accepts it. On the evening of Brandon music competition to win a scholarship, he and Callie go missing. After Stef tracks his phone, they learn that they are
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somewhere else and quickly leave. After arriving at her foster father's house, Brandon distracts him while Callie tries to get to Jude from the back. Things go south when he quickly notices Callie and begins shoving her, demanding she leave, but Callie refuses to leave without Jude. Her foster father then pulls out a gun on them, threatening to shoot. Stef and Mike arrive just in time and the foster father is arrested. As he's cuffed, Stef notices Callie and her younger brother Jude embrace in happiness, and is moved. Callie and Jude are reunited as Brandon explains to Lena about who Jude is. While talking to Callie, Stef refuses to send Callie and Jude back into the system just yet. She and Lena allow Jude and Callie to stay with them.


Stef and Lena decides not to punish Brandon after the previous night's events. While at work, Stef mentions this to Mike, and he disagrees with Lena and Stef's decision. Later that afternoon, Stef comes home from work with Mike. They have an argument over Brandon's punishment, and Lena gets mad at Stef for taking Mike's side. Mike grounds Brandon which angers him. He strikes back by telling Mike that he's never around or has never been there for him lately, and he wants to know who to take orders from. Stef gets angry and demands Brandon apologize to Mike over the phone. Afterwards, Lena and Stef reveal their decision on Jude and Callie. They decided that they will let them stay until Bill (Callie's and Jude's social worker) can find them a permanent home, but they won't be staying forever. Until then, Jude will bunk with Jesus while Callie stays with Mariana, much to her dismay. In a car ride with Mike, he tells Stef that he thinks Brandon was right about what he said to him the previous night. Stef

Lena, Stef and Callie

tells him that he is a good guy and Brandon was wrong about everything. When Callie comes home with Jude and Mariana, Stef and Lena asks her if she was selling drugs at school and she says "No". While discussing what to do with Callie, Lena tells Stef that Mike called to apologize about the previous night. Later, Jesus confesses to Stef and Lena that he was the one who sold the pills, to cover for Mariana. This takes them by surprise. Learning this new discovery Stef and Lena apologize to Callie for not believing her and they tell her that they will start trusting her.

Hostile Acts

Stef and Brandon arguing.

Stef and Lena were sitting at the table while Lena was tutoring Jude. Brandon walked in and explained that he was interested in living with his father. Stef refused to allow Brandon to live with his father, which started an argument. Brandon stormed out of the house because he felt that Stef was being unreasonable and he believed that she doesn't allow anyone to challenge her. Later that night, Brandon returned home, and Stef allowed him to make his own decision about where he wanted to live. The next day, Lena arranged a game night for the family, Stef teased saying "I always win." During the game,

Stef on the verge of tears.

Brandon strolled in and told everyone he was going to move in with his father. Stef, on the verge of tears, left the table under the pretense of getting more tea.

Later that night, Stef sees Brandon playing basketball in the driveway, Stef went outside to go talk to Brandon and apologized. She also told him that he should carve his own path and start making more decisions for himself since he's getting older.


Stef telling Mariana to ask Callie to be in her court.

Stef tells Mariana that she wants her to ask Callie to be in her court. Early at breakfast, Stef gives Mariana a look and she asks Callie to be in her court since Kelsey is in rehab. After Mariana is done asking Callie, Stef responds with a praise and asks Callie if she agrees. Callie agrees, and Lena says that they just need to get Callie's gown fitted before Saturday (the Quinceanera). Later that day, Stef shows up at the gown shop and sees Mariana's dress.

Stef at the gown shop.

After Mariana and Lexi go into the dressing room to take off Mariana's gown, Stef and Lena discuss budget issues. Stef tells Lena that she's going over the budget and that this should be the last thing that they spend before the Quinceanera. Lena disagrees saying that this is an important time in Mariana's life and that they should spend as much money as needed.

Later that evening, Stef and Lena discuss that they think that Mariana is embarrassed to dance with them at the Quinceanera and she'd rather dance with a male. Stef tells Lena that she doesn't think that Mariana's embarrassed. Moments later, Stef goes into Mariana's room and asks her if she's embarrassed to dance with them at the father daughter dance, but Mariana doesn't answer.

Stef and Mike getting drinks.

The next day at the Quinceanera, Stef asks Mike if he could dance with Mariana during the father daughter dance, because she thinks that Mariana is embarrassed to dance with her and Lena. After Stef and Mike finish talking, Stef leaves a little comment saying "Lay off on the drinks buddy." This hints that Mike may have an alcohol addiction (later revealed to be true). Later that evening, Stef went outside to console Lena and bring her a glass

Picture slideshow.

of wine. Stef told Lena it was okay to be upset, but to be happy and celebrate with Mariana. Lena and Stef then went inside to be the emcees of the slideshow that contained pictures of Mariana and Jesus' life leading up to 15 years of age. During the slideshow, Mariana cried and Mike looked over his son Brandon lovingly. Afterward Stef and Lena gave Jesus a skateboard, and invited Callie and Jude up for family photos. Stef even invited Mike, but he generously declined so they could have their own moment.

The Morning After

Stef and Lena are throwing a party with guests. Jesus says that their party sucks and she makes him clean up the dishes. After the party is over, Wyatt introduces himself to Stef and Lena. Wyatt helps the moms with washing dishes. He then leaves marking a first good impression as they like him. Those actions irritates Brandon who has developed feelings for Callie.

