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The Office of Councilwoman Morales is a government office where Senator Lucia Morales spends the majority of her time, alongside her many staffers that make calls on her behalf.



Season 3

Season 4

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In "Meet the New Boss", Malika arrives for her first day of work, but no one knows who she is. She is shown around by Tracy, who is a blunt young woman who uses a chipper tone despite her brutal honesty. Will gives a speech to Malika and the staffers about the government helping people. He needs to fund the family first initiative, and an expansion for rent control. They need to conduct research and expand the proposal. Malika asks Will about her proposal and he promises they will get to that issue eventually. A woman arrives looking for Lucia, and asks Will for the background check on Malika. Malika asks about the woman who is Dana, Lucia's re-election manager. She's in a tug of war with Will for Lucia's attention.

Staff and Employees

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