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Noah Walker is a recurring character in the fourth and fifth season of The Fosters. He is one of Taylor's friends, and met Jude at a Church Youth Group. Not long after they meet, they begin a relationship after Lena's birthday party. He makes his first appearance in Trust.

Noah is portrayed by Kalama Epstein.


Noah is the son of a preacher and is heavily active in their church. His mother helped him get a medical marijuana card when he was a young teen. Because of his father's religious views, Noah felt that he couldn't come out and tried to ignore the fact that he was attracted to males. After he meets Jude, the two began hanging out and they eventually become close friends and after a while, boyfriends.

Physical Appearance

Noah is a young teen with brown hair and brown eyes. He is white and has lots of freckles. From what we've seen, his style is somewhat preppy, most likely stemming from his church background. He wears mostly button-ups and sweaters, as well as khaki/corduroy pants. His hair is always parted and swept to the side.


He is a friendly guy but has a mischievous side to his persona. He loves smoking weed, and he has gotten in trouble several times. Other than that, he can be seen as a nice, funny and lovable boy. He is a victim of cyberbullying, as he is openly gay as a preacher's son.



Taylor takes Jude to her Church Youth Group. When they walk in, Noah approaches them and it is clear he and Taylor are already friends. Noah introduces himself and Taylor introduces Jude. Taylor mentions that Noah is the minister's son and Jude assumes his father is the minister. Noah corrects Jude and says his mother is the minister. Taylor says that she and Jude go to school together. Noah asks if they were there for the school-shooter lockdown. Jude says they were, and it was pretty intense but says Taylor was a rock for him. The Youth Group leader asks for volunteers to help with the rummage sale after school the next day. Noah volunteers. They begin singing. Throughout the song, Noah glances at Jude and smiles.

Later the Youth Group leader asks the group what people think their trust in God does for them. Noah talks about his past relationship and how he got dumped that summer and he took it really hard but he realizes that there is nothing wrong with him, he didn't do anything wrong, and he isn't bad. Jude looks off into space, clearly relating what Noah is saying back to himself with Connor. Noah believes God will send him the boyfriend he wants when the time is right. Jude appears slightly surprised and confused on hearing that Noah is gay.

The Youth Group leader is leading them in a trust exercise involving pairs of twos. He says you can't pick someone you already know well. Taylor suggests that Noah and Jude pair up. Noah is down with it, but Jude seems a little unsure about it. They are instructed to sit cross-legged with their knees touching, to look into each other's eyes, and put their hands on each other, relaxed, palm-to-palm. Jude wipes his hands on his pants and apologizes, but Noah reassures him that it's okay and his hands are sweaty too. Noah is smiling a little to Jude this whole time. Jude looks a little uncomfortable. The leader instructs them to let their guard down and trust that the person sitting across from them will accept them for who they are and that is enough. Noah is concentrating hard on this exercise, not breaking his eye-contact with Jude. Jude can't seem to focus on him. After a few seconds, Jude apologizes and gets up, saying he has to go. He leaves. Noah looks surprised, but not hurt by Jude's sudden departure. Taylor follows Jude out and Jude accuses her of bringing him to Youth Group because Noah is gay. Taylor admits that she hoped Jude would like Noah, or at least have another friend. Jude says he doesn't need any more friends and storms off.

The next day Noah is shown sifting through some boxes and he looks up to see Jude walking through the door. Noah approaches him and Jude tells him that he came to help. Noah replies, "Sweet.", and gestures to Jude to follow him back to the boxes he was originally looking through. Noah tells Jude where to put things and Jude says, "Sounds good", and smiles at him. Noah smiles back and they begin to sort things together.


Taylor is over at Jude's house and they are doing homework. Stef asks Jude to edit a video for Lena for her birthday party tomorrow. Jude agrees but admits he's never done anything like that before. Taylor suggests that Noah could help him. Jude sighs, looking resigned at the suggestion.

