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Padre is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on February 10, 2014


Recent events bring up painful memories for Callie and Jude and make Callie question what is most important to her. Stef is flustered by a discovery about Lena and Mike is troubled by new developments in the shooting investigation when he finds out he might be sent away. Meanwhile, Jesus' long distance relationship with Lexi is complicated by his growing bond with his wrestling teammate, Emma.



We open with Stef finding her dad asleep in front of a Padres game. She hands him a cup of tea and they talk about the Padres. They reminisce about when he took her to her first away game in Chicago and it snowed. Little Stef had never seen snow before and her parents laughed at her when she asked why the sky was so dusty. They both laugh at the memory and we catch a glimpse of their relationship as we never saw it before, free, easy, friendly. Frank laments the fact that things are no longer so easy. Life gets complicated. Walls are built, brick-by-brick, with every hurtful word, every misunderstanding, and it’s hard to pull them back down again because mortar made from pain is strong stuff. Stef walks to the doorway and smiles when snow begins to fall around her. She turns back to her father but his chair is empty. Back at home, Stef wakes up from her bittersweet dream.

Jude walks in on Mariana crying in the bathroom, but she quickly pulls herself together. In another bathroom, Stef and Lena are getting ready together as well in front of the mirror and chatting. Lena finishes first, and Stef, in search of her mascara, rummages through her wife’s toiletries. Only to find the prenatal pills! There’s no time to


address the issue. The funeral is starting, and Callie has just arrived. And so has the police captain who warns Lena not to make Stef aware of the bad news concerning Mike and a newspaper article. Lena wipes away her confusion to greet Callie with an open smile. After the ceremony, the family and guests head to the Foster Adams household. Shortly after we get our first squeal of the night when Jude addresses Lena as “Mom” before asking her permission to invite Connor. (Lena squeals too, but internally.) While Callie and Mariana are bonding like perfect sisters, the latter remarks on Jude’s strength in dealing with funerals. He’s pretty resilient for twelve! But Callie flashes back to him wrecking her room shortly after the death of their mother and isn’t so sure if Jude is strong at all.

Just then, Brandon pulls Callie aside. They go upstairs to talk and Brandon confesses that he wants to bring their relationship out into the open. “We have nothing to hide!” The boy has no tact. Thank goodness for Callie having the sense that a funeral is not something you crash for grandiose declarations of love. It’s then that Lena pops in to

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call Brandon downstairs, and Callie opts to linger for a moment. In other flashback, Mini Callie refusing to kiss her smiling Mommy goodbye. Emma arrives and with food! Mariana watches with suspicion from the sidelines. While that’s going on, Stef finally corners Lena to ask about the pills, only to find out about Mike’s secret and the article. He tells her that it’s nothing, just an article about police brutality that gave him an unfair rep as the bad guy for the shooting. Mike just wants to get back to work already, and this article is one huge setback.

For the next flashback, We see Mini Callie rummaging through her mom’s stuff, and picking up a necklace…a neat segue back to present day. I’ve never noticed the necklace much before but the message of its value is clear. Speaking of mothers, Lena tries to confide in her own only to get shut down and laughed at. You can see how hurt Lena is by her mother’s reaction and unhelpful advice. It’s refreshing to have such a wide range of familial interactions. Mariana and the boys entertain themselves upstairs with a ouija board. A funeral is as good a time as even to talk with the dead. Mariana bails when the spirit reveals the initial of her future boyfriend…and it’s nice Zac! Stef is also in need of maternal wisdom, and seeks advice about Lena. Of course, there’s no avoiding that a serious talk is in order and Stef may have to be the bigger person. Callie also gets some motherly advice, in regards to her decision to move out. Lena’s mom points out that family is something that goes well beyond age eighteen. It is clear that Callie is slowly growing to reconsider her choices. As Lena is learning to own up to hers. She stands up to her mom with tears and conviction and the moment is melted into forgiveness


and understanding between the two. How sweet. Jesus and Emma are getting along really well, just as a video call from Lexi pops up. Jesus wants to ignore it, but in a surge of impulse, Emma accepts the call. She’s all smiles and Lexi is obviously intimidated by the fact that Emma doesn’t look like a beast.

Jude and Connor are still conversing with the dead. Just to make our hearts blush, Jude looks up and asks, “Mom, are you there? Is it okay if I get adopted?” And the answer to both questions is “Yes.”As Jude gains a connection, Callie loses hers. She launches into panic at the realization that her necklace is lost, and Jude quietly explains its importance when Lena offers to replace it. Stef, the one who can now relate to Cal’s loss most, sits her down for a heart to heart. And it is as he watches Callie sob into Stef’s arms from the window that we see for the first time a glimmer of common sense and understanding in Brandon.


Guests begin to leave. Emma wins for most awkward goodbye. The girl clearly has a crush! Stef says goodbye to the Pastor who gave a eulogy at the ceremony. He informs her of how much her father struggled to reconcile his faith with his love for her, and Stef’s stubbornness takes a hike. Callie is reunited with her necklace thanks to Brandon. The couple exchanges “I love you”s but both realize family is more important. They hug it out. Looks like Callie is coming home! As Brandon plays a lovely tune on the piano, Stef sits in the gift car from her father and finally finds the words to say, “I forgive you…I love you.” And just like in her dream, snow begins to gently fall right as Lena enters the car. The dreaminess sort of dies as Stef turns to her wife and says, quite frankly, “So, you wanna have a baby?”



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Title Reference

The title is a reference to Stef's father dying. Padre is Spanish for Father in English translation. It is also the name of the baseball team in which Stef's dad liked, the San Diego Padres.

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Featured Music

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  • Hymn For The Departed by Dave Thomas Junior (Stef has a flashback of her father talking about her first experience of snow.)
  • Come Back To You by Andrew Combs & Shannon (Callie & Mariana are in the kitchen talking while making deviled eggs.)
  • You’ll Find A Way by Danny Brooks (TBA)
  • No Other Love by Gus Renner and His Raghat Band (TBA)
  • Heart Strings by Keefe novoa (TBA)
  • Death By Proxy by Rare Monk (Mariana, Connor & Jude play with a ouija board.)
  • Blue Dawn by EG Kight Music (TBA)
  • Can’t Go Back by Rosi Golan (Callie and Dana washing the dishes.)
  • The Blues Don’t Lie by Kelly Richey (TBA)
  • It’s Your Sweet Love by Mark Cooke (TBA)
  • That’s What It’s All About by The Goodmen Band (TBA)
  • Shelter You by AG (Callie & Brandon say "I love you" to each other but can't be together.)


  • This episode's title and information were revealed by Jules Kovisars, a production manager working for The Fosters. She posted it via her Vine account.
  • This episode will contain flashbacks of Callie and Jude's past.
  • Callie and Jude's mother's name is revealed to be Colleen Jacob.


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