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I didn't become your mentor just because Jackie asked me to. You were right, I did it to be close to you, not because I'm hoping to get back together because I know something is not right. You're not okay. And I was concerned that you wouldn't be safe with another mentor. You can trust me.
Evan to Mariana

So This is What the Truth Feels Like is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on April 6, 2022.


Mariana is in over her head when the Revitalize and FCGs cross paths at a pitch. Davia workshops her burlesque name around the Coterie. Lucia tells Malika she has feelings for her ex. Malika’s proposal for the women’s center gets approved.


The burlesque director instructs Davia and the rest of the dancers to form their burlesque names and suggests they look to their friends for help by asking them what word, animal, or drink describes them best. Davia asks Malika who chooses fierce, Kelly chooses angry, Mariana is assertive, and Dennis chooses unstoppable. She asks around for animal, food, and language, finding their answers to be unhelpful.

Malika and Dyonte sit by the pool as they eat food together and try to catch up. She reveal that Lucia's reading her proposal for the women's center. He asks about Angelica. Malika recalls making out with Angelica after sex with Angelica asking her to come over for dinner at her place. She lies that she can't because she made plans with Davia and the girls so they agree to reschedule. Now, Malika tells Dyonte that Angelica is good. She ignores a text from Angelica telling her to have fun with the girls.

The Revitalize Beauty girls face-off with the Bulk Beauty girls for the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch. The BB girls met before the meeting, with Claire thinking they should win the pitch with the other girls agreeing. Claire worries about running into one another, but Mariana finds it unlikely. Now, Mariana texts the BB girls and Liza picks up on the BB girls reactions, prompting them to try and hide their reactions. When they came in, Liza explains who Bulk Beauty are to Ava and Raisa, with Mariana lying that they pushed her out over money, much to their disgust. Liza waves to Evan who has just arrived. Mariana had previously warned the girls about Evan's potential involvement. Now, Liza explains that Jackie thought his presence would help them land the brand. She notices Mariana texting and asks if she's texting her old friends. Mariana lies that she's texting her gynecologist as something showed up on her latest pap but it turned out normal. An Archambeau assistant calls Bulk Beauty back for their meeting first.

Isabella and Gael attend a baby basics class where they struggle to change diapers, swaddle, and make a carrier out of a blanket. The lady even warns Isabella not to burp so hard.

Luca is begging on the street corner when a pedestrian begins to ridicule him for begging, saying he doesn't look hungry, his drug habit shouldn't be supported, and he should get a job. Luca leaves the corner as Joaquin texts, offering his loft for a couple nights while he's out of town.

Isabella talks with the pregnant moms and learns she's behind on pre-school applications. She also doesn't correct them when they refer to Gael as her husband. The teacher calls them back into the classroom to discuss birthing plans.

Malika and Lucia go out for drinks. Lucia read the proposal and commends Malika for doing a great job. She has other priorities and initiatives, but she's considering sending Malika's proposal to the council floor for review. They toast to a job well done. Lucia asks if Malika sees much of Angelica now that she's not working at Douro. Lucia admits that she used to date Angelica and asks if Angelica is seeing anyone, but Malika lies that she doesn't know. Lucia hasn't talked to Angelica for a while and does miss her. They didn't break up over love, Lucia was just too busy then, but she's ready to settle down now.

Once back at The Coterie, Gael and Isabella practice swaddling techniques on a stuffed bear. Isabella comments that the moms at the class are perfect and he wonders if that's why she let them think he's her husband. Isabella didn't want them to think she's an unwed mother who got knocked up on a one night stand. Gael doesn't mind them thinking he's her husband and reminds her that even though they aren't married or together, he's a committed partner in the pregnancy. He brings up their birth plan and they decide on doing a home birth at The Coterie.