Later, Noah is helping Jude edit the video for Lena's party in Jude's room. They share some banter about Jenna. While Noah is instructing Jude on how to edit the video, Jude seems to be focusing more on Noah then what Noah is telling him. Jude thanks him for helping him. Noah says it's no problem, he does this stuff for his church all the time. Taylor, who is sitting in the corner, gasps. Noah and Jude both look over in surprise. Noah asks what she gasped about, but she says it's nothing. Jude presses her further and she admits that Connor is back in San Diego. She asks if Jude knew. Jude looks a little sad. Noah asks who Connor is. Jude admits that Connor is his ex. His voice catches a little. Jude tells Noah why the broke up. Jude appears uncomfortable talking about Connor. Noah nods because he understands. This is when Noah finds out that Jude is gay as well.

At Lena's party, Noah approaches Jude and Taylor, looking happy. Jude is upset because it turns out that Connor brought his new boyfriend with him to San Diego and Jude thinks Connor should have told him. Jude looks surprised that Noah came. Taylor says, "Cuteness Overload" and tells them to get together for a picture. They put their arms around each other and smile.

Taylor taking a picture of Jude and Noah

Jude changes his Facebook profile picture to the picture Taylor took of him and Noah and changes his relationship status to "In a relationship". As a result, Mariana comes up to Jude and Noah a bit later. They are sitting at a table together and Jude is looking at Lena's video again. Mariana asks Jude why he didn't tell her. Noah looks at Jude, confused. Mariana starts suggesting ship names for them. Noah is very confused and Jude looks at his lap, embarrassed. Mariana says that if Jude is changing his relationship status, they need a couple name. Noah continues to look at Jude, awaiting an explanation. Jude doesn't look at Noah and awkwardly clears his throat.

Noah is the seen angrily leaving the Foster Adams household. Jude begs him to stay. Noah stops and asks Jude to not involve him in whatever is going on with Jude and his ex. Jude apologizes and explains that he did it because he wanted it to seem like he moved on too. Noah looks like he understands. He says that he gets wanting to make an ex feel jealous, but Noah hates social media. Jude is curious about that. Noah explains that a lot of people hate that a minister's son is openly gay and he gets cyberbullied for it. Jude promises to take the picture down. Noah says that if Jude is going to go around telling people they are boyfriends, Jude should ask Noah out first. Jude seems confused and stutters his answer, "I-I should?". Noah nods. Jude then asks Noah out. Noah says, "That's better". They laugh. it is implied that Noah said yes. Later, they are seen sitting together before Lena's video plays. Lena's mom makes a joke about Lena's hair within the video and Noah and Jude are seen looking at each other and smiling.


Jude and Taylor are having a lighthearted conversation and he tells Taylor that he isn't going to pass his math midterm. Taylor suggests that he should ask Noah to tutor him. Jude asks her if he's a math genius too. Taylor laughs a little and says she wouldn't be surprised because he's pretty smart. Taylor asks what's going on with them and Jude says "they're just hanging out", smiling. He mentions that Noah is coming over after school, but they're "probably just friends". Taylor says that they didn't look like "just friends" at Lena's birthday party in episode Forty. Jude tells her that Noah's not a dancer and Jude calls some of Noah's moves "experimental" while dancing a little in an attempt to imitate them. Taylor says it was because Noah was stoned. Jude is surprised. He doesn't believe her. She tells him that, "It's always the preacher's kids you need to watch out for.". Jude looks uncomfortable.

After school, Noah and Jude are shown playing a car racing game and having fun. Both are smiling. Noah apologizes for being so bad at the videogame and says it's because his mom doesn't let him play them, because she believes they mess with your head. He reaches into a bag of candy and eats some. He tells Jude to take it away from him because candy is his kryptonite. Jude lightheartedly asks him if he has the munchies. Noah looks confused. Jude bluntly asks him if he's stoned. Noah still looks confused. Jude explains that Taylor told him that Noah was high at Lena's party. Noah seems a little stunned but goes with it. He tells Jude that he's not high at that moment, but he has a medical marijuana card that his mom got him. Jude asks if it's the same mom that thinks video games mess with your head. They laugh. Noah explains that he has it for his anxiety, which he gets when in large crowds and around new people, his mom would rather give him something natural instead of a prescription drug. Noah asks Jude if he has ever tried marijuana. Jude says no. Noah asks him if he wants to and Jude looks a little surprised, thinking that Noah meant trying some right at that moment. Noah says that he doesn't have any on him at the moment as his mom limits how much he gets, but he saves some for fun. He suggests he brings some over the next day. Jude says yes. Jude seems unsure of that decision but doesn't say anything to reverse it.

