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Sarah Lewis is a girl from Callie Adam Foster's foster therapy group who used to live with Liam Olmstead's family. After being removed from his home, Sarah continued dating and supporting Liam until she learned his true nature.

Sarah is portrayed by Mary Mouser.


Sarah has been in the foster system for an unknown amount of time. The Olmsteads were her third, and most stable, foster family. At some point, Sarah began a sort of romantic relationship with her foster brother, Liam Olmstead, despite their age gap.

She began attending foster group therapy sessions alongside Callie Adams Foster, who takes an interest in Sarah in "Saturday" upon learning of her foster home. Callie and Sarah briefly hung out, but Sarah became confused and scared when Callie accidentally revealed her connection to Liam by saying his name, which she didn't mention it at all. Sarah subsequently began pushing Callie away, refusing to believe her warnings of Liam being a sexual predator, insisting that he loved her and Callie was just "jealous".

After Callie revealed to her foster mothers that Liam raped her, Sarah was removed from the Olmsteads' home in "Clean".

Sara eventually continued to date Liam. She later helped him in his scheme of ruining Callie's credit and landing her in debt. When they were caught, Sarah tried to cover for Liam until Callie and Stef Adams Foster revealed he and another girl were secretly ruining her credit as well. Realizing the truth, Sarah turned on Liam and testified against him.

Physical Appearance

Sarah has fair skin, long straight brown hair, and blue eyes. 



Sarah is shown at the foster therapy session, sharing her experience with the rest of the group. Sarah explains that she likes it in her new home, even if it's only temporary, as the Olmsteads have gone out of their way to make her feel like she really belongs. After the session, Callie and Sarah briefly discuss how much they dislike having do therapy on Saturdays. Callie invites her out for coffee, which Sarah agrees to after informing her foster mother. Over coffee in the park, they talk about their current foster families. Callie asks about Sarah's home life and ends up accidentally mentioning Liam's name. Sarah is shocked because she never told Callie his name and rushes off in a hurry.

Sarah informed Liam of Callie's prodding, prompting him to personally confront Callie at Wyatt's party.

The Fallout

Sarah is on her way to her foster group therapy when Callie intercepts her to try and talk. Sarah avoids her, demanding that Callie leave her alone. In the group therapy class, Callie begins to share her story of how Liam treated her while she was in his foster home, including making her feel special. Sarah, frustrated by Callie trying to indirectly tell her something about Liam, grabs her belongings and runs out of the class with Callie following in pursuit, much to the chagrin of the group therapist.

Outside the building, Sarah yells that Liam told her Callie would try to pull something like that and not to listen to her words. Callie attempts to warn Sarah that Liam doesn't love her and is just using her, like he did to the former when she was with him. She urges Sarah come back home with her so they can tell the truth of Liam's true self. However, Sarah refuses, stating it'd be no use as she would just deny Callie's claims. She further points out that no one will believe Callie's story due to this and it would go on her record, since she would be painted as crazy or jealous. Sarah then runs off, telling Callie not to waste her time.


It was mentioned by Stef that Sarah was removed from the Olmsteads' house by social services.

Not That Kind of Girl

Sarah was revealed to have been placed into another foster home in less than desirable circumstances and secretly continued dating Liam. Eventually, Liam roped Sarah into a credit card scheme in which they took out four credit cards in Callie's name and put her in debt. As part of the plan, Sarah purchased expensive designer handbags under Callie's identity, which Liam would then resell.

Sarah visits the foster drop-in care center in her efforts to get out of her current foster home. The next day, she unexpectedly runs into Callie, who is volunteering at the center. Surprised to see her again, Sarah is quiet and awkward during their meeting. Callie assures Sarah that she isn't mad at her for not corroborating the testimony against Liam and is here to help her if she needs it. Sarah thanks her and leaves. Callie spots Sarah's handbag and becomes suspicious. She later steals and searches through the bag, finding credit cards and a fake ID under her name. Sarah is subsequently taken into police custody.

After Liam is arrested as well, Sarah tries to take all the blame, claiming Liam didn't know she was using Callie's identity. However, after Callie and Stef showed her proof that Liam and another girl were ruining her credit as well, Sarah revealed Liam was running the entire scheme and testified that she had a sexual relationship with him. Liam was then finally sent to prison for his crimes against Callie and Sarah.

It can be presumed Sarah also faced legal repercussions for her role in stealing Callie's identity. However as noted by Mike, her punishment won't be as severe, given that Sarah is a minor and was manipulated by Liam.

Appearances (3/101)

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  • She was in foster group therapy with Callie.
  • Sarah is said to be younger than Callie and Brandon.


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