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Season 3 of The Fosters premiered on June 8, 2015, and consisted of 20 episodes.

The season was announced on January 13, 2015.[1] On April 14, 2015, it was announced that the new season would air Monday, June 8, 2015, at 8 PM ET/PT.[2]


Now in its third season, the critically acclaimed drama “The Fosters” picks up during summer, a few weeks after the cliffhanger finale left off, as the family deals with the aftermath of the terrible car accident involving Mariana, Jesus, and their pregnant biological mother Ana. Now that Callie is back at the Adams Foster's home, she is feeling secure for the first time in a long time and determined to have a summer of free-spirited fun, including trying her best to get over Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon is going to Idyllwild Music Program, where he will be faced with serious competition. Jude and Connor continue to develop their relationship and what it means to be a young teen exploring new love. Stef and Lena continue to face challenges as a couple and as parents yet are determined to fight through them together.

The first half of the season premiered on Monday, June 8, at 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT and returned for the second half on January 25, 2016, at 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT.


Add characters here when they have appeared in at least 5 episodes in the season.

  • Annie Potts as Sharon Elkin (4/20)
  • Bianca A. Santos as Lexi Rivera (4/20)
  • Katherine McNamara as Kat (3/20)
  • Alicia Sixtos as Carmen (3/20)
  • Cherinda Kincherlow as Kiara (3/20)
  • Alberto De Diego as Rafael (3/20)
  • Yvette Monreal as Adriana Gutierrez (3/20)
  • Marlene Forte as Elena Gutierrez (3/20)
  • Tony Plana as Victor Gutierrez (3/20)
  • Chris Bruno as Adam Stevens (3/20)
  • Rob Morrow as Will (3/20)
  • Kerr Smith as Robert Quinn (2/20)
  • Bailee Madison as Sophia Quinn (2/20)
  • Alex Saxon as Wyatt (2/20)
  • Tom Phelan as Cole (2/20)
  • Travis Schuldt as Nathan Adams (2/20)
  • Lorraine Toussaint As Dana Adams (2/20)
  • Amanda Leighton as Emma (2/20)
  • Izabela Vidovic as Taylor (2/20)
  • Ashley Argota as Lou Chan (2/20)
  • Madison Pettis as Daria (1/20)
  • Valerie Dillman as Jill Quinn (1/20)
  • Jack Depew as Jasper (1/20)
  • Annamarie Kenoyer as Becka (1/20)
  • Madisen Beaty as Talya Banks (1/20)

  • Episodes


    # Image Title First aired
    1 139140 1348.jpg Wreckage June 8, 2015
    "The Fosters" picks up during summer, a few weeks after the terrible car accident involving Mariana, Jesus and their pregnant biological mother, Ana. As the family deals with the aftermath of the situation, Stef is determined to find the driver responsible for the crash. Callie continues to volunteer at the drop-in center where she meets AJ, a foster teen runaway searching for his older brother. Brandon starts at the Idyllwild Music Program and quickly realizes that he will be faced with serious competition. Meanwhile, Jude tells Connor he prefers to keep their relationship private at school.
    2 139362 6434.jpg Father's Day June 15, 2015
    As part of their annual tradition, Stef and Lena have Mike over for Father's Day brunch. Jude surprises everyone, especially Callie, by inviting his biological father, Donald (guest star Jamie McShane), to join them. Callie spends Father's Day with the Quinns and hears some surprising news. Frustrated by his situation at Idyllwild, Brandon let's off some steam with his classmates.
    3 139449 1308.jpg Déjà Vu June 22, 2015
    When the family takes a vested interest in AJ (guest star Tom Williamson, "Switched at Birth"), Callie has doubts about whether she can trust him. Stef surprises Lena with some news about Monte. Meanwhile, Jude has trouble moving on from the trauma of the shooting incident.
    4 139572 0975.jpg More Than Words June 29, 2015
    After 20 years of estrangement, Lena's brother Nate comes for a visit.

    When Lena's half-brother Nate (guest star Travis Schuldt, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") comes for a visit with Lena and her parents, Lena aims to get an apology for an offensive name he called her mother years ago. Meanwhile, Cole invites Callie, Jude, and Connor to an LGBTQ prom.

