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"Feliz, noche buena!"
Gael to Jazmin

Nochebuena is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on December 16, 2019.[3] It serves as the Holiday special for the season.[4]


Good Trouble will reunite the cast of The Fosters when the Adams-Foster clan comes to The Coterie to spend Christmas with Callie and Mariana. Callie struggles to tell her moms about quitting her clerkship, while Mariana agrees to volunteer for a holiday festival for the underprivileged. Alice is hiding a secret from The Coterie, and Davia strolls down memory lane with Dennis, opening old wounds.[5]


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Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first holiday special in Good Trouble.
  • It will be a two-hour special event and is the first two-hour episode in The Fosters/Good Trouble universe.
    • The first hour is called, "Nochebuena" and the section hour as, "A Very Coterie Christmas".
  • Marketing for the episode labeled it as, "Christmas at The Coterie". However, it's unclear if this is the episode title or not.
  • Joanna Johnson teased that cameos from The Fosters cast could be possible, as she, "can't imagine Callie and Mariana spending the holidays alone".[7]
  • On August 6, 2019, Bradley Bredeweg was scouting locations for the holiday episode.[8]
  • Production officially began on August 27, 2019.
  • While some filming began in late August, official filming didn't begin until September 2, 2019.[9]
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Callie as a Coterie resident.
  • Nochebuena is the first episode to feature every member of the Adams Foster family since The Fosters series finale, "Where the Heart Is".
  • Stock footage from "Where the Heart Is" and "DTLA" are shown.



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Featured Music

  • Jingle Bells by The Oohs And Aahs
  • Christmas Time Is Over by Sweet Spirit
  • Give A Little Somethin' by Danger Twins
  • O Christmas Tree by Alyssa Mei
  • Jingle Bells by BIEN
  • Oh Christmas Tree by Andrew Oye
  • More I Want by Rayelle
  • The Thing We Do by MOONZz
  • The Nice List by Dia Frampton
  • Holiday Ease by Amy Stroup
  • Christmas Eve by Savior Adore
  • Joy To The World by On camera choir
  • The Man In Red by Anthony LaMarca
  • It's A Holiday by Distant Cousins
  • Meant To Stay Hid by SYML
  • Bang A Little by Whitney Myer
  • Bring On The Holiday by I AM ORFA
  • Grow by Mia Gladstone


Mariana: Um... So... My Christmas wish is for... Peace on Earth, of course.
Malika: An end to hate and violence.
Callie: A system where justice really is for all.
Lena: That I can make a difference.
Mariana:That Raj calls me.
Jude: "The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more. But in developing the capacity to enjoy less". Socrates.
Gael: To unite my family.
Malika: Find joy.
Callie: Fight for what's --
Lena: Right.
Stef: That we stop putting children --
Gael: In cages.
Davia: To not be such an asshole.
Brandon: Try not to lose hope.
Gael: Hope.
Davia, Callie, Alice, Mariana, Malika, Jude: Hope.
Stef and Lena: Hope.
Davia: That I win the lottery.
Brandon: That I'll be a good father.
Stef: That Lena will understand.
Malika: That I can forgive my mother.
Callie: That we save our country.
Stef: Save our planet.
Alice, Gael, Jude, Callie, Malika, Mariana: Save our planet.
Davia: Save Venice.
Alice: That I can save Christmas.