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You look a little stressed. I mean, as stressed as someone as beautiful as you can look.

Monte Porter is a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, and fifth season of The Fosters. She appears for the first time in Someone's Little Sister as the new principal of the Anchor Beach Community Charter School.

Monte is portrayed by Annika Marks.


Monte starts her job as a new principal of Anchor Beach Community Charter School in Someone's Little Sister. She is not an experienced educator, as she worked in business previously, something that made the school staff question her ability to handle a school.

She is shown to handle her position as principal professionally with a willingness to listen and learn from her colleague, Lena. After she dismisses Timothy for insubordination, the students refuse to attend class and they organize a rally against the school administration for being 'monocratic' and 'dictatorial'. Monte responds to this in a business-like way and plans on suspending them unless they showed up on Monday. Lena, however, gets Monte to see that she should listen to her students because that is what is important in academia.

Physical Appearance

Monte is a beautiful, athletic, and fit woman in her mid-thirties. She is of medium height, has brown eyes, and long brunette hair which she usually wears in a ponytail. She dresses in professional business attire when she is at school, dresses more casually on non-work days, and dresses up well on dates and nights out. Monte is a natural beauty and does not wear much makeup.



Someone's Little Sister

Fost210 0577.png

Monte is shown for the first time while talking to Lena in the principal's office. Monte tells Lena that they will need to work together and that she gives her complete authority over the curriculum. She also tells Lena that they will share administrative tasks and Monte herself will take care of budget and finance. Then, Jude walks in and Lena introduces him. After that Monte leaves the room.

Later, Monte is seen in the principal's office with Lena, Connor, and his father. After a short discussion, Connor leaves. Adam tells Lena and Monte that he didn't permit his son to sleep in the same tent during a camping trip with Jude, who he believes is gay. He also says that Connor violated his rules. Lena responds that he is a bully, which attracts Monte's attention.

The next day, Lena tells Monte that they need to write a letter to the district and the state department of education. Monte doesn't think it's appropriate if there's a parent involved in bullying. The two start a discussion which ends up in Monte saying they can't call Adam a bully if these are his rules. She also tells Lena that she can't use her position as a vice-principal to retaliate. Lena responds that if so, then she will use her position as a parent. Lena quits her job.

Over Under

Fost212 1177.png

Lena returns to school as Monte is wrapping up a meeting with the staff. Monte does not see Lena enter the door behind her and asks the teachers if they have any questions. Lena says she has a question. Monte turns around and looks happy to see Lena.

The next day, Lena and Monte are in Lena's office with Adam, Jude, and Connor. Jude tells Adam about what happened on the camping trip: they had girls come into the tent and made out with them. Adam says this is exactly what he was afraid of, and Lena responds skeptically. Adam says he is not a big homophobe like Lena thinks he is, he just doesn't want his son to grow up so fast. They agree to make sure school trips are properly supervised from now on and Adam says he won't spank his son anymore. Monte says they all learned something today.


Monte enters Lena's office to talk discuss the API (Academic Performance Index) scores. She is impressed by Mariana being the top of her class in math and the overall high math scores of Anchor Beach. However, Monte tells Lena that the English scores are low and they need to increase them to qualify for the grants the school needs. Monte tells Lena that they need to make some changes to the curriculum and proposes that Lena speak with Timothy as he is the head of the English department.


At the end of the school day, Lena and Monte run into one another. Monte asks Lena if she talked to Timothy yet, and Lena tells her that she hasn't had the chance yet. As they are about to part ways, Monte mentions that Mariana stopped by her office today and asked Monte not to announce her name in the assembly for the next day. Lena is in disbelief when Monte tells her that Mariana said she didn't want all the attention.

The next day, Monte comes into Lena's office and asks how Lena's talk with Timothy went. Lena is visibly upset from her earlier conversation with Timothy. She tells Monte that she does not want to undermine the great work of the teachers just to get higher test scores. Monte assures Lena that she is not trying to impose on Lena's authority over the teachers and that she is only trying to qualify for funding so that Anchor Beach’s charter can get renewed. Lena apologizes and says she understands they need to work the system. Monte tells Lena that she thinks she is an extraordinary educator and that she is learning so much from Lena. Lena thanks Monte and tells her that she respects her too. Lena tells Monte that Timothy plans to teach the way he wants to teach. Monte says that if Timothy is unwilling to work with the administration and teach a prescribed curriculum, then they will fire him.

