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"Callie: Why did you call me?
Kathleen: I want you to be my lawyer.
Callie and Kathleen

She's Back is the tenth episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on April 21, 2021, serving as the season’s Spring finale.


Callie questions whether to help Kathleen; meanwhile, Mariana comes clean about her relationship with Evan. Malika makes a decision about her relationship with Isaac and Dyonte, and Davia gets a win at her school. Gael gets some unexpected news while Alice comes to a decision about the comedy program.


Isabella arrives at the Coterie and passes a resident, remembering her time spent in the complex. She goes to Gael’s loft and is reminded of the night they spent together. He invites her inside.

Mariana admits she didn’t think through the situation which Callie thinks is very on-brand for her. Mariana doesn’t think that she should tell the Byte Club girls about her and Evan even if they do sell the pitch, as she doesn’t think they’ll be accepting; they resent, dislike, and distrust him. Callie reminds her that she can’t keep her relationship a secret forever. Mariana asks about the court case and learns that Kathleen is presenting Callie’s novel defense argument in the hopes of getting a continuance. They wish one another luck as Callie leaves. She boards the elevator as Gael arrives and she opens it for him.

Callie remembers making out with Tony and then seeing Gael’s text afterward. He waited up for her response and saw the photograph of her and Tony on Instagram. She replied that she was working late.

In the elevator, Callie tells Gael that she texted him back, to which he lies that he fell asleep and figured out what he wanted to talk about. She asks what his plans are today to which he remarks that he’s quitting his internship.

Alice arrives at the comedy club ad approaches Ruby, who wants to talk about her text. Alice doesn’t think it’s a good idea to talk about it here, and since Ruby is busy tonight, she does want to talk about it. Scott stands on stage and tells them to do their best today as they have a successful mentor to watch and help them. He introduces Margaret Cho who is Alice’s idol. Margaret can’t wait to see them perform. She and Scott huddle together to look over the call sheet. Alice and Derek talk about performing in front of Margaret, and he wonders what she’ll think about “Alice, the dumb Asian sketch”.

Gael arrives at Yuri’s loft to talk with him, and Yuri gives him 5,000 dollars for his part in the painting. Gael is annoyed over it but Yuri reminds him that his name in the corner got it sold, but there could be more money, trips to Europe, and more in the future if he stays.

Mariana and the group pitch Bulk Beauty to investors, where the leader of the board is a woman.

Kathleen, Callie, Tony, and Rowan arrive at the courthouse. Jamie, Nicolette, and DA Rothman are already seated. The defense takes a seat and the judge is ready for them to present. FBI agents arrive to arrest Kathleen Gael. Kathleen tells Callie to make the argument and convinces her she can do it. Kathleen waves her rights and leaves with the agents. The judge asks how the defense would like to proceed, with Callie standing to present the argument for the fence. Rothman tells Jamie to take the counter for this one, and Jamie stands to respond for the prosecution.

Mariana and the group leave the meeting elated as the woman in charge agreed to fund the app. The woman and the CEO Vincent meet the group and he’s excited to talk with them.

The comedy group does their sketch for Margaret and Scott, and Margaret is amused by them. Alice’s skit is the “Alice, the dumb Asian” which Margaret finds hilarious, though Alice finds herself disassociating from the event and unamused. The showcase finishes and Margaret remarks that it’s the best she’s seen.

Malika talks to Dyonte about her telling Isaac that she lied about not wanting to be in a relationship with him. Malika doesn’t assume the feeling is mutual but he assures her it isn’t. Malika wants to be with Isaac too, which Dyonte understands. Isaac leaves the therapy session. Malika admits to Dyonte that she hasn’t heard from Isaac since. If Isaac can’t do it then she can’t either.

Callie presents her case about the time stamp on the security footage being five minutes slow, and Jamie objects as the equipment might have changed or someone tampered with it. Callie presents a signed affidavit saying it’s the same as it was the night of the murder. Jamie argues that their case doesn’t depend solely on the timeline as they have a motive, eyewitnesses, and Callie attempts to plead her case in defense of her client though Jamie cuts her off. She abruptly tells him that she’s speaking, a statement that silences the courtroom. Callie continues to present her case. Jamie points out that it’s another stall tactic while Callie rebuttals that her client deserves a fair trial. The judge grants a two-week continuance. Rothman tells Jamie not to worry about it and the loss of Kathleen might motivate Tommy to take the plea deal.

Davia is teaching when Matt drops by a folder with a note saying “I wish I could kiss you right now”. They talk about a private palace to discuss the papers. Two security guards arrive to take Andre out of the classroom as he’s supposed to be in math, but Andrew states the teacher sent him here but the guards are adamant. Davia stands in front of Andre and refuses to let the guards take him. Matt joins her.

