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I don’t want you to get emancipated, and I don’t want to be my father, but I believe what you said – that I’m your dad no matter what.

Robert Quinn is a recurring character on the Freeform series The Fosters. He is Callie and Sophia's biological father and is Jill's husband, but they separated. He made his first appearance in Things Unknown.

Robert is portrayed by Kerr Smith.


Robert Quinn is Callie's biological father who also has another daughter, Sophia, from his current marriage, which ends up ending. He married Colleen Jacob, but divorced her due to pressure from his family. Colleen didn't tell him about her pregnancy. Sixteen years later, he discovers Callie's existence as a result of her wanting to get adopted by the Fosters and needing his signature to allow it, shocking him about his unknown daughter.

After finding out about Callie, he started to frequently visit her at the diner where she worked without actually telling her about who he was, often leaving large tips in a jar given to the waitresses. He also didn't show up at the DNA test, which his lawyers insisted they'd take, because Callie would've recognized him from the diner. He struggled with the idea of officially giving up his legal parental rights to Callie, wanting to be her father and true parent in her life, and also wanting to make up for lost time. He soon did sign the abandonment papers, albeit reluctantly. 

After Sophia sabotages the abandonment papers, he says he can't go through with signing away his rights to her a second time. He declares that he officially wants Callie and files for a custody battle against the Adams-Fosters for her, much to Callie's devastation. The two do, however, bond when she is legally required to spend time with him. This bonding results in Callie seeing similarities in their personalities. Despite this, Callie is still angry with him for not signing the abandonment papers that would allow her to be adopted by the Fosters.

Soon Callie calls him regarding Daphne, a foster kid she is close to, and her role in the kidnapping of Daphne's daughter. Callie calls him when being confronted by two officers, and he tells her that she must keep Stef and Lena out of the situation because being involved could put them in trouble. Callie had already thought about these consequences and agrees not to tell Stef and Lena out of fear of how they may view her upon learning of it.

This legal matter nearly allows Robert to successfully gain custody of Callie, who decided to move in with him in order to keep the Fosters "safe". However, she eventually confesses the entire ordeal to Stef in an emotional manner, realizing she does not want to leave the Fosters no matter what. Stef furiously confronts Robert about apparently "having taken advantage" of Callie, but he tells her he was only doing what was right for his daughter, much to Stef's fury. As she storms off, he tells her not to bother with the custody suit any longer, declaring he has won. However, Stef tells him that she won't give up Callie without a fight.

Stef digs up any little bit of information about Robert with the help of a Private Investigator, which reveals photos of him in a possible affair, which she later uses to blackmail him into giving her and Lena custody of Callie. This makes Robert ask the judge to go back to the waiting period, in which Callie was still trying to get to know her father better, which buys Stef and Lena time to get Callie secretly emancipated; a move that would legally allow her to get adopted by them without Robert being able to interfere. 

Robert is later seen in the season two finale, The End of the Beginning, when Callie makes her legally required visit to the house and meets her paternal grandfather, Robert Senior, and his wife. He, Callie and the whole family have dinner together, which becomes awkward when Robert Sr. confronts him about his obsession with Callie. Robert insists he isn't obsessed with her. He then tries to cast the blame on his father due to forcing him to leave Colleen and, consequently, missing out on Callie's life, which was "hell" for her because he didn't know about her. He also says that he wouldn't be in this position if he had just learned to stand up to him.

His father mocks him on his idea of standing up to him and tells his son how he knows he has regrets in his life, as everyone does, but that he can't make up for the lost years with his daughter by forcing her to live with him against her will. Robert tries saying that he isn't forcing her, but his father states how happy Callie clearly is with the Fosters and why Robert wants to ruin that for her. He then asks Robert that if he truly cares about his daughter so much, then why he was "putting her through more hell" by backing her into a decision she doesn't want to make. 

Robert then finds out that Callie was trying to get emancipated, which makes him realize that it's better to legally let her go than to have her "go adult" too soon. Afterwards, despite not being her legal gaurdian, Robert remains close with Callie and continues to be a part of her life, occassionally offering guidance.

Physical Appearance

He has gray hair and blue eyes, unlike his daughters. His hair is thought to have been brown before turning gray. He's of average height and build. He usually dresses in business suits, but occasionally casually.


Robert is a warm, loving, accepting man. He deeply adores his two daughters, Sophia and Callie.


Things Unknown

He appeared for the first time in Things Unknown, when he buys two vanilla milkshakes for himself and his daughter.

Take Me Out

He wanted Callie to have a DNA test. He eventually didn't show up for the test.

Say Something

Robert invited Callie and Stef over to his house to get to know Callie. His wife and Sophia joined. When Sophia had taken Callie to her room and his wife went to check up on her, he opened up to Stef that leaving Colleen was the biggest regret of his life. Robert stated that he had still loved her and wished things had turned out differently.

The Longest Day

Robert invited Callie and Jude for a boat trip on their yacht. He told Jude that he's not trying to replace their father, but he wants to get to know Callie, and Jude if he's open to it. Robert had a conversation with Callie about her mom, Colleen Jacob and the college fund he wanted to set up for her.

Someone's Little Sister

Robert came to see Callie at her work to tell her he had signed the abandonment papers and Callie asked him to host a fundraiser for Girls United, which he agrees to. At the fundraiser Callie acknowledged Robert as her father and he's very touched by that. After Sophia told Callie she'd destroyed the papers, Robert said he can't sign the papers again, because he loves Callie and she's his daughter. Robert and Callie have a fight and he seems hurt.

Over Under

Robert has a panic attack because of the fight he had with Callie. Stef comes to his house to convince him to sign the papers, but Robert says he wants to get custody of Callie. They go to court and the judge says to take 'the remainder of the 180-day-abandonment-period', that Callie will stay with the Adams-Fosters till then, but that Callie has to see Robert once a week. When Sophia walks into the traffic Callie calls him and Jill and she tells them she wanted to commit suicide.

Light of Day

Robert takes Callie to dinner and they talk about photography and Sophia. They seem to have a good time, but when Callie asks him if he'd drop the case, Robert tells Callie he wants to be her father and her to live with him and Callie gets distant. However, when Callie has to call a parent for police questioning, she calls Robert.

If You Only Knew

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This

The End of the Beginning

Robert introduces Callie to her biological grandparents, and not everything goes exactly as planned. Robert later finds out that Callie is trying to get emancipated from him, so that she can officially be adopted by Stef and Lena. At the end of the episode, Robert decides to sign the papers to waive his parental rights to Callie.

Cruel and Unusual

Robert visits Stef and Lena when he hears from Sophia, who told Mariana, that Callie is in juvie.

Doors and Windows

Sex Ed

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  • Robert's family is/was very hard and thinks that if someone isn't rich, they are gold-diggers.
  • His favorite flavor milkshake is vanilla, a trait he shares with Callie.
  • Robert shares the same name as his father.
  • He and Callie both think cilantro tastes like soap.
  • Robert and Callie both enjoy non-chocolate related desserts, unlike Jill and Sophia
  • Robert is interested in photography, which he shares with Callie and Sophia. He has remarked that his daughters have a better eye for photos than him.



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