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Stab in the Back is the second webisode in the Girls United web series. This episode lasts 3:48 minutes.


Kiara goes and asks questions to the other girls. Meanwhile one of the girls reveals an interesting theory.


Kiara tells the girls that if they don't tell her who the pregnancy test belongs to she will tell Michelle. Daphne says she already has a child so no. Carmen says that she hooked up with her girlfriend over the weekend. The girls ask her why she didn't say she was gay and Carmen says she didn't want to get made fun of like Cole. They said that they have to keep the positive test to themselves and not snitch out Gabi. Later Becka goes to Michelle and tells her that she was in charge of counting the knives the night before. Then she tells her what happened the other night: Becka was in the kitchen cutting cucumbers as Gabi tells her that her sister told her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with some random girl. Later that day Becka went to count the knives and saw that one was missing. Back in present day Michelle gives Becka punishment for not telling her about the knife sooner. Then they wonder if Gabi did anything with the knife.


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The Fosters Girls United - Webisode 2 - Stab in the Back