    5 The-fosters-s3ep5-1.jpg Going South July 6, 2015
    Callie convinces Brandon to head out on a mysterious trip that brings them to Mexico. Stef and Lena discover an empty pregnancy test box in the trash and wonder if someone in the house is worried they are pregnant.
    6 The-fosters-callie-birthday-party-exclusive-02.jpg It's My Party July 13th, 2015
    Callie thinks she's celebrating her 17th birthday with just the family, but Jude surprises her with a house party. Jude's surprise risks exposing both Callie's and Mariana's secrets when he innocently invites Rafael and Wyatt to attend. Meanwhile, Brandon's suspicions about AJ's behavior come to a head, and Mariana and Callie decide to buy a car together without telling their moms.
    7 550.16x9.jpg Faith, Hope, Love July 20th, 2015
    Stef and Lena hesitate to give their blessing when Mariana's biological grandfather tells her she must be baptized in order to be her new half-sister Isabella's godmother. Callie's actions at her birthday party are called out by Stef, and they make a big decision in order to avoid jeopardizing her adoption.
    8 3x08bts-1.jpg Daughters August 3rd, 2015
    When Rita's daughter shows up unexpectedly, Callie sees a different side of Rita and learns the reason behind their strained relationship. Stef discovers a new lead in the hit-and-run case. Brandon confronts his moms about the tensions in the house.
    9 11794643 520446118107530 2151756589257631684 o.jpg Idyllwild August 10th, 2015
    The family heads to Idyllwild for Brandon's music competition where long-held feelings are revealed and life-changing secrets are unveiled. Callie finds herself in danger of being hurt when she questions Carmen and Brooke's motives directly. Mike witnesses an unexpected connection that may support Stef's theory for finding the hit-and-run driver.
    10 Thefostersexclusive1r.jpg Lucky August 17th, 2015
    Amid tensions in their own relationship, Stef and Lena host a 40th-anniversary party for Lena’s parents. Callie faces the judge who will determine the consequences of her actions, all while holding a secret that could change everything. Meanwhile, Mariana decides that she must find a way to repair her relationship with Mat.


    # Image Title First aired
    11 141073 0025.jpg First Impressions January 25, 2016
    As the third season of “The Fosters” continues, former foster teen Callie is now officially adopted into the Adams Foster family. She must put aside any romantic feelings for Brandon and does so by throwing herself into her “Fost and Found” website, even drawing the interest of an investor (guest star Kelli Williams, “Detective McLean: Ties That Bind,” “Army Wives”). After his performance at Disney Hall, Brandon is approached by a recruiter from Juilliard. Mariana launches her campaign to run for junior class president while Jesus tries to hide the reason why he doesn’t want to go back to wrestling school. When Mike discovers a secret his foster son, AJ (guest star Tom Williamson, “The Goldbergs”), is keeping, he is torn about what to do with the information. Jude must face the fact that his boyfriend has decided to move away, and a serious medical issue for Stef results in a clash of opinion between her wife, Lena, and her mother, Sharon (guest star Annie Potts, “Ghostbusters”). Meanwhile, Sharon introduces the family to her liberal-minded friend, Will (guest star Rob Morrow, “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” upcoming “American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson”).
    12 141200 0002.jpg Mixed Messages February 1, 2016
    Brandon is upset when he learns that his shared secret with Callie is in jeopardy. Lena and Stef's mother, Sharon (guest star Annie Potts, "Ghostbusters"), disagrees over how Stef should handle her diagnosis. Meanwhile, Mariana's run for junior class president heats up as the simmering resentment between her and Lexi comes to a head.
    13 Screen-Shot-2016-01-19-at-1 05 32-PM.png If and When February 8, 2016
    Callie is surprised to find that Jude is spending time with Jack, a quirky foster teen they met at a foster youth event. Brandon and Mat decide to write a Romeo & Juliet rock musical as their senior thesis project, but they disagree over who should play Juliet. Meanwhile, Jesus asks Ana about the identity of his and Mariana’s birth father.
    14 12716130 585262118292596 1724265171764468568 o.jpg Under Water February 15, 2016
    After Callie and Jude discover Jack is being abused by other boys in his group foster home, they turn to foster care advocate Justina (special guest star Kelli Williams, “The Practice”) to get him help. Jesus attempts to get to know Gabe at work even as Nick urges him to tell Gabe the truth about who he is. Meanwhile, Mariana is surprised when Nick asks her out.
    15 141654 0027.jpg Minor Offenses February 22, 2016
    When Stef and Lena discover Callie wants to film an endorsement supporting a new foster care reform bill, they express concern, prompting Callie to seek out Rita for support. Hoping to impress Mariana, Nick turns to Jesus for advice on planning their first date. Meanwhile, Stef recovers from a medical procedure.
    16 The-fosters-season-3-mariana-500x400.jpg EQ February 29, 2016
    Brandon's senior thesis comes under fire when a student expresses concerns about the play possibly dignifying suicide, and the school board is asked to review it; Rita's daughter Chloe tries to connect with Callie; Stef teaches a class on emotion.
    17 FosterSixteen.jpg Sixteen March 7, 2016
    Jesus is upset after his plans for a low key birthday are supplanted by Mariana, who plans a huge dance party instead. Jude is excited by the prospect of a weekend visit with Connor. Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon strike a truce by agreeing not to bring their new boyfriend/girlfriend home or to family functions.
    18 141916 1496.jpg Rehearsal March 14, 2016
    During a rehearsal for Brandon and Mat’s “Romeo and Juliet” musical, Zoe tells Nick that Mariana cheated on Mat when they dated, causing Mariana to fear that Nick will end their relationship. Callie serves as a character witness for her friend Daphne, who is desperately trying to get her daughter back. Meanwhile, Jesus and Mariana want to help their birth father.
    19 The-fosters-02.jpg The Show March 21, 2016
    The opening night of Brandon’s “R + J: A Romeo and Juliet Tale” rock musical brings Mariana and Mat’s feelings for each other to the surface, on an all-new episode of “The Fosters,” airing MONDAY, MARCH 21 (8:00–9:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform.