The next day, Stef is at the medicine store picking up Jesus's medicine while

Jesus talking to Lena.

a woman is buying the morning after pill. As she left the store, she saw that woman who was giving Jesus the morning after pill. She ran over and demanded an answer. Stef brought Jesus home and demanded him to tell Lena. Jesus explained that he had unprotected sex with Lexi. Lena and Stef disagreed on the course of action. Stef felt that they should give the pill to Lexi, and not tell her parents. Lena thought that was wrong and stormed off to get dressed.

Stef was at home and Lena rushed home to argue with her since her Lexi came to her office to talk about the pill. Lena was shocked to hear that Steph had given Lexi the morning after pill without talking to her first. Lena reprimanded Stef and she fought back. Stef explained that she did what was best for their son and Lexi. Lena reluctantly agreed with Stef for the time being. Brandon rushes upstairs to get Mariana before the family would go crazy, Mariana had a nose piercing and Stef and Lena were displeased but ignored it for the time being so they could get to the show. At the show, Garrett performed a piece about his moms' recent plan to divorce, and it strengthened Lena and Stef's relationship. They drove home and when in the driveway they began to engage each other sexually.


Early that morning, Stef and Lena are sitting down in the kitchen at breakfast helping Jesus plan dinner with Lexi's

Breakfast time.

parents. Stef jokingly tells Jesus what they're having and Jesus was surprised. Stef tells him that she was being sarcastic and asked why is he so worked up about this and it's just a dinner with the Riveras whom they've known for a long time.

Later that afternoon, Stef went over to her father's home and discussed Jesus' wanting to go to a catholic youth seminar. The conversation turned a bit sour when her father questioned her sexuality and her distance from the church. Stef told her dad that whom she loved shouldn't be a problem with him leaving Stef upset.

Stef at the dinner.

Later that evening at the dinner, Stef and Lena were discussing with Lexi's parents what boundaries there were to be with the kids. Then the door rang, and it was Stef's father, who didn't know they had company. Stef was surprised to see her father and offered him a seat. During dinner, Stef expressed her concerns about the bible camp seminar, and the Riveras assured them there would be no prejudice against their family life style. Then the Riveras went further saying they support Lena and Stef as there is nothing more christian than family. Their response confused Stef's father. Later that evening when Callie and Mariana returned home from the party. Mariana clearly drunk stumbled in and

Stef and Lena talking to Mariana.

Stef noticed her state attempted to wrap up the dinner. Even Lexi took note of her conditions and chimed in saying she was tired. But before Mariana could be hushed off, Lexi's mom told Mariana Jesus was going to bible camp with Lexi. Mariana blurted out that was ridiculous letting them go to sleep away camp when they are having sex. The dinner guests and her own family were speechless.

After the dinner, Stef and Lena rebuked Mariana for being drunk, lying and ruining Jesus relationship while she laid in bed. Stef and Lena told Callie to call them next time. Callie wished Mariana a good night.

The Fallout

Stef talking to Mariana and Jesus.

Early that morning, Stef hears Mariana and Jesus arguing about Lexi. Stef intervened and separated them. Stef told Mariana she brought it on herself and she thinks about who she wants to be in life. Stef and Lena were fighting in the kitchen about the Lexi issue and how Stef put Lena in a bad situation. Jude interrupted and asked if Connor could come over for a project. Lena and Stef stopped arguing for the time. Later that night

Stef and Lena talking to the Riveras.

in their bedroom Stef told Lena they shouldn't go to bed mad at one another. Lena didn't respond. The next morning the Riveras showed up looking for Lexi. They explained that Lexi packed a bag and left home in the night. Stef and Lena sat down with the Riveras in the house. They devised a plan to try and find Lexi.

Ernesto and Stef left together in a car to look for Lexi. Ernesto explained to Stef that his wife gets angry. He explained that they made a compromise to send her to a boarding school.

After the Riveras left, Stef and Lena made up on the couch, when Callie came home with Brandon. Callie sat down with Brandon and began explaining what happen to her with Liam at her previous foster home.


Stef talking to Callie.

Stef told Callie that she spoke to Bill about Sarah and Liam. She told her that Sarah has been removed from the Olmsteads and that she has to talk to Bill about what to do with Liam, she also told her not to worry about it and things will be taken care of.

Stef and Brandon talking.

Stef and Mike are on duty and they witness a driver blow through a red light. They stop the driver who exited the vehicle, but when Mike tried to cuff him he was struck by the suspect's elbow. Stef chased down the suspect on foot and apprehended him. She scolded Mike for not being more vigilant and focused.

Stef talking to Mike.

Later that night, Stef approached Brandon while he was practicing and they talked about Mike. Brandon told his mother that Mike was drinking again. The next day at work, Stef and Mike were probed about the incident further by their captain. The captain asked Mike to leave and then asked Stef if he was drinking again.

Lena introducing Stef to Gretchen.

Stef and Lena were out to dinner with one of Lena's old friend. Stef was in uniform and took off her uniform top to drink after having reprimanded Mike earlier that day for drinking as a police officer. At dinner Lena was uncomfortable and didn't seem to happy about aspects of the conversations.

