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Season 2 of The Fosters premiered on June 16, 2014 on ABC Family and consisted of 21 episodes.

The Fosters was renewed for a second season by ABC Family on October 11, 2013.[1].


In the second season premiere of ABC Family’s acclaimed original drama series “The Fosters”, some will face the consequences of their past mistakes while others will fight fiercely to ensure a more promising future for their growing family. Stef and Lena find themselves on the defense when Robert Quinn expresses a sincere interest in having Callie be part of his family. A startling development leaves Callie in a tailspin, resulting in questionable decisions about her future, while Jude tries to manage his friendship with Connor amid their parents' conflict.


  • Cherinda Kincherlow as Kiara (4/21)
  • Rosie O'Donnell as Rita Hendricks (4/21)
  • Izabela Vidovic as Taylor (4/21)
  • Alberto De Diego as Rafael (3/21)
  • Roxana Brusso as Detective Hernandez (3/21)
  • Madison Pettis as Daria (3/21)
  • Brandon W. Jones as Liam Olmstead (3/21)
  • Tom Phelan as Cole
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Dana Adams (2/21)
  • Charaya Wright as Tasha Keene (2/21)
  • Alicia Sixtos as Carmen Cruz
  • Jamie McShane as Donald Jacob (1/21)
  • Reiley McClendon as Vico Cerar (1/21)
  • Jayne Taini as Helen (1/21)
  • Yara Shahidi as Maddie (1/21)
  • Annamarie Kenoyer as Becka (1/21)
  • Jontille Gerard as Devonee (1/21)
  • Piper Mackenzie Harris as Chelsea (1/21)
  • Annie Potts as Sharon Elkin (1/21)
  • Mary Mouser as Sarah (1/21)
  • Hannah Kasulka as Kaitlyn
  • Marlene Forte as Elena Gutierrez
  • Tony Plana as Victor Gutierrez

