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Penelope "Poppy" Sinfuego is a recurring character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. She is the younger sister of Ximena and is a member of Ximena's Latina derby team. Poppy is also on the team with Mariana Adams Foster, who she had met through her sister.

While her parents were detained by ICE and Ximena was seeking refuge in a church, Poppy was fostered by the Adams Foster family. The fostering ended once Ximena received custody of her sister. She made her first appearance in Contact.

Poppy is portrayed by Nandy Martin.


Poppy is the only in her family to be born in the United States, unlike her sister and parents, who were born in a different country.

Physical Appearance


Poppy is a caring and dedicated young woman. She is extremely competitive and prefers earning things instead of things being handed to her.



Ximena introduces Poppy to Callie, Mariana, and Aaron during roller derby practice.

Too Fast, Too Furious




Lena arrives at prom and informs Poppy that ICE was after Ximena and she has taken sanctuary in a church. She drives Poppy home and ICE are there, removing her parents from their home. Mariana films what is happening as Poppy and her parents tell ICE that she is a citizen. Because she is 16, ICE takes Poppy to CPS and won't allow Lena to take Poppy with her. After Callie undertakes a protest against what is happening to the Sinfuego's, the FBI and ICE back down. When Callie speaks to Ximena, she reveals that their family is fostering Poppy.


Hashtag IWasMadeInAmerica

Line in the Sand

Giving Up the Ghost


Appearances (10/101)

Season 5 (10/22)


  • Poppy is the only person in her immediate family to be born in the United States.
  • In her family's "in case of" plan, Poppy's guardianship is to be left to her older sister, Ximena, if her parents are deported.
  • Poppy is a blocker (though previously wished to be a jammer) on the Chula Vista Jr. derby team, The Traumacitas. Her number is #42 and she goes by the derby name "Penelope Cruzify".



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