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Rachel Boyle is a recurring character throughout the FreeForm series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Maisie Klompus.

Rachel was one of the few female employees working at Speckulate. She is driven and quick to think, making her a great member of The Byte Club. When the rest of the girls staged a walkout in protest of Speckulate refusing to remove their app which had been overrun by political activists, Rachel joins them and helps them come up with an idea for an app.



Rachel is a quirky, intellectual, and driven. She can be extremely nosy at times and pays little attention to things such as personal space, and views little as off-limits. Most of her obsessive nature stems from a place of caring deeply for her friends, though she unnerved Mariana with her worry. When Mariana snuck out of The Coterie, Rachel awakened to find her gone and checked every stall in the bathroom then went further to knock on every door in the apartment complex looking for Mariana which finally made her ask Evan for help getting them a meeting.

Physical Appearance

Rachel has short curly black hair and hazel eyes, a long face, and pink overturned lips. She has an outdated sense of fashion and prefers comfort over style, though some of her pieces are modern, they are paired with either the wrong color tones or baggier pieces.

Throughout Series

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In Arraignment Day, Mariana hurries into the office and her team tells her that something is wrong. The team tells Mariana that a white supremacist group is spamming Activism and using their app to spread hate. They are also pushing down Malika’s crowdfunding campaign. They decide to delete as much as they can and block the users before Evan finds out, as he might close down the app.

Mariana heads to the sit-in but is kept up-to-date on the white supremacy situation by her team. Claire, Rachel, and Gina are attempting to block the supremacists When they shut down one user five more pop up. The team thinks they should tell Evan, though Mariana disagrees and instructs them to switch to shadow banning which they can fix later. Mariana tells Evan the truth the next day, but he refuses to remove the app but agrees to pull its funding so the app will fizzle out in a few months.

Mariana packs up her desk and convinces Rachel and the team that ever since they got here they aren’t taken seriously or own their work. She tells Evan that she is leaving the company which he is upset by, especially since she doesn’t know what their future looks like. Mariana walks out of the office and one-by-one, the Byte Club girls agree to leave to create their start-up.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, The Byte Club holds a meeting at The Coterie where they toast to being free from the bro-life at Speckulate. They talk about money and how long they can last without an income, with Mariana estimating three months, while Gina and Claire can last two, but Rachel only three-weeks. They use this as motivation to get funded ASAP. Claire points out that a tech incubator is being held in a few weeks, with Rachel having an idea for an eco-friendly bath and beauty product delivery app. Everyone loves the idea which Rachel calls Bulk Beauty, Mariana donning it BB for short, and they toast to not needing Evan anymore. Kelly enters with a bouquet of roses for Mariana. Mariana asks Kelly not to tell her who the roses are from, though Kelly hasn’t had time to read the card. Mariana opens the card which is from Evan, apologizing again by sending the three-dozen roses. She lies to the Byte Club that the roses are from her moms for her birthday. The girls are there later when Mariana is delivered a huge set of balloons, prompting her to be forced into another lie in front of Gael, Alice, and Davia.

The next day, Mariana can’t focus on a meeting with her team as she remembers things with Evan after the trampoline, where she told him about the app idea. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea as their coders without experience in retail so they would be in over their heads. He suggests starting with something small to gain capital, like a game app. She relays all of this to her team members as her idea and they agree with her about starting small, creating the next Candy Crush.

In Because, Men, The Byte Club girls meet at the Coterie to discuss in-app purchases, with Claire on board while Rachel and Gina aren’t sure if it’s the right move. Mariana thinks it necessary if they plan to gain investors. The club agrees and makes a note of it, while Rachel asks if they knew that Evan is the co-founder of an app called Day Trader. Evan texts Mariana about dinner reservations while Rachel prattles about how the people involved in Day Trader knew nothing about the stock market but thought it was a big idea, so they pitched it and figured it out after they were funded. Mariana is surprised to hear the information while Rachel and Gina remark that they did it “because, men”. Mariana remembers her conversation in bed with Evan that morning about setting herself up for success and not diving in over her head.