  • Episodes


    # Image Title First aired
    1 Tf123-jpg.png Things Unknown June 16, 2014
    It's a big day for Callie as her future with the Fosters hinges on the revelation that Donald is not her birth father. What happens next could threaten to separate Callie and Jude once again. Brandon struggles to recover and come to terms with his guilt over sleeping with Dani, and big questions still remain about what Mike was up to the night Ana disappeared. Meanwhile, Jesus and Emma's relationship impacts Emma's standing with her teammates, which causes tension between them. Mariana has made a big change, much to Stef's dismay.
    2 Takemeout-jpg.png Take Me Out June 23, 2014
    Brandon contemplates a big decision that could either restore or destroy his dream of playing piano, but Stef and Lena find themselves on opposite ends of the debate. The Foster siblings plot to cheer Brandon up by taking him out to see a band and he butts heads with the sexy lead singer Lou. Meanwhile, Stef confronts Mike about his whereabouts the night Ana disappeared. A mysterious stranger keeps tabs on Callie, and Callie is faced with a choice that could further complicate her life. An encounter with Connor's dad creates a rift in Jude and Connor's friendship. And Jesus begins to feel threatened by Emma's independent spirit.
    3 Play123-jpg.png Play June 30, 2014
    Stef and Lena go on a babymoon, leaving Brandon and Callie in charge of the house. Brandon's bandmates pressure him into having a few friends over to hear their new sound, but when Mariana and Jesus find out, the night turns into an all-out rager. Determined to follow Stef and Lena's rules, Callie tries to police the party but fails miserably. Jude finds himself in an awkward game of spin the bottle. Meanwhile, Lena tries to reconnect with Stef, who is finding it hard to relax on their weekend getaway.
    4 Saysomething2.png Say Something July 7, 2014
    Callie makes an important decision to address the hold-up in her adoption face on, but Jude may be more affected by her choice than he lets show. Things heat up between Callie and Wyatt, but Callie realizes she may not be emotionally ready to take the next step. Lena vies for the Principal's job at Anchor Beach, which causes some friction in her already rocky relationship with Timothy. When the dance team holds auditions for a new member, Mariana questions why she was chosen to join the team, and she doesn't like the answer.
    5 Truth.png Truth Be Told July 14, 2014
    Callie frets about the anxiety her recent decisions have caused Jude. Emma second-guesses her breakup with Jesus, putting him in an awkward position with a new love interest and with Mariana, who becomes unwillingly involved in his dilemma. Stef struggles with her suspicions about Mike and debates moving forward with her investigation into Ana's disappearance. When Brandon's bandmates take him on a hike for some "special" inspiration, Brandon opens up to an unexpected confidant about his past transgressions. And Callie's emotions get the better of her when things get hot and heavy with Wyatt.
    6 Mother.png Mother July 21, 2014
    Tragedy strikes the Fosters and they must look to each other for strength. Stef confronts Mike about Ana, and he comes clean about why he was at the halfway house the night of Ana's disappearance. Meanwhile, Wyatt seeks relationship advice from a very uncomfortable Brandon, and Mariana is still furious with Jesus for putting her in the middle of his girl problems.
    7 The Longest Day.png The Longest Day July 28, 2014
    Lena supports Brandon as he unloads a long-held secret that could tear his family apart. Callie brings Jude for a visit with the Quinn family in the hopes that Jude will no longer feel so threatened by this other side of Callie's life. Meanwhile, Jesus is torn between feelings of guilt over his failed relationship with Emma and pressure to prove his loyalty to Hayley. Mariana's dance team prepares for an upcoming competition, and her insecurities threaten to get the best of her.
    8 Girls Reunited.png Girls Reunited August 4, 2014
    Callie pays a visit to Girls United to pitch in for Community Day and is surprised by new developments at her former foster group home. Paranoid neighbors are putting pressure on the home's landlord to kick the girls out, and a new resident has secrets that could jeopardize the safety of the entire group. Meanwhile, Mariana and Hayley plan to cook a romantic double-date dinner for Mat and Jesus. And Stef receives a concerning letter from Ana.
    9 Leaky Faucets.png Leaky Faucets August 11, 2014
    The Foster kids attend a Mexican street festival, but the fun day takes a turn when emotions flare up. With help from Wyatt, Callie works to overcome her recent bout of panic attacks by learning to trust her instincts, but an encounter with someone from the past threatens to violently derail her progress. Mat surprises Mariana with a date at the festival and is confused when Mariana seems offended. Jesus tries to impress Hayley but she wants him to prove he's with her for more than just sex. Meanwhile, Mike and Ana make plans to right past wrongs.
    10 Someone's Little Sister.png Someone's Little Sister August 18, 2014
    In an effort to help Rita with a dilemma involving Girls United, Callie calls in a favor from her wealthy biological father, Robert Quinn. But an unexpected betrayal threatens to derail the new bond she's forging with the Quinns. Meanwhile, the pressure Connor faces from his father to end his friendship with Jude intensifies and leads Lena to make a life-changing decision. The tension mounts between Brandon and Lou, despite their bandmate Mat's warnings against drama. And a visit with someone from his past makes Jesus see his relationship with Hayley in a whole new light.


    # Image Title First aired
    11 Rsz mirela-png.png Christmas Past December 8, 2014
    As Callie and Jude spend their first Christmas with the Fosters, Callie feels the sting of still being an official foster kid, while Jude’s guilt over having been adopted has him overcompensating.
    12 137179 8288 pre.jpg Over Under January 19, 2015
    After Robert has a panic attack after his fight with Callie, he decides not to sign his rights away to the Fosters and instead tries to fight for custody of her. Sophia begs for Callie's forgiveness, but when Callie refuses to forgive her, she attempts to commit suicide and admits to having suicidal thoughts.
    13 137100 0614 pre.jpg Stay January 26, 2015
    Callie gets a desperate call from her friend Kiara and she goes to Stef for help, and when Stef and a few of her fellow policemen go to her rescue, they try to take Kiara and her foster siblings away from their current foster parents, but that proves to be more difficult than it seems. Callie gets an offer from Wyatt to go to Indiana with him.
    14 137312 0489 pre.jpg Mother Nature February 2, 2015
    The Adams Fosters kids are not very happy to head out to the wilderness for a family camping trip, but Jesus shakes things up when he can no longer hold onto his secrets and gets a surprise visit. Callie and Brandon awkwardly navigate their relationship while Jude gets fed up by the way he's being treated.

    Meanwhile, Mike asks Ana to move in with him.