Lena seemed upset that Stef and her friend Gretchen (who was an ex lover of Lena) hit it off so well. Stef even invited Lena's friend to have dinner with them the next night and meet the children. Lena didn't want Gretchen to have dinner with them but Stef convinced her that it would be good for her to meet the children. During dinner, Gretchen let it slip that Lena was obsessed with marriage and it became a issue between Stef

Stef at the dinner.

and Lena. Stef began probing Lena about why she didn't express her interests in marriage to her. Then Lena scolded Gretchen who decided to leave as a result. After she left, Stef asked Lena why she didn't tell her about how she felt. Mariana interrupted their fight to tell them about Ana and how she though Jesus was there most likely. Stef grabbed her gun and decided to go find Jesus. Stef pulled up to Ana's house, and Mike met her there, having been called by Lena. They saw drugs as they entered. As the credits rolled in, several shots were fired.


It starts with Stef and Mike entering the house. They briefly search the house. When Stef enters another, she is shot by Ana's boyfriend. The man drops his gun prompting another gun shot on the ground. Mike quickly enters the scene shooting the man three times later pronouncing him dead. Mike calls a bus (known as the ER in their language). They quickly make it to the hospital. Attendees attempt to save her life. She later survives the attacks, but she is later required surgery to avoid internal damages. She is visited by Lena reassuring her that everybody's safe. After her visit, a flashback is shown of how Stef and Lena met. Stef was enrolling Brandon into an elementary school that Lena works. Lena showed her a tour of the school. Then, Stef was confused about her sexuality since it took her a long time to figure it out. Mike and Stef were separating and on the verge of a divorce. Stef explains to him that she is gay and she met someone. This leads to an eventual divorce. Lena tells Stef that she won't get involved with a married woman but Stef reassures her that she told everybody that she is a lesbian. They make up and start a relationship.

The Fosters visit Stef pre-surgery. Another flashback is shown of how Stef met the twins. They were dropped off at Stef's precinct after the their foster parents said they couldn't take care of them anymore. Stef introduced herself and gave them a lollipop.

News is later given that the surgery was successful and she will survive. Lena visits Stef in her assisted room. Stef wakes up, removes her oxygen mask and asks Lena to marry me. Lena happily accepts. Stef's question about Mariana prompts Lena to think about her.

Stef is later questioned by IA about the shooting. Stef explains her side of the story not remembering what happened after she got shot. Mike visits Stef. He says it's his fault the shooting happened and apologizes.

Later on, Stef has a flashback of the shooting. It shows that Mike shot an innocent man because Ana's boyfriend surrendered after shooting Stef.

I Do

Stef has recovered from surgery, but she is required minimal chores to do. She gets irritated when no one allows her to do something around her house to get ready for the wedding. Stef and Lena talk to Callie about Liam and the pre-trial. In the bathroom, Stef stares at her scar from the bullet's entering. Lena shows that she is self-conscious that Stef will eventually go back to work. Stef, Lena and Callie talk to Callie's ADA about the case. The case will be thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

Later, Mike is setting up tables for the wedding. Stef decides to help but he refuses. They get into an argument about the shooting. She is conflicted on whether she should change her statement because Mike shot an innocent man. While Mike tells her that is not an option because she has the kids to think about. This leaves the audience unclear. Stef and Sharon get into a small argument about the dress for the ceremony. Stef and Lena let them to make decisions for the decorations at the wedding.

Stef and Lena accompany Callie to her pre-trial. Stef is seen slightly smiling while Lena is unclear when Callie decides to tell the truth about her rape. After the pre-trial, Callie does not win her case against Liam. Lena feels for her since she never got what she deserved. This prompts Stef to think that they should adopt her along her brother. Stef and Sharon get into another argument because of the dress. Sharon leaves while Lena arrives. Stef, clearly annoyed about everything, accidentally calls the wedding stupid. Lena asks her if there is a specific reason why she refers to it as stupid. Lena, clearly upset, tells her if she doesn't want to get married she shouldn't do it. Stef visits her father. Sharon forced him to arrive at Stef's wedding. But Stef tells Frank otherwise. He is the reason behind her homophobia since he never accepted Stef being gay. She tells him that if he really can't put everything behind, he should not come.

Stef, Sharon and Lena make up for their arguments. Stef and Lena later have make-up sex. In the morning, they discuss about their decision is right. They agree on it, and they tell Callie and Jude about wanting to adopt them. The siblings look at the other kids for permission to which they all said yes. The siblings agree to it overjoying the moms.

Before the wedding, Captain Roberts and Lena are talking about Stef returning to work in a week. Stef hears and tells Lena she was planning on tell her after the wedding. Lena pulls Stef aside and drags to the bathroom. Lena unbuttons Stef's shirt. She tells her that if she is to marry her, she has to make peace with everything revolving Stef including her scar. Stef and Lena eventually finally marry. They enjoy the dances inviting Callie and Jude into the family. They later have sex after the wedding. Stef is fast asleep when Callie runs away.

The Honeymoon

Stef is waken, along with Lena, the morning after their wedding. They admire their last names and get intimate. Stef discuss with her mom about the adoption. She assures Sharon that she wants to go through with the adoption. Stef is shocked by Callie running away. She, along with the rest of the family, have a family meeting about Callie. Stef and Lena assume that they may have freaked her out due to the adoption. Stef calls Callie's probation officer. Stef and Lena arrive at the motel Wyatt and Callie were staying for the night. She thanks him for calling them back. When they find out Callie has bolted once again, they go outside with Stef calling for Callie not knowing she is taking a ride from a truck driver. The newlyweds question Wyatt about Callie. Stef talks with a police officer about Callie's disappearance Stef and Lena continue their search for Callie. While driving, Stef and Lena get into an argument which leads to Stef leaving the glasses (that were meant to pay for) in the middle of street. Back at the motel parking, Stef and Lena realize that they are both wrong, and Stef points out the negative parts about her. They admit that they may have been wrong about Callie.

