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Revitalize Beauty is an environmentally friendly beauty app manufactured by the Hollis Group and overseen by Jackie Morton. The company is spearheaded by an all-female tech team.

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In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", Mariana arrives at Revitalize Beauty for her first day of work. The girls welcome her to the team with first day doughnuts. Liza introduces herself to Mariana, as she's the new project supervisor. She's heard about her from Jackie and gives her a standard contract to sign which says she can't work at another beauty start-up for two years. Liza gives her until the end of day to sign it. Mariana calls brands until the team decides for a coffee break. Mariana passes on the coffee and decides to push through. The girls love her work ethic. Now alone, Mariana attempts to access the admin login when Liza suddenly arrives looking for the contract. Mariana notes she doesn't have access to the app, which is standard until she signs her contract.

Mariana asks one of the women about the ordering algorithm to see the coding but learns Liza handles that. She sets up a pitch meeting but lies about a glitch in the merge but the women aren't sure where the potential client would have heard that from. Later, Mariana finds the password for the app in a drawer. Mariana video chats with FCGs to tell them about the identical code file. There are blocks of code that are missing or have been replaced with different variables. Revitalize changed the code just enough so that Bulk Beauty doesn't have any legal copyright claim. Revitalize also has the Hallis Group behind them, so BB can't compete.

The next day, Mariana gives Liza the signed contract. That morning, she told the BB girls that she would spy on the Revitalize Beauty group for them as they stole their code and won't get away with it. She doesn't care if she has to sign the non-compete, as this is her mess to fix. She wants to save Bulk Beauty and won't just move across the country as her actions might affect other people. Claire notes that she can't come back to BB, but Mariana thinks they can knock Revitalize off the map and void the contract. Now, Liza welcomes Mariana to the team. She leaves Liza's office when she bumps into Evan. After a few awkward moments, he reveals that he has a few apps in development with the Hallis Group. They will be running into each from time to time but hopes it won't be literal next time.

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", The Revitalize Beauty girls discuss their next brand target, Riot Face, so Mariana texts the FCG's telling them who to speak with from the company. The FCG's pitch their app, with this routine continuing onto Veganique and Glow Fille, with Bulk Beauty landing all three brands. The BB girls celebrate with drinks and send Mariana a photo of them celebrating while she's alone at a quiet office.

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Revitalize Beauty tries to pitch their app to a potential buyer. Mariana recalls a conversation with Liza, in which Liza informs Mariana that Bulk Beauty landed Glow Fille. Liza finds it odd that Mariana's old partners are signing the same deals they're scouting. Mariana doesn't find it weird since their companies are identical. Liza asks what she thinks they're doing wrong, with Mariana recommending she talk to the project manager - who is Liza. Liza accepts that responsibility but calls Mariana's performance disappointing. She hasn't set any pitches or contributed much in the pitches they do set. She threatens to fire Mariana if she doesn't see improvement soon. Now, in the pitch, Mariana chimes in to correctly pitch the idea to Marcienne. One of the RB girls even claps, with the representative agreeing to sign with them.

Afterwards, Liza opens another bottle of champagne while the team toasts to their "MVP", Mariana. Liza is pleased with Mariana and expects her to keep up the good work. Mariana makes a toast to more days like today. Ava and Raisa are happy to have Mariana join the team. They get drunk in the office. They discuss the difficulties of being women in tech, and how happy they are that Jackie liked their pitch. In fact, they originally pitched an idea for sustainable household cleaning products, until Jackie mentioned beauty products. Jackie already had the code as she was developing something similar anyway. The girls made some tweaks but are thankful to Jackie for getting them out of the male-dominated tech world. They sympathize with Mariana's time at Speckulate. Liza adds that Jackie gave her a chance too, and that's why she's hard on the girls. Everything is riding on them succeeding, and she thinks Mariana can be their secret weapon. Earlier, Mariana tells the BB girls that Liza is getting suspicious, and they suggest letting Revitalize land one out of four brands. Their constant questions prove overwhelming for Mariana. Now, Mariana declines Liza's offer for a refill. The girls commend Mariana for great work and want to hang out more. Mariana leaves the office and shares an elevator ride with Evan.

The next day, Mariana meets the RB girls and Jackie, who congratulates her on closing Marcienne. Jackie is glad to see her 100% onboard. They have a mentorship group where the mentor can help the team fill in any gaps the project manager might not be seeing. Their new mentor is Evan Speck, and the encounter is awkward. Jackie interrupts his speech as they want the team to use Evan thoroughly. Mariana asks to have a word with Evan by herself. She asks why he agreed tot his, and he admits that Jackie asked him. He has other business with the Hollis Group and it doesn't behoove him to say no. She tells him to go for it as he always does.

In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like", the Revitalize Beauty girls face-off with the Bulk Beauty girls for the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch. Claire thinks they should win the pitch with the other girls agreeing. Claire worries about running into one another, but Mariana finds it unlikely. Now, Mariana texts the BB girls and Liza picks up on the BB girls reactions, prompting them to try and hide. When they came in, Liza explains who Bulk Beauty are to Ava and Raisa, with Mariana lying that they pushed her out over money. Liza waves to Evan who has just arrived. Mariana warned the BB girls earlier about Evan's potential involvement. Liza explains that Jackie thought his presence would help them land the brand. Liza notices Mariana texting and asks if she's texting her old friends. Mariana lies that she isn't, and a man calls Bulk Beauty back first. Revitalize ultimately wins the pitch.

Mariana gets to work and sees Ava and Raisa meeting with Evan over a new feature that is called Counter Pro. User can scan their faces and the app will suggest products and show a mock-up of how those products will look on the users faces. As they talk, Mariana takes a slow eat as she recalls her meeting with the BB girls. Now, Mariana commends them for the great idea but thinks they should work out the kinks before pitching it to anyone else. They should be prepared for questions, and Evan thinks troubleshooting now would make sense. Mariana then excuses herself as the RB girls celebrate.

Mariana is in an office crying when Evan finds her. He asks her what's going on with her and why she wants to delay the pitch. She thought he agreed with her reasonings but he didn't, he just backed her up. She questions his motives. He didn't become her mentor just because of Jackie, he did it to be closer to her. Not to get back together but because he knows something isn't right and that she isn't okay. He was considered she wouldn't be safe with another mentor. He assures her that she can trust him. She admits that she's not okay. She took the job to prove Jackie stole BB's code, but she changed it just enough they can't prove it. She tells him everything and how shitty she feels because Ava and Raisa are nice people, and she just wanted to make things right with the BB girls. Evan takes the responsibility for the entire mess as he set her up with Jackie who turned out to be a thief. She asks Evan what she's going to do.


Brand Partnerships

  • Archambeau Cosmetics

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