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"The new moon reminds us to check in with ourselves and identify our hearts true desires. This is the time to ask for what we want, and to give ourselves permission to have it."

New Moon is the seventh episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble. The episode aired on March 31, 2021


A surprise intruder interrupts Malika’s New Moon ceremony, wreaking havoc and disrupting relationships amongst the Coterie members.


The group sits around a circle of candles and crystals as they take part in a cleansing ritual. Callie remembers Mariana asking if she still has feelings for Gael. Davia remembers her conversation with Dennis where she asks if he wants her to wait for him. Malka remembers Dyonte telling her that she can love more than one person. Isaac recalls Malika inviting him to the new moon ceremony and her inviting Dyonte which he says is cool. Alice talks to Callie about Ruby and Callie flirts and kisses her.

Malika sets up the crystal circle as she remembers Dyonte giving her a crystal that prompts health and healing. They joke about her relationships needing protection but he just noticed the crystal on her desk and wanted to get her something. She wants to return to her spiritual practices to charge her crystals during a new moon, which he points out is coming up soon. In the present, Alice, Callie, Davia, Gael, and Mariana emerge on the roof and compliment the beauty. Matt arrives and compliments the view on the roof, to which she looks to Gael and insinuates a relationship between them. Gael stops her from getting a drink as they aren’t supposed to drink as it will cloud their intentions. Matt is confused about what the ceremony is for, with Kelly chiming in that she thought they were watching New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga. Gael clarifies that they are setting intentions and goals so Kelly bails just as Dyonte and Isaac arrive. Isaac gives Malika a sage stick since it’s supposed to help clear negative energies. She thanks him and they embrace.

From the balcony, Mariana and Callie discuss the ceremony since Mariana isn’t thrilled with the idea. Claire texts Mariana to talk about Raj. She remembers collecting Raj’s things to leave in a box on the kitchen table. She opens up to Callie about feeling sad about moving on from Raj, but even though she’s happy with Evan she still loves Raj. Calle understands it’s hard to let go. In the present, Mariana tells Callie about the text from Claire but Callie thinks it can wait. Malika collects everyone’s phones which sparks Mariana to run out with her phone.

Davia, Matt, and Gael talk awkwardly and she leaves them alone to talk. Matt adds that Davia is great which Gael agrees with. Davia asks Alice why she’s staring at Callie, sparking Alice to remember her latest hook-up with Ruby still wanting to keep things casual. She remarks that it’s fun, kisses Alice, and leaves. Callie enters a few moments later and asks if she’s okay and wants to talk about what’s bothering her. In the present, Alice confides in Davia that she’s in love with Callie.

Mariana facetimes Claire and she tells Mariana that they have been talking to one another. She wanted to talk to Mariana before anything happened as she doesn’t want things to get here without Mariana’s blessing. Raj arrives for his box so Mariana hangs up to talk with him. She tries to make small talk with him and denies having his NASA shirt, even though she remembers putting it in a drawer after smelling it. He thanks her for the stuff just as she hears animal noises and something bumps the lamp. It falls over and the pair run into the bathroom and hide in the stalls.

Malika lights sage to begin the ceremony by smudging themselves of negative energy. Mariana can’t reach any of her Coterie members and panics over what it could be. Malika has everyone join hands so Callie whispers to Alice that she hopes she didn’t make things awkward between them, but Alice assures her that isn’t the case. Malika explains the new moon. She remembers talking to Dyonte about his girlfriend since he finished This Is Us without her. Malika asks about the girlfriend who is named Tanya, and he admits that he was jealous at first until he realized they can love more than one person and shouldn’t deny having intimate connections with others. She asks if he’s interested in another girlfriend which he could be. Callie remembers kissing Gael and Mariana telling her that Gael might be the right guy all along. Davia remembers kissing Dennis, while Alice remembers kissing Callie, and Malika remembers learning capoeira with Dyonte. She stops the hand holding abruptly and has everyone write down their intentions. Callie leaves to check on Mariana and assures Alice she’s fine on her own.

Davia and Gael talk about Callie and how he wants someone serious and committed. He asks how things are with Matt and admits to thinking Matt is cute and that he would date him. In the present, Davia smiles at Matt and Gael.

Mariana talks to animal control about the kind of animal it could and Raj denies it being a bobcat or bigger than one foot. The people promise to be there in a few hours. He goes to leave the stall but she feels safer with him there. She asks if there’s anything new in his life but he declines though he’s looking for a new job. She asks if he’s seeing anyone and he admits that he is but doesn’t want to say the name since she might know his new girlfriend. She then tells him to go back to his stall so he complies. Mariana angrily texts Claire that she knows they’re already dating.

Callie searches for her sister and sees Raj’s knocked-over box. The shadow of a creature flicks across the window and begins to make news, prompting her to investigate.

Callie hears sniffing and eating from under the bed. Malika plans to burn the notes in a metal pot so Gael excuses himself to find a pan. Davia notes that they are both writing a lot of intentions and that’s another thing Matt and Gael have in common. Callie looks under the bed and sees glowing eyes, causing her to scream and hide in a closet. She screams for help and he rushes to her aid worriedly. The creature makes noise so she pulls him into the closet and worries that it might get someone else, or that it already got Mariana.

