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"Mariana: Why do we make them comfortable when we're the ones getting hurt?
Raj: To get ahead. We have to fit in to succeed.
Mariana and Raj

Playing the Game[1] is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Good Trouble.


Judge Wilson invites Callie and the other clerks over for a seemingly friendly BBQ that takes an unexpected turn. Mariana deals with a lack of diversity in her workplace and questions whether it’s the right place for her. Alice struggles with the responsibilities of managing the The Coterie.[2]


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Notes and Trivia

  • Callie and Mariana are on different sleep schedules, due to Mariana partying and Callie working non-stop.
  • Ben, Rebecca, and Callieare all in hot water with Judge Curtis Wilson.
  • Davia admits she never wanted to be a teacher and only did it to pay off her loans and figure out what she really wanted to do.
  • Mariana has given up on fitting in at Speckulate and decides to just enjoy her six-figure salary.
  • Alice helps Sumi plan her wedding while trying to handle The Coterie's mountain of problems.
  • Curtis' wife, Libby, helps Callie cheat on a game held by him.
  • Malika gives Alice a wakeup call speech.
  • Mariana and Raj bond over their mutual experiences with racism.



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