The next day, Jude and Noah are in Jude's room. Jude is telling Noah about a vine he says of a guy eating like 1,000 pounds of candy and how it reminded Jude of Noah. Noah hands him a gummy worm from a bag Noah brought over. Noah is already eating the gummy worms. Noah says he made a playlist of music he likes to listen to when he's high. Jude tells him he doesn't really want to smoke pot. Noah looks startled. He tells Jude that they aren't smoking it, they're eating it and holds up the bag of gummy worms. Jude looks surprised. Then, it shows Noah speaking through an electric fan and they both are laughing. They try to have a conversation, but they are clearly high. Stef comes in to tell Jude to keep the door open and that dinner is almost ready. She invites Noah to stay, but he declines. She picks up the bag of gummy worms and asks what it is. Both boys look panicked. She tells them to not spoil their appetites and leaves the room. Jude is worried she knew, but Noah reassured him she didn't. Noah calls Stef "the po-po" and Jude repeats it and they break out in fits of laughter. They lie down, look at each other, and Jude initiates a kiss. Noah kisses him back, when the kiss breaks, they begin laughing again.

The next day Taylor asks Jude if he's nervous about the math midterm. Jude says no he's all good and then he is shown eating the same gummy worms he and Noah were eating the day before.

Highs & Lows

Noah comes to the hospital with his mom to support Jesus when he accidentally got a nail inserted into his head and he had to go to surgery to get it removed. Noah runs into Callie. Callie tells Noah's mom that she doesn't want Noah to give any more pot to Jude. Noah is staring at Callie, stunned. His mother asks him if that's true, he says he only did it once. He looks guilty and regretful. Noah catches a glimpse of Jude through the waiting room window. Noah's mom takes him home. After Jesus' surgery, Jude gets a text, presumably from Noah that says that Callie ratted out Noah to his mom.

New York

The moms pull out a pipe and ask who's it is. Jude plays dumb, but he knows it's Noah's. Later, Noah texts Jude asking him if he wants to hang out later. Jude says he thought he was grounded. Noah replies that he is but he will sneak out because he wants to see Jude. Jude smiles at the message.

Noah and Jude kissing while stoned.

They are showed together late that night, already stoned. They are in Jude's garage. Jude is laying on the couch and Noah is sitting on the arm of the couch by Jude's feet. Noah is fooling around with a soccer ball. Jude laughs and tells Noah they have to be quiet. Noah says then maybe they should stop talking and they begin to kiss. Noah's hand moves down to Jude's jeans and Jude stops him telling him he's never done anything "below the waist". Noah tells him it's okay and that everyone has their first time. Noah kisses Jude again and Jude pushes him off and tells him to stop, saying he isn't ready. Noah's marijuana pipe falls into a box. Neither of them notices. Noah seems surprised and hurt that Jude stopped him. Jude doesn't want him to, but Noah leaves immediately after. Noah comes over the next night and apologizes for the night before. Jude mentions that his moms found Noah's pipe and Noah apologizes for that as well. Jude apologizes for the night before as well. Noah looks confused and he explains that Noah was right, everybody does have the first time and he says that he was just nervous. He says he still wants to do something if Noah wants to do something. Noah says he only wants to do what Jude wants to do. He looks sincere when he says it. Jude looks happy. Later, Brandon is in the kitchen with his moms and sees something moving in the garage. He asks them if someone is in the garage. The moms go into the garage, which is filled with smoke, and see Jude and Noah sitting on the couch together, laughing. Jude is holding a joint. They look at Jude's moms guiltily, they glance at each other, and then back at Jude's moms.

Collateral Damage

Jude asks his moms if he can go to the Bay Festival to see Brandon play with Someone's Little Sister and to help collect signatures for Jack's Law. He mentions that he's grounded but he should be able to go because Noah won't be there.

Later at the Bay Festival, Jude is asking people for signatures. Nobody stops to sign. Then, a voice says that he'll sign, Jude turns and Noah is there. He smiles at Jude. Jude looks surprised and stutters out that he's not supposed to see Noah. Noah steps closer to Jude and shrugs. He holds up a joint and says he won't tell if Jude doesn't. Jude looks to be thinking for a moment and checks to make sure no one is around. He smiles his acceptance to Noah's invitation, Noah smiles back. They turn around and walk off, Noah smiling big and bumping shoulders with Jude.

