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Nathan Adams is Lena's half-brother and the son of Stewart Adams. His voice was heard in the episode Christmas Past and he first appears in More Than Words.

Nathan is portrayed by Travis Schuldt.


Nathan, also known as "Nate", is the son of Stewart Adams from his first marriage prior to his current marriage with Dana. He is the paternal half-brother of Lena. However, he is estranged from his paternal family due to resenting them since he believes that his father chose them over him and his biological mother. He cut off contact after an argument with Dana, which Lena witnessed, when he was seventeen years old and visiting them before abruptly leaving afterwards. Things after this were left tense between him and Lena due to him calling her mother a racist term before he left. He did not contact them for twenty years. 

In season 3, he attempts to make amends with his step-mother and half-sister after being out of their lives for so long. He appears to have gotten over his racist views, even having an African American girlfriend of six months. However, Lena still wants a formal apology from him to her mother if he truly has no bitterness towards them anymore. Despite this, when confronted, he claims to have no recollection of the argument. When his father is told by Dana what he called her, since she never told him, and kicks him and his girlfriend out, he is shown to still hold a grudge. This being when he bitterly tells his father how he always chose "them" over him before leaving. 

Later, he arrives unexpectedly at Anchor Beach to finally patch things up with Lena. He explains how since he had so little time with his father, who would be spending it with Lena and Dana, he developed a bitterness towards them due to jealousy. Lena initially has a hard time being willing to forgive him, believing he was using their father as a scapegoat for his actions. However, Dana tells her that she needs to have compassion for him because Stewart truly did fail to be a good father to Nate compared to Lena. They finally forgive him and invite him to attend Dana and Stewart's fifty year anniversary party, where he makes amends with his father.


Christmas Past (Voice Only)

Lena mentions to Jude about her history with Nate. She tells him about how the two didn't grow up together like most siblings do and he lived in another state with his mother. She vaguely tells him about how one day he came to visit her and her family and he "wasn't very nice" which lead to a big fight between them - exchanging "mean" comments to each other. Lena says they haven't talked since. Jude suggests that the root of Nate's anger could have been because while Lena got a chance to live with her father, he didn't.

Later, Lena gives some thought about her brother and calls her mother, who is staying with Stewart and his family for the holidays. When Dana picks up, she asks to speak to Nate. She then wishes him a merry Christmas.

More Than Words

Nathan visits Lena and Stef for a dinner together. Lena attempts reminding him on what he said but claims he doesn't remember. When Lena keeps waiting for Nate to apologize to Dana for calling her a hurtful word, they both confront him. Stewart learns of this, causing him to get mad and kicks Nate, and his girlfriend, Faith, out of the house.


Nate attends the party for Dana and Stewart with Faith and this time he apologizes to Stewart for what he called Dana and he forgives him.


  • He was estranged from his paternal family due to believing his father chose Lena and her family over him and his mother. In More Than Words, it is stated that he had not contacted them in 20 years.
  • In the episode Lucky, he makes a surprise return to Lena while she is working at Anchor Beach and finally apologizes for what he called her mother. After an emotional family reunion, he and his father finally make amends. 

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