House and Home

Stef and the rest of the family excluding Callie are having dinner. She announces that she will be going back to work. Jude asks her what would happen to Callie, and Stef answers by telling him that Callie will stand before a judge to determine her residence. Brandon asks her if they could come with her and Lena, but Callie has refused their visitation in court. Brandon, determined to see Callie again, bargains more hints about the reason why Callie ran away. Stef, noticing his comments, asks him if there is something that the family doesn't know but he does. Brandon blurts out that he kissed Callie. Stef orders him to go outside where she is furious by his actions and bombards him with questions. She eventually gives up. Later on, Jude joins Stef and Lena out in the backyard. He apologizes to them for telling them about Brandon and Callie kissing. They reassure him that the recent actions will not change their minds about wanting to adopt him. They say that they won't give up on Callie nor Jude. The next morning, Stef and Lena appear in court with Callie. Stef tells the judge a speech about how Callie has affected their lives positively, but they finish by saying they aren't ready to have her back in their home at the moment. After they return home from court and grocery shopping, Brandon bombards his moms with questions about Callie. They tell him that she is in a group home until further notice. They tell him that he can't see Callie until the situation has been resolved. Brandon yells at them for keeping him and Callie apart, and he states that they're in love and keeping them apart won't change their status. Stef is outside watching Mike and Jesus bond. She then freaks out when Jesus becomes light headed and faints. It is revealed that was only a side effect from his medications for ADHD. Stef walks into Mariana's room where Jude is present. She tells him that Callie will be allowed visitations the next day. The following day, Stef and Lena walk on Jude having trouble with his suit for visitations. They tell him that Callie lost her privileges for visitations. They suggest that they do something together, but he rejects their offer.

Things Unsaid

Callie’s probation officer visits Stef and Lena to inform them of the incident with Brandon and Callie at the group home. Stef, Lena, and Mike share with Brandon that they’ve taken a drastic step in keeping he and Callie away from one another-they’ve gotten a restraining order issued keeping Brandon apart from Callie legally. He gets angry and storms out. Mike, Stef, and Lena discuss the situation with Brandon, then Stef gets ready to head back to work for the first time since being shot. Stef tells Mike that he should be able to come to work with her, he tells her not to worry, it will work itself out. Later, Stef asks if there’s any word about the investigation, and when Mike can come back to work. At work, Stef arrests a kid who’s on his fourth trip to juvey. Meanwhile, Stef calls Lena back, who is relieved to hear from her and asks about dinner. Stef stops by the group home to check on Callie. She asks Rita if she can speak with Callie, but Rita tells her no, and that she can’t show up unannounced. Stef tells Rita that she doesn’t want Callie to think that she and Lena don’t care about her. Rita tells her that Callie is in good hands, and that she hopes to see them at the next family day. Callie sees Stef leaving the home from her window upstairs.

Family Day

Back at the house, Stef and Lena sat Jude down. They needed to speak to him about his options. They still want to adopt both him and Callie. The only problem standing in the way is Callie. They’ve chosen her but she has yet to choose them back. That’s why it’s important to hear what Jude has to say. Stef and Lena want to adopt no matter what choice Callie makes. Then Stef’s father came back into the picture. He missed their wedding and though he could make up for it by giving them a new car. Stef rejected it. She didn’t like how he thought he could buy forgiveness. Stef arrived at house after he passed away in his sleep. She never got the chance to tell him she forgave him and Lena won’t want to bring up having a baby during such hard time for Stef. She’s going to want to be supportive.


Stef is regretting her last conversation with her dad. She’s been fantasizing what should have been like instead of what it was, and Lena can see her struggling although Stef refuses to talk about it. She’d rather talk about the kids and what they should do. Neither of them likes the Independent Living idea and they’re hoping they’ll be able to talk Callie out of it. The first place to begin though would be with Brandon. He’s probably why she wants to live on her own despite their son swearing they broke up. So they promised each other that they would pay close attention at the funeral. Just to see if there’s anything amiss between Callie and Brandon. Stef’s captain warned Lena to not let Stef anywhere around a newspaper. The story as Stef eventually learned from Mike had a bigger impact than even he thought it would. His suspension is up and yet his bosses still aren’t allowing him to go to work. Callie is upset about losing her mother's necklace. Stef managed to calm her. She told Callie that she didn’t need a necklace to remember. Her mother was always going to be with her and it was time Callie stopped trying to deal with these things on her own. It was good advice that extended towards the both of them. Luckily Brandon found the necklace and safely returned it to Callie. Stef is mourning her dad and this time she’s accepting him as he was rather than she wanted him to be. Her father’s priest had helped her to get to that point. He told her about the many times he had spoken to her dad. Because of his daughter, the devout Christian was questioning his faith and his whole life. The priest thought Stef should know she was worth that to her father. And it did her good. Stef said goodbye to him and it was without the usual animosity.

