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Play is the third episode in Season 2 of The Fosters. It premiered on June 30, 2014. It is the twenty-fourth episode overall.


Stef and Lena go on a babymoon, leaving Brandon and Callie in charge of the house. Brandon’s bandmates pressure him into having a few friends over to hear their new sound, but when Mariana and Jesus find out, the night turns into an all-out rager. Determined to follow Stef and Lena’s rules, Callie tries to police the party but fails miserably. Jude finds himself in an awkward game of spin the bottle. Meanwhile, Lena tries to reconnect with Stef, who is finding it hard to relax on their weekend getaway.


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  • This episode's title was revealed by Dan Richter, one of The Fosters writers.[1]
  • The episode title, Play, is most likely referring to the Someone's Little Sister band playing music at the party.
  • Hayley in this episode tells Jesus that her ex-boyfriend broke up with her because she was "too needy." This foreshadows Hayley's neediness in future episodes.
  • Wyatt reveals he used to work in construction.
  • The Brandon and Lou duet of Outlaws is a song that can be found on iTunes.

Promo and Sneak Peeks


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