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Someone's Little Sister is the mid-season finale of Season 2 of The Fosters. It premiered on August 18, 2014. It is the thirty-first episode overall.


In an effort to help Rita with a dilemma involving Girls United, Callie calls in a favor from her wealthy biological father, Robert Quinn. But an unexpected betrayal threatens to derail the new bond she's forging with the Quinns. Meanwhile, the pressure Connor faces from his father to end his friendship with Jude intensifies and leads Lena to make a life-changing decision. The tension mounts between Brandon and Lou, despite their bandmate Mat's warnings against drama, and a visit with someone from his past makes Jesus see his relationship with Hayley in a whole new light.


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  • Rita's speech at the fundraiser was completely improvised by Rosie O'Donnell. The directors wanted Rita to make a speech, and let her do her thing. The applause was genuine from the actors.
  • Brandon and Lou kiss.
  • Brandon comforts Callie, which leads to him and Callie sharing a kiss.
  • Robert signs Callie's abandonment papers, but Sophia tears them up because of wanting Callie to become a part of the Quinn family, not the Fosters.
  • Robert can no longer sign the papers again, having gotten attached to Callie and wanting to be her father/parent in her life.
  • Jesus and Mariana meet with Ana after a long period.
  • Robert holds a fundraiser for Girls United.
  • Callie has significant arguments with Robert and Sophia regarding her adoption by the Fosters and their refusal to let her go through with it. 
  • Jude and Connor are revealed to have done "something" while unsupervised in their tent on the 7th grade camping trip that Lena was in charge of.
  • As of this episode, Callie is no longer on good terms with Robert and Sophia.
  • All the songs by the band, Someone's Little Sister, are available for download on iTunes.

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