Mariana enters her loft to the angry faces of the Bulk Beauty girls. Earlier, Liza told the team that Revitalize won the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch - which they attribute to Mariana's excellent pitching skills. Now, the BB girls are angry over Mariana not blowing the pitch for them, despite Evan being present. They can't keep alternating wins with Rachel noting that Mariana can't keep spying for them either. Gina suggests making their app better by coming up with a big, new idea for the app. They miss Mariana and want her back, with Mariana noting that Ava and Raisa are nice girls who she doesn't like deceiving. Claire tells her to remember whose side she's really on. They brainstorm how to make BB better.

Malika goes to Douro to spend time with Angelica and tells her about the proposal. She also tells Angelica that Lucia asked about her and that she lied about not knowing she was seeing someone. She tells Angelica that Lucia isn't over the breakup, with Angelica knowing that already. Malika wonders if she should tell the truth, with Angelica believing honesty is a good thing - but what someone doesn't know won't hurt them.

Luca sneaks into The Coterie late at night and into the bathroom, though Davia hears the commotion. She doesn't see anyone and begins clearing up the living room to practice for her burlesque show. Luca watches the dancing from behind a corner.

In the morning, Luca answers a text from Joaquin asking if he's handy - and Luca has worked construction before. Joaquin asks him to fix the shelves in exchange for some money, but asks him not tell anyone he's staying in his loft. Sumi shows Joaquin to the shelves and they talk about Joaquin's article on the unhoused. Luca asks to borrow some tools and if it's okay to make noise, and she assures him it is.

Davia dances for the director and some of the dancers clap. She explains her name is Cotton Candy, with the woman noting that nothing seem to true to her. She wants to see more of the "fat bitch" persona from her audition tape.

Luca successfully fixes the shelves and then records himself dancing in the living area of The Coterie. Davia watches him and asks how he knows her dance. He nervously explains the situation and how he wants to be a dancer. What she did last night was beautiful. She remarks that at least he likes it, as the director dislikes the dance. She thought her persona was the alter ego of herself and wants to explore other parts of outside of the fat bitch she presents as online. Luca doesn't think anyone should tell her what's true to her. People think they know the whole story but no one does. He likes that he can disappear into a character with dance as long he owns it.

Isabella stands in the maternity ward looking at the babies when Dennis joins her. She couldn't help but visit the babies, and she asks if the food is ready to bring up to the children's ward. He talks about how perfect Jacob was and how it was the happiest day of his life. They leave to get the food when he sees Jennifer and Nathan leaving the ward with a newborn baby boy. He remembers Jennifer telling him about her pregnancy and impending marriage to Nathan. He flashes back to reading Jacob bedtime stories. Jennifer asks how he is and he congratulates her on the baby. She congratulates him too, mistaking the pregnant Isabella for Dennis's partner. Isabella thanks her. The pair leave and Isabella asks Dennis if that was his ex-wife, and he says it was. She suggests getting the food but he can't do it right now. She understands that he's hurting but he can't turn his back on the parents waiting for food. He offers her double time and she tries desperately to convince him to stay but he leaves emotional.

Dennis goes to a rooftop as he thinks about Jacob and the crippling depression he felt before. Isabella delivers the food to the families and kids who are happy to see it. Dennis remembers telling Davia that grief makes him want to isolate but he needs to reach out to people, like he did before with The Coterie. Isabella encourages everyone to eat and, as she's picking up the coolers, Dennis offers to help her. A parent thanks them for the food as it does mean the world to everyone.

Davia dances again for the director - she didn't change anything. She came to celebrate her body, sexuality, explore different sides of herself. She's more than just one thing and believes in both herself and the character, so she's sticking with Cotton Candy. The director reveals that's what she wanted.

Dennis and Isabella are in The Coterie and she talks to him about his ex with a new baby. He admits that Jen was the only person who knew what they went through and how hard it was to grieve, but now she's moved on. Isabella reminds him that a new baby doesn't mean she isn't still grieving. Dennis just feels more alone now. She blames herself for being in the ward. He tells her about the emergency C-section that Jennifer had with Jacob and how supportive everyone was there. He commends the staff and suggests them if she's considering a hospital birth. He thanks her for being there for him and she assures him she won't tell anyone about Jennifer. They share a hug, unaware the Gael is lurking in the stairwell, watching them.