Callie, Rowan, and Tony leave the court with her plan to wait for Kathleen’s instructions. Jamie calls Callie over and she excuses Tony and Rowan to meet with him. Jamie assures her that Rothman assigned him to the rebuttal but Callie is fine with it as she knows Rothamn is just trying to get under her skin. He doesn’t believe that Rothman knows that Callie is his ex, but she tells him to think about it as he just started at the DA’s office and wouldn’t normally be working a murder case. As she walks away, Jamie calls her back to tell her that Kathleen is in serious trouble. She isn’t interested and leaves.

Davia tells the probation officers that Andre shouldn’t be in trouble. Principal Solomon is unhappy that the teacher went behind his back with the restorative justice program, but Davia argues that it is helping them, especially through art. Dan reminds them the core test is coming up, which Jordan thinks would make a great extra credit class but Dan worries that it will cost too much money. Gael offers to donate his supplies and time but Dan isn’t too involved. Jordan shows him the drawings the students have made, and Dan approves it as a pilot course for now but if the test doesn’t go well he’s pulling it. He warns that the teachers and Andre are on thin ice, to which Andre leaves for calls. The teachers celebrate.

Alice is packing up her things when Margaret compliments her on being funny and if she ever needs advice or questions that Scott has her number. Alice asks her if the program made her lean into being Asian, to which Margaret explains that she leaned into the stereotypes on her terms since the students wrote the sketches themselves. Alice doesn’t understand why they wrote it at all, but Margaret wanted to make it so right now, Alice has to play the game and make it past the gamekeepers. Alice thinks Margaret can help change what it takes to make it where she got, and Scott interrupts to pull Margaret away to tell a story.

Malika sits by the pool when she’s joined by Isaac who apologizes for leaving therapy. She apologizes for ambushing him and they can stay monogamous if he’s not okay with it. Isaac doesn’t want to change her so he’ll have to find a way to accept her for who she is.

The comedy group meets at the Coterie, and the group admits that they’re tired of putting these stereotypes in their skits. Alice thinks they should say no as it’s too late for recasts. They decide to band together to take their power back.

Mariana arrives at Evan’s apartment to follow a trail of rose petals and candles that lead outside, where Evan has prepared a twinkle light dinner. He wanted to take her out but knows they can’t be seen together yet. She thanks him for setting up the dinner and the pitch meeting. He just opened the door for her to walk through. He gives her a BB necklace for Bulk Beauty. He got it on Etsy and she likes it and tells him she loves him and he returns the sentiment so they kiss. They wake up in bed in the morning and he asks when she’s going to tell the Byte Club about her. Mariana answers a call from Jackie that sadly tells her that Vincent passed on the project. He usually signs off but didn’t on this one, but assures Mariana it’s a great idea that will land somewhere. Evan apologizes for the app not getting picked up, but Mariana feels responsible as the girls quit their jobs to follow her, but they're out of money now. Evan offers them their jobs back but Mariana and the girls want to put something good in the world and not listen to a boss who didn’t shut down something Evil. She doesn’t feel the same as them but knows that’s what they will say.

Davia dismisses her class and Andre thanks her for standing up for him. He is really happy about the after-school program but they need the cops out of the school. He knows nothing has been happening so they started a petition, and refuse to take the common core test if they don’t take the cops out of the school. He’s tired of coming to school and being afraid. He wants to take a stand for justice and themselves just like she taught them. He knows if they all sing it they can’t take them all out. He knows it’s a lot to ask of her to sign it, but gives her a sheet just in case. Davia looks at the petition while Gael remarks that Andre isn’t selling his soul.

Gael goes to Yuri’s to tell him the truth.

Davia and Gael talk in his loft and she encourages him to quit since he’s being taken advantage of. He thinks it’s stupid to walk away after being given five thousand dollars, and toast to selling their souls.

Gael’s dream isn’t to have Yuri sign his name onto his creations and give the check back. Yuri asks if Callie responded to him wanting her number, to which Gael remarks that he isn’t her type.

Callie arrives at work to find things ransacked since the FBI was there. They haven’t heard from Kathleen yet. Callie gets a text from Gael about wanting to talk about them. Tony asks if everything is okay, reminding her of them making out and her cutting it off before anything happens. In the present, she tells him that everything is fine.

Mariana goes to see Vincent and he tells her that Jackie never pitched her idea to him. Jackie appears to ask what’s going on. They talk outside, with Jackie apologizing for lying and even though she loved it she found out about her Speckulate pay gap initiative. The perception is that Mariana and her team are trouble makers, and Jackie doesn’t have the luxury of making a mistake, and Mariana confronting Vincent only validated her concerns.

Callie goes to Gael’s loft and Isabella is there too. He tells her that they should talk later, so Callie leaves. She gets a call from Kathleen that she answers.