Insult to Injury

Jude and Noah.JPG

Jude and Noah are present in a boating dock. A boating supervisor immediately stops them. He asks what their business is being here. Noah declares one of the boats to belong to his father, a church minister. The supervisor then asks which one. Noah follows up a bit intimidated for the supervisor to repeat himself, to which he does just that. A clever Jude studying the boats as the conversation between Noah and the supervisor escalated, suddenly states: "Coconut Telegraph" a boat Jude spotted by chance, answering the supervisor's question for Noah. Now convinced, the supervisor allows Jude and Noah to proceed passed him. Jude at first compliments Noah, stating: "that was good" which is met by Noah remarking: "Hey, you're polite and you smile, amazing what you can get away with." Jude immediately responds with another compliment  saying: "Yea, when you have a smile like yours." The two glance and smile at each other, and continue to advance into the deck of the boat. Once inside Noah reveals a joint he had hidden in his pocket. Noah then proceeds to light and smoke the joint, offering the very same cigarette to Jude afterward. Jude accepts the joint and smokes it, visibly enjoying it. Noah states "Not bad, huh?" Jude simply glances and giggles at Noah.

Later on into the episode, Noah and Jude are still having a good time inside the deck of the boat. Noah discovers two packs of potato chips and reveals them to Jude. Jude then also follows up by uncovering a small compact room with a bed in it. Jude promptly springs onto the bed and hurls a pillow at an almost dazed Noah. Noah responds by tossing the pillow back at Jude and flings himself onto the bed alongside him. The two continue to chuckle and laugh as Noah begins to open one of the potato chip bags.

Jude and Noah kissing on the boat.

The scene advances with Jude and Noah continuing to have a great time together on the bed. Noah begins by stating: "oh my god, like why are potato chips the most delicious thing ever created in the history of the world?" Noah continues, "Like, why do we ever need to eat something else?" Jude interrupts with a loud cackle, but then stops himself and states: "Wait, what if we like invented a potato chip that would give you all the nutrition and nutrients, and vitamins that you needed every day then you wouldn't have to eat anything else." Noah looks downward at first almost shocked but then erupts into laughter along with Jude. The laughter eventually subsides, and the two glance at each other. After a long pause, Jude finally leans in and begins to make out with Noah. This continues to escalate to the point that, Jude even begins to undress.  But, suddenly the whole situation is halted when both Jude and Noah hear someone getting on the boat. At first, Jude suggests hiding in a closet, but Noah observes the boat being unducted from the inside of a window.  Noah frantically notifies Jude of this, and the two conclude on fleeing from the boat, regardless of potentially being caught by the person on the boat. Now decided, Jude and Noah flee out and off the boat as quickly as they could, successfully escaping after hitching a ride with Jude's brother and his girlfriend, Brandon and Courtney.

When Courtney finally arrives at the hospital, Jude said's to Noah that he'll text him later and exits the car. Jude then kisses Noah's hand and wishing him goodbye. Noah is very visibly happy by all of this.

Cruel and Unusual

The Long Haul

Dirty Laundry


Welcome to the Jungler

Chasing Waterfalls



Hashtag IWasMadeInAmerica



Noah is seen in the video, which Callie made to present for the judge about Ximena's parents.

Many Roads

Appearances (19/101)

Season 4 (10/20)

Season 5 (9/22)



Jude Adams Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Forty (4x05)
    • Break Up: Many Roads (5x19)
      • Reason: Noah didn't like the person Jude was becoming.
  • Second Relationship:

Main Article: Joah

Taylor brings Jude to a church youth meeting, and Noah is there. Jude and Noah are partners for exercise, and they become friends. Later, in Forty, Jude sees that Connor has a new boyfriend and decides to change his status on Facebook to "dating Noah." Noah finds out, gets angry, and then says that Jude should at least ask him out first. He does, and Noah says yes.


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  • Taylor doesn't know Noah smokes weed for medical reasons.
  • Noah's last name has never been stated on the show but was confirmed to be "Walker" by writer Kris Rehl on twitter.[1]




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