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The following are the list of tracks used in each episode of The Fosters.

Note: The opening theme, Where You Belong, is not mentioned on this page due to it being used for all episodes. Please refer to its page if you're looking for more information on it.

Season 1


  • Two Steps Away by The Co
  • Fire and Dynamite by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors
  • Secret by Missy Higgins
  • Find a Way by Tyler Blackburn
  • Before It Breaks by Brandi Carlile'
  • Pretty Tragedy by Nikki Flores
  • Old Pine by Ben Howard
  • New Beginning by The Young Romans


  • Long Walk Back by The Rifle
  • Your Eyes by Tyler Blackburn
  • Rain on Me by Gods of Macho
  • Everything's Looking Up by Sugar and Hi Lows

Hostile Acts

  • Family Name by Peter Bradley Adams
  • The Rassle by Celebrate the Days
  • Can't Go Back Now by The Weepies
  • July by BOY
  • Cross that Line by Joshua Radin


  • Live It Up by Jennifer Lopez
  • Shooting Star by Kari Kimmel
  • Rule the World by Anabel Englund
  • Golden by Dena
  • Ready to Go by Toby Lightman
  • Believe by Nicholas Ruth
  • Simply Beautiful by Pilothill
  • You Are My Girl by Jack Miz
  • You Remind Me by Andy Shauf

The Morning After

  1. All in the Attitude by Toby Lightman
  2. Let it Go by Meiko
  3. Are You Ready Yet by Claire Bowditch
  4. Brave by Jesse Thomas
  5. Wandering Times by Jack Dolgen
  6. My Boy by Donovan Woods
  7. Me, Myself, and I by Toby Lightman
  8. Add My Effort by The Weepies
  9. Show and Tell by Maggie Eckford
  10. Be With Me by Anabel Englund
  11. I'm Good by Toby Lightman


  • Black Eye Boogie by The Centerfolds
  • Lipstick Traces by F-Units
  • Skullface by Step-Panther
  • Son of an American by The So So Gloss
  • Trireme by Snowday
  • Long, Hard Day by Toby Lightman

The Fallout

  • Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman
  • Get it Daddy by Sleeper Agent
  • One Woman Army by Kate Earl
  • New Day by Kirsten Price
  • Down the Line by Julia and the Doogans
  • When the Sky Fell by SHEL


  • Stumble On The Line by Andy Zipf 
  • Let Yourself Be Loved by Garrison Starr
  • One Women Army by Kate Earl
  • Mountains by Odessa
  • You Got My Love by Toby Lightman


  • Treehouse by Rosie and Me 
  • Anchor Holds The Sea by Captains and Captives 
  • That Sweet Thing by Bill Gordon 
  • On The Other Side by Phillip LaRue 
  • For Granted by Odessa 
  • Save It All by Marie Hines 
  • St. Christopher (On My Way) by  Michael Logen 

I Do

  • Breaking Your Own Heart by The Boxer Rebellion
  • You Take It Slowly by Telekenesis
  • Where You Came From by Scattered Trees
  • Tiger Child by The Young Romans
  • Let’s Go by Aaron Espe
  • You Belong To Me by The Boxer Rebellion
  • Just Play The Music by LaurynVyce
  • Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Re-Arrange Again by Erin McCarley

The Honeymoon

  • From Afar by Vance Joy
  •  Heavy Heart by Madi Diaz
  •  Save Me from the Fire (feat. Eliza Neals) by Barrett Strong
  •  Girl With No Name by Jules Larson & AG

House and Home

  • In the Arms by Lucy Schwartz
  • Casualty by Kopecky Family Band
  • Turning the Tide by Stigma
  • Too Many Lies by The Futures League
  • We Are Broken by This, the Silent War

Things Unsaid

  •  Bloom (Bonus Track) by The Paper Kites
  •  Hello Mr. Sunshine by Amy Stroup
  •  Secrets by The Wooden Birds
  •  Some Things I'd Rather Not Know (feat. Mindy Smith) by Madeleine Slate
  •  Shotgun to the Heart by Rosie and Me

Family Day

  • Think I Said Too Much by Sugar & The Hi Lows
  • Old Friend by Sea Wolf
  • Talk To Me by Genevieve
  • Mind Over Matter by SEA STARS
  • Outlaws by David Lambert
  • Someone, Sometime by Mindy Smith


  • Hymn For The Departed by Dave Thomas Junior (Stef has a flashback of her father talking about her first experience of snow.)
  • Come Back To You by Andrew Combs & Shannon (Callie & Mariana are in the kitchen talking while making deviled eggs.)
  • You’ll Find A Way by Danny Brooks (TBA)
  • No Other Love by Gus Renner and His Raghat Band (TBA)
  • Heart Strings by Keefe novoa (TBA)
  • Death By Proxy by Rare Monk (Mariana, Connor & Jude play with a ouija board.)
  • Blue Dawn by EG Kight Music (TBA)
  • Can’t Go Back by Rosi Golan (Callie and Dana washing the dishes.)
  • The Blues Don’t Lie by Kelly Richey (TBA)
  • It’s Your Sweet Love by Mark Cooke (TBA)
  • That’s What It’s All About by The Goodmen Band (TBA)
  • Shelter You by AG (Callie & Brandon say "I love you" to each other but can't be together.)

Us Against The World

  • War of Hearts bWar of Heartsy Russell Taylor  (Brandon seats on the beach when he's hit by a boomerang, he's offered weed and then invited to a party by Vico.)
  •  Same Changes by The Weepies (Mariana, Callie, and Brandon leave the party; Callie surprises Jude with a birthday presents; The family and Callie surprise Jude with a birthday party; Brandon steals Lena's keys.)
  •  Don't Say by Hannah Cohen (When Callie explores the house after receiving her phone, and hearing the new rules from Stef & Lena.)

Kids in the Hall

  • Way With Words by Mideau (The Fosters arrive at school.)
  • 100 Lovers by Tennis (Callie & Mariana talk boy problems.)
  • Open Up Each Other by Imaginary Future (Daphne & Kiara visit Callie.)
  • Paper Cloud by Glacier Park (Brandon & Vico arrive at the bar.)
  • No Time To Waste by Political Rivals (Brandon discovers Dani at the bar.)
  • It Hurts by Bad Bad Hats (Mariana is buried in an underwear avalanche.)
  • Woman Trials and Tribulations by The Futures League (Jesus & Emma wrestle.)
  • Big Blue Wave (Alternative Mix) by Hey Ocean (The photo shoot is underway.)