Gael emerges when Dennis leaves, and she tells him everything was wonderful at the hospital. She's proud of Dennis for what he's done with the truck. Gael read about doulas for their home birth, but she mentions talking to Dennis about the birth. She wants to do a hospital birth just in case something goes wrong, and he agrees to whatever she wants to do. He was also thinking they should get their own place since The Coterie isn't baby-proofed. Alice will be back soon and they have to figure out something. He thinks living together would be best for the first year or so. She appreciates his offer but reminds him of what he said about the baby being surrounded by love at The Coterie. She asks if she can think about it and he agrees.

Malika sees Angelica at work again and they flirt before Malika tells her that Lucia should just ask Angelica about being in a relationship, not her employee. She does, however, come clean about lying that she was with Davia the other night - she was with Dyonte. She thought she was protecting Angelica but, in reality, she was protecting her own because she's falling for Angelica. She's afraid Angelica will bail because she's poly. Angelica doesn't like the lying and Malika apologizes for assuming instead of asking. Angelica admits she's falling for Malika too. She will let her know if or when an issue arrives. They kiss and Lucia watches them from across the bar.

The next day, Lucia is texting when she sees Malika arrive. She asks Will for his thoughts on the women's center proposal. He thinks they should put all their efforts into the Family First Initiative and homelessness crisis. She asks why he sent the proposal to her if he wasn't for it. He admits that he sees himself as a mentor as the Gen-Z'ers would turn on her. Lucia agrees that the proposal isn't a top priority.

Mariana gets to work and sees Ava and Raisa meeting with Evan over a new feature that is called Counter Pro. User can scan their faces and the app will suggest products and show a mock-up of how those products will look on the users faces. As they talk, Mariana takes a slow eat as she recalls her meeting with the BB girls. Now, Mariana commends them for the great idea but thinks they should work out the kinks before pitching it to anyone else. They should be prepared for questions, and Evan thinks troubleshooting now would make sense. Mariana then excuses herself as the RB girls celebrate.

Davia knocks on Luca's door to thank him for yesterday, but he's gone. Luca tells Joaquin that someone found out he was staying there so he bounced. He thanks him for the place, though.

Lucia tells Malika that she's decided to push the proposal forward. She needs her to write a full analysis which Will can help her with. A co-worker warns her that an impact letter is long and she can kiss her personal life goodbye.

Mariana is in an office crying when Evan finds her. He asks her what's going on with her and why she wants to delay the pitch. She thought he agreed with her reasonings but he didn't, he just backed her up. She questions his motives. He didn't become her mentor just because of Jackie, he did it to be closer to her. Not to get back together but because he knows something isn't right and that she isn't okay. He was considered she wouldn't be safe with another mentor. He assures her that she can trust him. She admits that she's not okay. She took the job to prove Jackie stole BB's code, but she changed it just enough they can't prove it. She tells him everything and how shitty she feels because Ava and Raisa are nice people, and she just wanted to make things right with the BB girls. Evan takes the responsibility for the entire mess as he set her up with Jackie who turned out to be a thief. She asks Evan what she's going to do.



Guest Starring


  • Annamarie Kasper as Raisa
  • Shannon Hollander as Ava
  • April Chutte as Desi
  • Natasha Estrada as Finola
  • Simone Posey as Katrina
  • Britta Grant as Poppe
  • Paul Arche as Parent #1
  • Lonyé Perrine as Pregnant Woman #1
  • Jennifer Field as Pregnant Woman #2
  • Kimberly Guevara as Pregnant Woman #3
  • Monica Bhatnagar as Birthing Instructor
  • Daniel Kim as Assistant
  • Bilal Mir as Man

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