Us Against The World

Stef received a subpoena to testify in open court. Now they want to ask her about that night when she knows she gave a false statement way back when. So either she lies under oath or finally decides to tell the truth. Sounds nice but it will risk her job. There’s no way the police department will keep her on after she lied about a shooting.In the end, Stef chose honesty. She admitted to the DA during questioning that she lied in her earlier testimony. While she’s telling the truth, Brandon decided to use underhanded methods to convince Jesus and Mariana’s birth mom to lie. He points out to her that she can’t testify. Because if she did then her children will know that she left Stef bleeding on the floor just to get more money out of Jesus. The twins will never be able to forgive that.. Stef told the truth and managed to keep her job. Her boss did warn her though. Neither Stef nor Mike can have even a hint of impropriety attached to them from now on.

Kids in the Hall

Stef was busy interrogating that she found it odd that Lena wasn’t on the same page. She found a moment alone with her wife and demanded an answer. Lena isn’t generally fawning over just anyone and when Stef asked her on it; Lena explained how she thinks she found the perfect sperm donor. They’ve been discussing what kind of donor they want like if he should be black or white but none of that matters now. At least to Lena. Timothy is highly educated and she likes him as a person.

Escapes and Reversals

Stef informed Jude and Callie that technically going to prison doesn’t terminate parental rights. That’s why they need his signature. Jude didn’t mind that they were going to contact his dad. That’s because he thought his father was still in jail. He’s not and Callie admitted as much. She told them how she tried to contact him after she ran away only to find out that he’s been out for over a year now. Jude is angry that she kept such a secret from him. And he’s starting to get tired of her excuse about how she wanted to protect him. While Stef feels like this yet another reason they should go with anonymous donor. That way they don’t have to deal with fathers and their rights. But Lena broke down and told he wife about Timothy’s offer. He had overheard their talk at the dinner and volunteered to donate his sperm. Well, Stef didn’t like that. She feels like Lena has been making a lot of choices by herself and then telling Stef after the fact.

Don't Let Go

Stef and Lena are meeting with someone from their kid’s school who is offering his services to donate his sperm to Lena so she can get pregnant. Lena seems to be really on board with this decision be moving back, she is approached by Zac’s mom who invites her over to dinner.but it looks like Stef has some concerns even though she consents. Stef then leaves the school to go over to Mike’s house to chastise him for grounding Brandon without consulting with her first. She reminds him that she still has custody and needs to be consulted at all times. Stef and Lena then tell everyone that night about their plans to have a baby the natural way. The episode ends with Callie and Jude’s dad showing up and telling them that he loves them but that he is signing away his rights. When asked why he says because it was the truthful thing to do, and that he could never provide for them the way that Stef and Lena have. And this is where the episode ends with Callie and Jude being able to be officially adopted by Stef and Lena.


While at work, Ana approaches Stef Foster about the night her partner killed Evan. She said that Stef’s son paid her off to lie; she said that if Stef doesn’t give her ten thousand dollars that she would go to the district attorney and rat them out. Stef refuses to give her the money and if she asks again she will arrest her for bribing and officer. Jesus working out in his room. He wants to stay fit for when he gets back on the wrestling team. Stef comes in and says that his teachers are concerned about his erratic behavior. She asks him if he is sure he wants to still stay off of his meds. He says yes. She then asks him if she has had any contact with Ana since that day at the hotel. He says no. She tells him if he or anyone else does, that they need to contact him immediately. The episode then shifts to Stef and Lena talking about Wyatt coming back to see Callie. They are not sure how to feel but decide to accept it for now. They then talk about the separation between them and Stef makes a wise crack about the insemination last week being not very intimate at all. The episode then shifts to Brandon at his dad’s house and his dad’s girlfriend. The girlfriend says that if he wants Callie back he needs to tell her now before that Wyatt guy takes over. The episode then shows Wyatt accepting a text from Callie and him sleeping in his car. Stef then told the police to arrest Brandon. After he is taken away, Callie then realizes that it was Brandon’s friend trying to get back at him through Callie. She tells him as he was getting into the police car that what she said about her and Wyatt wasn’t true. At the police station, Stef and Brandon’s dad grill Brandon about what really happened. He says he bought the fake ids and booze because he needed the money. But he realized what he was doing was wrong so he bought them back. He said that he needed the money to pay his dad back for piano lessons, because the money he had to pay his dad went to Ana. He payed off Ana, the lady who approached Stef for ten thousand dollars, so she would change her testimony and they would not have to go to trial. This was the end of the episode.

