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Scorpion Kings is the fourth webisode in the Girls United web series. This episode lasts 4:29 minutes.


Gabi's dad comes to the group home and start asking questions. The girls talk about rival gangs and a surprise appearance is made at the end.


In the garden outside of the group home Daphne, Becka, and Carmen start planting plants. Right after, a man starts storming up the driveway and knocks heavily on the front door. Michelle answers and the man reveals himself to be Gabi's dad and wants to talk to her immediately. Michelle tells him that Gabi ran away the previous night. Then the guy says that someone trashed his house and took some of his belongings and he thinks that it was Gabi. Michelle then informs him if Gabi is not home in the next 24 hours she will go back to juvie. Gabi's dad then responds by saying if she reappears to not tell her that he was there. After he leaves Becka says that he looks scary and Daphne blows him off as fronting but Carmen reveals that Gabi told her that her dad was a gangster for the Scorpion Kings. It is revealed by Carmen that Gabi was also gang banging and was rivals with the gang Carmen was affiliated with on the streets. They, however, made a deal to keep the peace while at Girls United. Michelle calls the girls to come inside as Gabi's father watches the house from across the street in car, but immediately pulls off as a police car pulls up in front of the house. As Michelle approaches the car the camera pans to reveal Gabi on the corner, hiding behind a brick wall, watching the scene develop in front of her. Gabi has an worried expression before she walks off.


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The Fosters Girls United - Webisode 4 - Scorpion Kings