Light of Day

Fost215 2667.png

Monte comes to Anchor Beach on a weekend and finds Lena in her office as well. They ask one another why they are at work on a weekend. Monte tells Lena she has just moved to San Diego and is still making friends. She also tells Lena that she is recently divorced. Lena sympathizes, agreeing that marriage is hard sometimes. Monte and Lena mention that they are both at work on a weekend to win grants. Lena brings up the topic of Timothy, which Monte says is a tough decision. Lena says the decision is Monte's. However, Monte disagrees, reminding Lena that they are partners and that she wants any decisions they make about the future of Anchor Beach to be made together. Lena jokingly asks if Monte would mind talking to her wife. They share a laugh and Lena says she shouldn't have said that. Monte tells Lena she understands. Monte leaves Lena's office.

The Silence She Keeps

Fost217 0674.png

Lena and Monte visit Timothy's classroom just as he is wrapping up the class. Once the students leave, they discuss changing the grading methods to be eligible for grants. It quickly escalates into an argument as Timothy is set against introducing standardized testing into his curriculum, while Monte insists that it is not about dictatorship, but keeping the doors of Anchor Beach open. Timothy tells Monte that he is against the change because it will teach students to memorize rather than think. Lena steps in to back up Monte. Monte tells Timothy that Anchor Beach is facing a real financial crisis and it not just about his English class, but the art, music, and sports programs that cannot continue without funding. Monte lets Timothy know that if he cannot see beyond his classroom, he is welcome to resign. Timothy stops arguing and asks what he can do to co-operate. Monte tells him to teach more critical thinking and non-fiction.

The next day, Lena and Timothy are having an argument over the article Timothy had his students read, 'Charter Schools and the Corporate Takeover of Public Education: What's At Stake'. Timothy says the students have the right to know what is happening to their school and their education. Lena asks Timothy if he is trying to turn the student body against the administration. Monte walks in on their argument. In the next scene, Timothy tells his students he has been fired by the administration.

Now Hear This

Monte and Lena discuss the reaction from students and parents over Timothy being fired. Lena says that although Timothy was being an ass by sending his students the article, he was doing what Monte asked of him, which was teaching more non-fiction work. Monte says that insubordination like that would not have been tolerated in business. Lena reminds Monte that Anchor Beach is not a business and that discussion is encouraged in academia. Monte says that the school cannot get out of debt without strong leadership from the administration. They part with Monte telling Lena to send an e-mail ordering the students to come to school on Monday under threat of suspension.

Fost218 2173.png

The next morning, Monte pulls up in the parking lot next to Lena. She apologizes to Lena and they both agree it is a hard job. Monte tells Lena she needs her help. They walk along the shore and Lena tells Monte to hear the kids out so that they will feel respected. Monte agrees to do this on the condition that the students come to school on Monday. Lena tells Monte about trying to get her children to listen to her. Lena also tells Monte about how she lost Frankie and being torn over whether or not to adopt Ana's baby for Mariana. Monte tells Lena that she had a miscarriage and if someone had asked her to adopt a baby right afterward, she wouldn't have been able to do it. As they continue walking, Monte tells Lena that she needs time to grieve and Lena thanks her. Lena tells Monte that Timothy was their sperm donor. Monte laughs.

Justify the Means

Monte bumps into Stef and Lena having a conversation on the school grounds. Lena introduces Monte to Stef and they greet one another. Stef invites Monte over for dinner, to which Monte agrees. Stef suggests that night, but Lena suggests that Monte may have other plans. Monte tells them she doesn't have plans and asks if they are sure. Lena says that they would love to have her.

Fost219 1576.png

That night, the Fosters are having dinner with Monte as a guest. Monte is about to ask Brandon a question but first asks if Stef and Lena are both 'mom'. Stef clarifies that she is called mom and Lena is called momma. Monte asks Brandon about his tour and Brandon says he doesn't think it is happening. Stef asks Monte about her boarding school background. They have a short discussion about Monte's time at boarding school. Mariana asks Monte where she went to college and Monte tells them that she studied pre-law at Princeton and then decided she didn't want to be a lawyer and got her graduate degree in business at Yale. Stef and Monte have an awkward exchange about their respective careers and levels of education. Mariana brings up the topic of Timothy. Lena tells her to wait for the school assembly, but Monte says she doesn't mind. Mariana gives a passionate case about Timothy being an amazing teacher while the other Foster kids agree with her. Monte gives Lena a look and nods.