In the stall, Mariana’s phone rings, and Claire calls and asks if his relationship is serious. He admits that it’s new but not serious. Claire has her ask if it’s exclusive to which he replies no. Mariana hangs up the call while Raj smiles.

Malika decides to postpone the burning and asks everyone to give the objects that mean something to them, so Davia takes Matt to get another item.

Callie and Gael erupt from the closet covered in coats, hats, and scarves which surprises Davia and Matt. Gael instructs them to hide in their loft until they can trap the creature, which surprises Callie as she thought they were going to kill it. Davia reminds them they are in downtown LA not the wilderness so it might be a fat squirrel. They see a raccoon and everyone runs off screaming while Matt and Davia hide in her room. They panic over where to hide since the raccoons could be under the bed.

Gael goes to the bathroom and finds Mariana and Raj. Raj points out that raccoons can carry rabies.

Davia becomes scared while standing on the bed and embraces Matt. They decide to jump on the bed to scare it out of hiding but end up giggling over it and breaking the bed which causes them to laugh.

All that’s left around the circle are Malika, Dyonte, and Isaac, who assure her that they are going to follow through with the rest of the ritual. She points out the next thing is a cleansing ritual in the pool which they are down for.

Davia apologizes to Matt for the awkwardness as she was hoping he and Gael could get to know one another. He thinks Davia and Gael are together but she clarifies that Gael isn’t her guy but Dennis is and hints that Gael is single and thinks Matt is cute. He finds it nice so she hints at Matt also being bisexual. She remembers a teacher’s meeting where Matt wanted to start an LGBTQ+ allyship group and speaks from personal experience, leading Jordan and Davia to conclude he is bi. In the present, Matt corrects that he isn’t bi but his twin brother is queer and he watched his brother go through it. She is surprised and he realizes she invited him to set him up with Gael but assures Matt that she does like him.

Callie walks around with a hanger in search of the raccoon and calls it a trash panda. She picks up a baseball bat instead. She hears rustling from Alice’s room and bursts in which scares Alice and seconds later a raccoon makes noise behind them.

Malika and Dyonte float Isaac in the pool, alternating between the trio as they perform the cleansing ritual. She adjusts her hands on both their backs.

Matt asks what is going on between her and Dennis, and she remembers Dennis not thinking it’s fair to wait for him even though it is something he wants and he does love her. He doesn’t know how long it will take to feel whole again or if he ever will be. She tells Matt she isn’t sure what’s going on with them. He explains that retreat has many meanings, either an escape or to run away. Alice emerges with softball gear and proposes trapping it in a laundry basket. Alice refuses to let Callie go alone as she can protect her too. Gael, Alice, and Callie leap into the dining room to capture the raccoon.

Raj admits to Mariana that he’s missed her and goes to kiss her but she stops him. The trio stalks the halls and finds the creature drinking a beer bottle. It retreats into the trash can so Gael flips it upside down to trap it, but it begins to move the can so Alice puts a pile of books on it. Kelly emerges to ask what is going on and scares everyone.

A raccoon falls into the pool and scares Malika, Isaac, and Dyonte, who swim frantically to the edge.

Animal control arrives but Callie, Alice, and Gael turn them away. Kelly emerges with a raccoon and thanks to them, but she needs to find Lucy. Malika, Dyonte, and Isaac dart through the Coterie screaming about the raccoon in the pool until they see Kelly holding the raccoon. Kelly is looking after the creatures for a traveling animal show and gives Ethel to Gael and Callie compliments that Ethel and Gael have the same eyes.

Raj apologizes to Mariana for misunderstanding the situation. She knows it will always be hard but knows that he and Claire are talking but assures him that Claire is interested in being more than friends. Raj realizes they are over and she pretends to suddenly find the NASA search in her drawer. He thanks her and they hug goodbye.

Callie and Gael laugh over him using Mariana’s heels to scare the raccoon. He compliments their teamwork skills which she agrees with. He remarks that it’s fun having fun with her, which she agrees with. He then goes to bed while she stays up by the pool.

Malika wonders what the raccoon appearing could mean and the boys joke about the pool needing to be drained. Isaac asks where Dyonte’s girlfriend is and learns the relationship isn’t exclusive as they are poly.

Davia walks Matt to the elevators and apologizes again but he had fun anyway. She stops him from closing and asks if his offer for drinks is still on the table as she would like that. They say goodnight as he closes the elevator door.

Alice sweeps up the remnants of the raccoon and Davia confronts her about loving Callie. Alice remembers Callie asking if she’s okay and refusing. Callie is short on rent since there was a problem with her check but Alice assures her that it’s okay she knows Callie is good for it. Alice lays back down when Callie leaves and dreams about Callie kissing her. Davia analyzes the dream which could mean that Alice is tired of not being in the passenger seat but Alice is a bit skeptical that she might be in love with Callie, who overhears the conversation and confronts Davia when Alice goes to bed. Alice, however, turns down Ruby’s offer for a third night.

Malika asks Isaac what he thought about the ceremony and he admits to it being illuminating. He confronts Malika about not being surprised that Dyonte was in a poly relationship and not telling him, which leads to him asking if she wants to be in a relationship with Dyonte.


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  • Jung Park as Animal Catcher

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  • A text thread between Callie, Mariana, and Jude was released on the Good Trouble Twitter account. It can be viewed here.




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