Davia and Matt talk about signing the petition as it could cost them their jobs. He asks what they could lose from not singing it. He didn’t get into this for the money but she thinks they’ll pay for her masters in a year. She ultimately signs it and he does too. She thinks it’s sexy that he’s an actually good person. She looks around then kisses him.

Alice meets the group at rehearsal and learns that Shaun got caught for not “popping”. He assures them that he’ll be fine and wishes them luck. Scott apologizes for having to cut Shaun but the choice had to be made. Alice asks why someone had to be cut. She doesn’t think fear and money should be motivation, but Scott remarks that’s just how the world works. He tells her to take it up with Bob Brizler, the head of the network. Alice remarks that they aren’t okay with doing the sketches without writing them. Scott remarks that she’s the PC police, as jokes are meant to provoke, take risks and push the envelope. She doesn’t think it’s risky to do the same stereotypes as forever. He remarks they can do an unfunny showcase if she wants to risk losing her chances of an SNL test, a $70,000 talent deal, all for identity politics. He asks if anyone else has problems with the material but no one else speaks up. Scott laughs as Alice looks at them in disbelief. He tells her that if she doesn’t want the opportunity to leave, so she decides to leave. Margaret and Ruby watch her leave saddened.

Malika sits by the pool and is joined by Dyonte. She remembers meeting with Isaac and him not being cool with either option - lose her or be okay with her dating Dyonte. He needs to take a break to think it over. She kisses Dyonte and then cries which confuses him. She notes that if it weren’t for Dyonte she wouldn’t be losing Isaac, and the only way she can prove how much she loves him is not to see Dyonte anymore. The kiss was just goodbye. She apologizes then leaves.

Callie meets Kathleen at the office as Kathleen wants her to be her lawyer.

Callie met with Jamie before seeing Kathleen, as she wants to know the truth about why the FBI is investigating Kathleen. He remarks that the official report is for witness tampering, but unofficially, she was representing a major player in the Chinese mob, Albert Chen. Jamie explains that Albert was wanted for money laundering and racketeering and it looked like Kathleen was going to get him off until she learned Albert’s wife was going to testify against him. The wife disappeared and the case fell apart. Callie is confused about what that has to do with Kathleen, to which he explains the FBI thinks she was complicit in the disappearance. Callie presses what that means so Jamie admits that they believe the wife was murdered and that Kathleen knows where the body is buried. He doesn’t want to see Callie get hurt.

Callie tells Kathleen that she knows what the FBI is charging her with and asks if she had something to do with it. Kathleen asks if she’s her lawyer, so Callie takes a seat. Kathleen admits that she did have something to do with it.

Mariana tells the group who are mad about the gaslighting and mocking and thinks Evan is to blame for the toxic work environment. They want to sue Speckulate and Evan Speck for workplace harassment and then use the money to fund Bulk Beauty. Marina refutes the idea and admits that Evan is her boyfriend.

Gael apologizes to Callie about Isabella being in his loft as he wasn’t expecting her. Callie asks why she was there.

Isabella tells Gael that she’s pregnant with his baby and she plans to have the baby. She doesn’t expect anything but thought he should know. He wants to help if the baby is his.

Gael tells Callie what Isabella said and she asks what he plans to do. He can’t let Isabella do this alone.

Davia is making a drink when Dennis arrives behind her. He realized he’s been an idiot and didn’t need to leave the best thing in his life to find some light when she is his light. Matt appears in the kitchen wearing Davia’a bathrobe. She introduces Dennis to Matt.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Emmett Preciado as Rowan
  • Dallas Oliver as Jessie
  • Andrew Ortega as Anthony
  • Jaidyn-Bleau as Nyah
  • Giovanni Goree as Jeptha
  • Carlos Arellano as School Police Officer
  • Noel Arthur as Agent Nunn
  • Quinn Sullivan as Agent Haverman
  • Max Phyo as Vincent

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode serves as the Spring finale of Season 3, with additional episodes slated to return in the Summer of 2021.
  • Margaret Cho guest stars as herself, and discussed her role in an interview for A Little Late with Lilly Singh. During the interview, an exclusive clipped was played that featured Margaret and Alice (Sherry Cola) discussing having to lean into racial stereotypes for the sake of the program.
  • She's Back ended its broadcasting with a message to its viewers to protect Asian American and Pacific Island communities. It directed people to report anti-Asian hate crimes and visits
  • Isabella appears. She was last seen in the Season 3 episode, Capoeira.
  • Dennis Cooper appeared. He was last seen physically in the Season 3 episode, Capoeira.
  • A making of the scene between Malika, Isaac, and Dyonte by the pool was released on the Good Trouble Twitter account. It showed that the take was down continuously, meaning that when coverage was on Isaac (Sarunas J. Jackson) then Dyonte (Marcus Emanuel Mitchell) laid on the ground and vice versa. This allowed the director to give a seamless transition from one to the other without having to film the coverages of Isaac and Dyonte separately.[3]




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