Adoption Day

The episode opens right where we left off Stef , Mike and Brandon in the cop car discussing what the repercussions should be for Brandon’s previous actions (from the fake I.Ds to giving Ana money). Outside of the police car, Stef tells Mike about the chat she had with Ana earlier; where if Stef didn't give Ana $10,000 she would retract her statement. Upon hearing this, Mike is flabbergasted. “I could kill her.” But Stef suggests that he just stay away from both her and Brandon. She then decides that Brandon is moving out of Mike’s and coming back to live with her. End of story. Stef lets Lena know about the return of Brandon. They then discuss Brandon’s possible punishment from the school (in regards to the fake I.Ds). Expulsion is definitely on the table for B. Similarly to Brandon, Callie sits on the stairs hearing everything, possibly blaming herself for Brandon’s actions. Meanwhile with Stef, she is waiting outside of a halfway for Ana. When Ana meets up with her, Stef tells Ana that she will give her the money, but not until tomorrow at a diner. Stef then tries to make it crystal clear that the second Ana takes the money, they are to never see her ever again. Stef on the other hand takes the news quite well, after Lena comes home and tells her this new found information. Lena explains that she got blood work and tests done before coming home just to be sure she isn’t already pregnant. But after they continue to talk, Stef’s true feelings them having a baby come out. Lena, not knowing what to respond pulls the classic silent treatment her wife’s way and exit’s the kitchen. Stef is seen waiting at the diner for Ana, but she never shows. She goes back to the halfway house in hopes to find Ana. But according to them, no one’s seen her. However, someone did see her yelling at a guy last night. Stef and Lena pull Callie and Jude aside. They explain to her that there seems to be a mix-up with her original birth certificate. A different person is listed as her father, not Donald Jacob like she always thought. So unfortunately, at this time she can’t get adopted. Tears are shed between both Jude and Callie. Stef and Lena reassure Callie that just because this little hiccup occurred does not change their mind; she will be adopted by them one day. Stef and Lena sign the papers and the entire Adams-Foster family (including Callie) takes a picture with a judge. They finally did it! Jude is adopted; he has a family again.

Season 2

Things Unknown

Stef, Lena, Jude and Callie are in court to grant permission to keep Callie since the adoption failed due to Donald Jacob not being her biological father. The adoption is denied by the judge until there is written consent from Robert Quinn. In a flashback, Stef and Lena are seen entering a hospital, asking for Brandon who was being treated for his injuries from his beating. She rushes to his to comfort him. The mothers are informed of Brandon's condition. She asks him about his assailant, and he reveals to his mothers that Vico did it. Stef looks at Brandon and Lena in an overwhelming look.

Back in the present time, Stef and Lena are at Brandon's appointment at the doctor's. The doctor reveals that he was 90-95% function back from his hand, and he should be able to play the piano again. As Stef is leaving work, Mike goes to work, bumping into Stef. He asks about the appointment and informs him of his current condition. A detective approaches Stef, giving her Ana's mugshot. Mike questions Stef. She tells him that she doesn't her near her children again and wants to prevent her from returning. Mike becomes defensive and tells her to let it go, making Stef question Mike.

Stef bangs on the bathroom door, demanding Mariana leaves for dinner. She opposes Mariana's decision of dying her hair blond. She speaks with Lena. Lena says that when she was younger, she has always wanted straight hair. She explains that to her it's just hair. For her and Mariana, it's another story. During dinner, Jesus gets up to answer the door and reveals to the family that there is a social worker present. The social worker reveals that the Fosters' foster license has expired. She explains that without a formal adoption and valid foster license, Callie will be taken away from their home again. Stef comes in Callie and Mariana's room, apologizing for what had just happened. Stef promises Callie that she would go to a judge to get an extension, and she will be back in her bed the next night.

Stef steps in Brandon's room, thinking he is playing the piano on his own. He reveals that Dani is moving in with Mike. She doesn't understand why they haven't broke up yet, but it's none of her business. He reveals that Dani found Mike one night, drunk and with bloody hands. This make Stef question Mike even more. Brandon says that he feels at fault for his father's alcohol addiction. Stef reassures him that he is not responsible for his father, but rather he is only responsible for himself.

The next day, Stef is back at court. She is waiting for the judge. In another flashback, Stef, Lena, and Brandon are in court for Brandon's beating. An attorney reveals that Vico took a plea bargain to avoid jail. He is on 2 years probation and will be sent to a military school. Stef and Lena are livid by the results, wanting him to get punished for his actions.

At court again, an attorney reveals to Stef that the judge left. This makes Stef livid. She tells Lena about this, but spots the judge. She runs after him. She tells him about what it is happening behind the scenes. She refuses to let him go. The judge warns her.

At Callie's current foster home, Stef and the social worker from earlier show up. Stef says that she is here to get her daughter. She notices the lock and questions Helen again. Stef brings her back home. Jude reads his essay in front his family, relating his school's logo, an anchor to his foster life. The family praises him for his essay. Later, Stef and Lena speak with Callie about being recertified. Callie tells them that she doesn't want to be yanked from the house whenever something goes wrong. She tells them that they should look for Robert Quinn so that she can get adopted.

At a shelter, Stef speaks to a witness who saw Ana fighting with a man. He reveals that he saw a man who looked Spanish/Italian with dark skin. Stef pulls out a picture of Mike, and he confirms that is the man he saw fight with Ana. This makes Stef question Mike even more than before.

Take Me Out


Say Something

Truth Be Told


The Longest Day

Girls Reunited

Leaky Faucets

Someone's Little Sister

Christmas Past

Over Under


Mother Nature

Light of Day

If You Only Knew

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This

Justify the Means

Not That Kind of Girl

The End of the Beginning

Season 3


Father's Day

Déjà Vu

More Than Words

Going South

It's My Party

Faith, Hope, Love




First Impressions

Stef learns that her mother had sent her mammogram to another doctor. The doctor tells her that she is sick with cancer.

