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Run Baby Run is the first webisode in the Girls United web series. This episode lasts 4:36 minutes.


When one of the girls goes missing, the others form their own theories about her disappearance.


The episode starts with Michelle asking the girls if they have heard anything from Gabi. The girls answer back with shaking heads and frowning faces. Michelle tells the girls that if Gabi doesn't show up in the next 24 hours then she has to call her parole officer. The girls give her suggestions to Gabi's whereabouts, but they show no sign of knowing where she is. After the meeting, Callie goes to Michelle and tells her that she saw Gabi crying in the kitchen the other day. Here's what happened according to Callie: She sees Gabi in the kitchen and asks her if she is okay. Gabi tells her that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Callie says that it will be alright and Gabi tells Callie that cancer is untreatable and rushes to her room. Back in present time, Michelle says that story can't be true because Gabi's mom died when she was a baby from an overdose. A confused Callie asks why Gabi would lie and Michelle answers with "I don't know." In the kitchen, Daphne is cleaning up when Kiara comes running through saying she has found a positive pregnancy test in the garbage. Then they start to wonder who it's from.


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The Fosters Girls United - Webisode 1 - Run Baby Run