    15 137404 3890 pre.jpg Light of Day February 9, 2015
    Callie decides to try a new tactic with Robert while Brandon aims to convince the band that his mom's rules can work for everyone. News about Ana's situation gives Mariana an idea that would affect the entire Adams Foster family.

    Meanwhile, Jude tries to make amends with Connor and agrees to go on a group date.

    16 137579 0060 pre.jpg If You Only Knew February 16, 2015
    Hiding a secret, Callie helps Daphne prepare for an official visit with her daughter, but both fear they will be recognized for their past actions. Things go awry when Brandon's band play a 'farm' party. With Mariana's urging, Stef and Lena consider Ana's proposal. Jesus is offered an opportunity to attend a top-rated wrestling school.
    17 137681 0101 pre.jpg The Silence She Keeps February 23, 2015
    Stef and Lena try and understand Callie's decision while she struggles to keep a secret. Lena gets caught in the middle of a conflict when Monte and Timothy disagree over the school curriculum. Mariana uses a different approach to attract a top dancer to join her small but talented dance team.
    18 137723 0535 pre.jpg Now Hear This March 2, 2015
    Mariana finds it difficult to deal with impending changes at home and focuses her attention on organizing a student protest over an administrative incident at school. Meanwhile, when she learns Kiara is back in town and on the streets, Callie is willing to do anything she can in order to help her friend, even if that means disobeying Stef’s orders and putting herself in danger. Jude finally confronts Connor over the mixed messages he’s been sending, leading to a make-or-break moment in their friendship.
    19 137836 0496 pre.jpg Justify the Means March 9, 2015
    Stef confides in Lena and Callie about a plan that will make it possible for the Adams Fosters to adopt Callie, but she's not being fully honest about some of the steps she's taken to put the plan in motion. In turn, Lena hasn't been completely truthful with Stef about her conflicting emotions over expanding their family. Meanwhile, Brandon has an opportunity to pursue his dream of being a classical musician, but it could come at a price. Jude breaks the rules in order to be with Connor and faces dire consequences.
    20 137917 0114.jpg Not That Kind of Girl March 16, 2015
    The future is uncertain for the Adams Fosters when Callie and Mariana face the uncomfortable truths of their pasts.

    Callie meets another roadblock in her pursuit of a happier future, leading her to confront past demons. Mariana, troubled by the uncertain future of Ana’s baby, follows up on a letter Ana wrote to relatives. Meanwhile, Jude faces the painful fallout of a bad decision. Lena confides in Monte about her difficulties at home.

    21 Meeting-her-grandfather-the-fosters.jpg The End of the Beginning March 23, 2015
    With one too many lies told in an effort to keep their growing family together, relationships will be put to the test and someone's story will end in tragedy on "The Fosters" Spring Finale. A visit with Robert's father (guest star Patrick Duffy) makes Robert and Callie see each other in a new light. Mariana prepares for a make-or-break dance team showdown at school, and Jude takes a stand for a friend.

    Notes and Trivia

    • Shooting for Season 2 commenced on February 27, 2014.[2]
    • Season 2 was separated into two parts, each part having a total of 10 episodes to complete a 20 episode season order.[3]
    • Norman Buckley directed the season premiere.[4]
    • Ashley Argota, Bailee Madison, Chris Bruno, Jordan Rodrigues, and Kerr Smith all joined the cast as Lou, Sophia Quinn (Callie's half sister), Adam Stevens, Mat Tan, and Robert Quinn respectively.
    • A Christmas episode will be introduced in December 2014.
    • Filming for Season 2B began on September 4th, 2014.
    • ABC Family’s The Fosters has tapped Alberto De Diego (Major Crimes) to recur in the second half of Season 2, TVLine has learned. De Diego will play Rafael, a kind-but-overworked program director
    • Annika Marks (The Sessions) has landed a recurring role on ABC Family’s The Fosters, produced by Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions. Marks will play Monte, the principal at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. An attractive, personable professional woman, Monte wants to focus on administration, budget and finance, giving Lena (Sherri Saum) control over student curriculum, but she is shocked when Lena suddenly quits. Marks is repped by APA and Greenlight Management.
    • The second half of the season will be airing at 8pm instead of 9pm.