Mixed Messages

If and When

Under Water

Minor Offenses




The Show

Kingdom Come

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Good Trouble

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156462 9669.jpg

In Klompendansen, Stef and Lena visit the Hunters house for Brandon and Eliza's going away party, as they are leaving for Amsterdam. They arrive and are surprised to see that the party is Dutch-themed and they are meant to change into pre-selected costumes. The moms look at their costumes with Stef not wanting to dress-up. She also hopes to one day tell Diane how she truly feels about her. Lena warns Stef not to do anything today since the party is for Brandon and Eliza. Corey, Stef and Lena’s former foster child, emerges in a Dutch costume which he isn’t too happy about. He remarks that he knows he has to wear the costume for Brandon and Eliza, making Lena give an exasperated Stef a pointed look.

They emerge and see their children, causing everyone to hug each other. Diane loudly tells everyone they look amazing then explains to Stef that she heard about her back surgery which is why she has different shoes than everyone else. Stef gives her a forced smile. Diana has another surprise coming just as Connor emerges with drinks, surprising the moms, especially Stef who assures Jude they remember Connor from years ago. Diane asks how they know Connor to which Mariana blurts out that he was Jude’s first boyfriend.

156468 5443.jpg

The Adams Fosters are taken on a tour of the house by Diane, and when they return Jamie has arrived. He makes his rounds with hugs, choosing to hug the moms at the same time much to Stef's surprise. She asks if Jamie remembers Corey and he does, noting that he was at Brandon and Eliza’s engagement party. The Hunters and Brandon leave for the table while Stef, Lena, Mariana, Callie, and Jude talk about Connor for a moment before joining the table. They have assigned seats at the table, with Stef on one end and Jim on the other. Dinner brings revelations for the moms who didn't know Callie quit her clerkship, though Callie promises she was going to tell them today. Stef is horrified to learn that Mariana was verbally attacked by white supremacist's. Stef also remains unamused by Jim's political standpoints and his disapproving stance on Carter attending a state school. Diane tries to change the subject back to Brandon and Eliza’s going away party, adding that it’s also Stef’s going away party, but Jim is persistent in his rants.

156468 5758.jpg

Diane explains everything they’re eating with her revealing they're using their European trip to visit Brandon and Eliza in Amsterdam. Jim asks when Stef leaves for Venezuela, which she explains is in 10 days but she is very excited about going. Jim asks if she's worried about the social issues going on down there, but Stef explains the reason she’s going is that the country is in crisis and she wants to help the children who were left behind when their parents were forced to migrate. Jim shifts the focus to politics and shames progressives for wanting to bring socialism to America, with Stef defending her stance on free Medicare and social security. Diane asks for politics to stop but Jim presses the issue. Jamie intervenes that they should table the conversation for now. This prompts Jim to ask why, since Jamie is a proud Republican. Jamie corrects that he’s independent now, much to Jim’s surprise. Jim asks Lena what she’s working on in Sacramento to which she says homelessness and housing.

Jim asks about the housing bill, which sparks a debate between Stef, Lena, and Jim who have opposing viewpoints. The subject changes to why Callie went into criminal law. Jude thinks it’s because of the homeless man who went into her apartment, which is news to the moms. Callie nervously tells Stef that it wasn’t her apartment but Jamie’s, which surprises everyone. Callie explains Jerod’s break-in wasn’t criminal, as he was suffering from a mental episode. She explains Jerod’s situation to everyone, including Kathleen’s involvement, much of which is new to Jamie. Diane admires the Adams Fosters family’s need to serve and brings up hearing the homeless people’s lack of shoes, a statement that makes Stef roll her eyes toward Lena who gives her a pointed look.

Stef and Lena hide in the bathroom. Lena worries about them being apart for so long, with Stef teasingly saying they should have lots of sex first as they kiss. Lena worries about their kids being quitters; Callie quitting two jobs and a relationship, Mariana quitting her job, and Brandon quitting his internship to go with Eliza. A knock on the door reveals Mariana, who is happy for the break. Lena asks why she didn’t tell them about the supremacists, but Mariana just didn’t want to upset them. Stef assures her that it’s okay and asks what happens. She explains that the men asked if she was from brown lives matter and told her to go back to Mexico. She tries to claim it’s not a big deal, and Lena comforts Mariana as Stef assures her that she was right to quit. Mariana tries to stand up for Evan just as Callie enters. Lena asks how it is seeing Jamie to which Callie covers that it’s fine. Stef asks why they broke up.

156469 6380.jpg

In the bathroom, Callie explains why she had and Jamie ended things and the situation behind her reasons for telling the tenants the truth. She asks if what she did was wrong and Mariana chimes in that it isn’t. Lena asks Callie if she thinks it was wrong. Callie isn’t sure which Mariana claims isn’t true. Stef tells Mariana, who she affectionately calls “Miss Thing”, to let her sister speak for herself. Callie thought what she was doing was right but didn't know it would end their relationship. Lena thinks it was the right thing to do with Stef knowing how hard it can be to be in a relationship with someone so different. She tells Callie to decide what she’s willing to compromise, prompting Mariana to remark how she knows about that. Lena asks if things are hard with Raj, and Mariana reveals they broke up, which surprises the moms. Mariana quickly reveals that Brandon and Eliza have news, just as he emerges in the bathroom. He chuckles when everyone says they’re taking a break. He tells about the guest house in the back that he usually hides out in. Stef asks what his news is.