Mariana and the Byte Club girls arrive at the incubator where she gets his text but brushes it off. They are approached by Alex and Sam who heard about their walkout at Speckulate. Sam thinks it’s because of PMS as they’ve “synced cycles” but Mariana brushes it off as they have an idea to pitch. Sam wishes them luck though they already pitched a female app about interior design then proceeds to shower them with sexist remarks. Mariana congratulates them on their work with Alex feigning gratitude then leaves, calling her “Mary-anna” once again. When they leave, Mariana is annoyed by their “figure it out later” mentality when it comes to their app. She vents how men trust other men to figure things out and decide last-minute to pitch Bulk Beauty. The girls are worried as they don’t have a deck, but Mariana thinks it’s time to be bold and figure out the rest later.

Mariana and the girls leave the meeting defeated as Gina thinks they should have pitched the app idea. Mariana doesn’t want to quit after one pass and convinces them to do it again next time with more preparation.

In Help, Callie and Mariana have trouble sleeping with Rachel’s abrasive snoring. Mariana throws a pillow at her but she sleeps through it. Callie begs Mariana to do something as she has to be up in two hours. Mariana whisper-yells Rachel’s name until the girl jolts awake.

In the morning, Mariana is eating breakfast when Kelly enters wondering who has been using all the hot water. Mariana apologetically reveals that it’s probably her friend Rachel. She remembers a Byte Club meeting where Rachel reveals her cards are maxed out and she doesn’t have next month’s rent, so she’s going to move back with her parents in Indiana. Claire and the women don’t want Rachel to leave as Bulk Beauty was her idea, but Rachel can’t afford to live anywhere. Mariana impulsively recommends living with her. In the present, Mariana claims it’s only for a few nights as Rachel’s place is being tented. Kelly tells Mariana to make sure Rachel takes shorter showers. Malika and Kelly exchange playful banter on their way out of the kitchen. Once alone, Callie asks Mariana how long Rachel is planning to stay since app funding could take a while. She remarks that she’s sorry to be a downer but she needs her sleep. Evan texts Mariana about missing her and having to ditch Rachel, just as Rachel taps her on the shoulder enthusiastically wondering if Mariana is texting a new boy. Mariana lies that it isn’t but Rachel isn’t convinced but leaves anyway, shouting back that they are out of shampoo.

That afternoon, Mariana and Rachel skype with Claire and Gina about their progress but they haven’t had any luck achieving funding. Gina asks how living together is going, with Rachel quipping that it’s great while Mariana reluctantly agrees. She gets a message from Evan and quickly dismisses it before Rachel can see it. She asks Rachel to join from her computer just as she gets another message from Evan, prompting an excited Rachel to tell the other girls that she thinks Mariana has a new boyfriend. Unable to tell them the truth, Mariana lies that she’s been messaging her brother Jesus who is going through a hard time. The other girls are sympathetic.

That night, Mariana sneaks out of her bedroom and past a snoring Rachel. She changes outfits and hurries out of The Coterie to meet secretly with Evan. A few hours later, Rachel texts Mariana asking where she is.

The next morning, Mariana meets the Byte Club at a coffee shop with news that they have a meeting. The girls are excited and ask how that is possible. Mariana remembers coming home from her tryst with Evan to an inquiring Rachel, prompting her to lie that she was in the bathroom. Rachel claims she looked everywhere including the other residents but no one found her. Mariana claims she sleepwalks which worries Rachel deeply. Mariana lays down in bed and decides to text Evan to get them a meeting but that’s all. At the shop, Mariana lies about going to an assistant who went to MIT together. Mariana thinks it would be a great team-building exercise for Rachel to stay with the other girls intermittently too. Rachel is ecstatic while the other girls feign enthusiasm.

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