    As they perform the parts of Romeo and Juliet on the show’s big opening night, Mat and Mariana are forced to face the depth of their feelings for each other. The musical performance sparks heightened emotion for members of the Adams Foster family, causing them to reflect on recent events. Meanwhile, a domestic violence call leads Stef to a tragic discovery.

    20 517069954.jpg Kingdom Come March 28, 2016
    Callie makes a shocking discovery following a tragic loss; Mariana feels guilty after Nick gives her an expensive present; Brandon finds himself in a dilemma after Cortney's ex-husband kicks her out of their apartment.


    • It was confirmed that Jake T. Austin would not be appearing in this season. It has since also been confirmed that they were recasting the role of Jesus. [3]
      • The new portrayer of Jesus was later revealed to be Noah Centineo.
    • According to [4] there'll be a new character named Tony. Tony is a talented musician who is described as "good-looking in an adorkable way." This character is also told to put too much pressure on himself.
    • The Fosters first table read was April 1st, 2015. Filming started on Monday, April 6th, 2015.
    • This is the first promo for Season 3.
    • The release date for Season 3, Monday, June 8th, 2015 at 9 PM PT/ET 8 PM CT, was tweeted by @TheFostersABCF on April 14th, 2015.
      • On the same day, an official description of Season 3 was tweeted out.[5]
    • was the first to report that Season 3 will have 3 new recurring guest stars: Katherine McNamara as "Kat" (an attractive, ruthlessly ambitious piano prodigy Brandon (David Lambert) meets at Idyllwild), Keean Johnson as "Tony" (an overzealous but very talented musical composer who Brandon befriends at Idyllwild), and Tom Williamson as "AJ" (a runaway who Callie (Maia Mitchell) bonds with at the drop-in center). [6]
    • It has been confirmed by Peter Page that season 3 is going to have 20 episodes. He also said this season would not have a "special" episode, thus adding it to a total of 21 episodes like previous seasons.
    • Cierra Ramirez revealed during an interview that the season premiere would take place exactly three weeks after the season 2 finale.[7]
    • A summer television event trailer was released by ABC Family, advertising various shows that are set for summer season airing, also briefly featured new footage from season 3 of The Fosters. The footage was shown 30 seconds into the video and lasts around 5 seconds.[8]
    • An official 20-second promo was released on May 16, 2015.[9]