The Adams Fosters emerge from the bathroom as a group and run into Diane. Diane asks why they were all in the bathroom, to which they cover that they were washing their hands. Diane introduces them to Fleur, who will be teaching them traditional dances. Everyone lines up outside as Fleur explains Stef’s role in the dance, which includes an instrument. Their attempts are humorous as the group begins to have fun with the dances, eventually getting the hang of everything. Stef sits out on the dancing and instead plays the instrument she was given.

The families sit down at the table once the dancing is over, and more food is served. Jude tells his moms they should talk to Corey since his little sister is going into foster care. They exchange a worried look and Stef tells Corey to join them for dessert, as the boy has isolated himself. Things escalate at the table when Jim and Diane argue over Brandon and Eliza not going to Amsterdam for her music, but rather for Brandon's job. Lena and Stef change out of their costumes, with Stef surprised that Jim and Diane are fighting. They reminisce on how much they have overcome and how strong their marriage is now. They kiss just as Corey enters. Stef and Corey agree that he looks much better without the Dutch clothing. They tell him that they know about his sister, and Lena invites him to sit between them. He explains that his younger sister, Ka’maya, is living with her Grandmother who can’t take care of her anymore. Ka’maya isn’t his mom's kid, so the foster system won’t let Ka’maya live with Corey and his mom. He explains that he didn’t tell them because he didn't want them to feel as though he were asking them to take her in, because he’s not. The moms exchange a knowing look.

Now alone, Stef and Lena hold hands as Lena wonders if they earned the right to be done with parenting after fostering four kids. She also notes that Ka’maya is only four so they would have fourteen more years of schooling. Stef emotionally reminds Lena that Frankie would be around Ka’maya’s age right now. Lena reminds her that she can’t quit the state assembly which means Stef would have to stay home and wouldn’t be able to start her new chapter. Stef claims the only reason she was going there was to help kids. If there’s a kid that needs her help here, she thinks it’s fair to stay.

Stef, Lena, and Corey sit outside with him introducing Ka’maya to the moms. Ka’maya shows them her finger which has a purple band-aid, and Stef tells her that her favorite color is purple too. Lena compliments Ka’maya’s pigtails, and the girl returns the compliment, commenting on Lena’s big hair. Stef laughs that it gets bigger every day and the moms share a kiss.

The group gathers together to say goodbye, with Eliza hoping they didn't ruin the party. Jim reveals they will still visit them in Amsterdam, which makes Diane happy. Everyone hugs goodbye as Jude and Carter emerge openly holding hands for the first time which Jim notices but doesn't comment upon. Brandon and Eliza hug the mom's goodbye before they leave. Diane apologizes to Stef and Lena for her outburst earlier, but Lena tells them they’re family and not to worry about it. They hug one another, Stef awkwardly accepting Diane's hug, and the Adams Fosters leave.

Once outside, Callie remarks that she is excited to meet Ka’maya while Mariana knew the nest wouldn’t stay empty long. Lena asks Callie if she got the answer she needed when it came to Jamie. Callie feels that she did get an answer - what she did was the only choice she could have made. Lena is proud of the girls for taking such strong stands, and Mariana blurts out that she’s dating Evan. She presses that she isn’t like Callie and can’t ignore her feelings for principals, especially since Evan is doing the best he can which she’s okay with. Stef and Lena are okay with that since she’s being true to herself which is all they can ask. The sisters hug Stef and Lena, then Corey. As they leave, Stef tells them to text when they get home. Stef whispers to Lena that she’s looking forward to dealing with four-year-old problems and kisses her cheek. Corey waves goodbye to the car as Callie and Mariana leave.


Mike Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Prior to Pilot
    • Broke Up: 10 years before Pilot
      • Reason: Stef realized she was a lesbian and had feelings for Lena.

Over ten years prior to the series, Stef was married to Mike Foster. Their relationship hit a rough patch, and they soon separated, leading to a clear divorce. Mike was willing to make things work with her, insisting he would spend more time with Brandon and do marriage counselling. However, Stef instead revealed that she was gay and met someone. This marked the official end of their relationship, as shown in a flashback in Vigil. Their marriage produced one child, Brandon Foster, whose custody is shared between her and Mike. Currently, Mike and Stef still remain partners on the police force and are friends.

Lena Adams Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: 10 years Prior to Pilot
    • Married as of I Do (1x10)

Main article: AdamsFoster

Lena is Stef's current wife and partner of ten years. It is revealed in Vigil, through the flashbacks, that the two met when Stef was enrolling a then five-year-old Brandon into school where Lena worked as assistant vice principal. Lena greeted Stef and offered to show her around the school where Brandon would be going to. After Stef realized she was a lesbian and had feelings for Lena, she officially ended her relationship to Mike and got together with Lena. They had been together ever since and in Vigil, Stef proposed to Lena and she accepted. In I Do, they are married, legally cementing their ten year relationship.


  • Stef was shot in the ribs and almost died in the season one episode Vigil, but made a full recovery.
  • Her father didn't fully accept her homosexuality, while her mother did. Because of this, Stef had a bit of a strained relationship with him and never got the chance to fully make amends before his death, a decision she regrets. Right after he dies, she dreams of finally making up with him.
  • The first time Stef saw snow at a Padre game in Chicago she asked, "Daddy, why is the sky so dusty?"
  • While Stef was the one who was most reluctant about having Callie in the house, she was the one to form the most emotionally parental bond with her. During Callie's custody battle, Stef fought the hardest to gain custody over her against her biological father, even resorting to blackmail.


Stef Adams Foster has a photo gallery.


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