After dinner, the adults sit down in the living room with some wine. Monte compliments Stef and Lena's home and family. She tells them that Mariana is very impressive and that she was moved by the way Mariana spoke about Timothy. She asks if the children knew about Timothy being the donor. Stef looks taken aback by the fact that Monte knows about this. Lena affirms that they did and Stef launches into the story of how Jesus found Timothy's deposit in their bathroom. Lena says it was very awkward, but the kids were supportive. Monte tells them she is sorry for their loss and that she can see why they are torn, seeing how special Mariana is. Stef asks what they are torn about, and Lena tells her it's about adopting Ana's baby. Stef did not realize they were torn about this decision and everyone is uncomfortable.

Fost219 2105.png

The next day, Lena sees Timothy in the classroom and finds out that Timothy had been rehired. Lena meets Monte in the hallway and thanks to her for rehiring Timothy and keeping the students' best interests in mind. Monte tells her that Mariana was very convincing and maybe she should be the lawyer. Lena hugs Monte and asks if Monte would like to have lunch with her. Monte agrees and they part ways.

Not That Kind of Girl

Lena is talking to Monte in her office about the shooting incident and Adam's reaction to his son getting shot. They are discussing an assembly for next week on gun safety when Craig enters the room with coffees, looking for Monte. He apologizes when he realizes Lena is there and Monte tells him she'll meet him in her office. Lena gives Monte a look and jokes that Craig never brings her coffee. Monte brushes it off by saying that Craig is only trying to make a good impression because she is his boss. Lena replies that she is his boss too, and Monte playfully tells Lena to hush.

Fost220 1916.png

The next day, Monte comes into Lena's office and tells her Lena was right - Craig had asked her out. Lena laughs and asks where they will be going. Monte responds that they are not as she politely declined. Lena asks why not, and Monte replies that it is not a good idea for her to date one of her subordinates. She also brings up her new philosophy on men after her ex-husband, alluding men to dessert. Monte shares her thought about trying women. Lena seems surprised for a moment, before responding that women aren't any easier. Monte says that at least women know how to communicate, and Lena replies that it isn't necessarily true, bringing up her wife as an example. She tells Monte about Stef's almost compulsive need to keep things to herself, and Lena doesn't like that they're making big decisions like adopting Ana's baby when they're not at their best.

The End of the Beginning

Monte and Lena are in Lena's office going over budgets. Lena asks when they can expect to hear about the grants, and Monte says it could be any day now. Lena sighs before Monte asks if she is okay. Monte comments that Lena looks a little stressed, but as stressed as someone as beautiful as Lena can look. Lena is flattered and tells Monte that Stef moved Ana into the house. They talk about the situation and how Stef is once again doing something without first discussing it with Lena. Monte sympathizes and tells Lena that her marriage was like that as well until finally, Monte felt she had to leave him. Lena looks down and Monte corrects herself, not meaning to draw comparisons between her failed marriage and Lena's relationship problems with Stef. Monte continues, saying that sometimes she thought she lost the baby because she knew they (her and her ex) weren't right for one another. Lena says that a newborn can test the best of marriages.

The day of the dance-off, Monte stops by Lena's office just as Lena is preparing to head to St. Tristan's. Lena notices that Monte is hanging around her doorway looking dejected. Monte tells Lena somberly that she heard from the Kiefer Foundation and Lena sighs. Monte starts to grin and surprises Lena by telling her that they got the grant. Monte pulls out a bottle of wine from her purse as they share their excitement and Lena jumps up and down in joy.

Fost309 0007.png

Monte and Lena are having a mug of wine on the couch, still in Lena's office. They laugh showing up drunk to the dance-off before Lena sobers up. Lena tells Monte that Ana is going to be there because Mariana invited her. Monte asks how she feels about that and Lena says fine at first, before shaking her head when questioned by Monte. She tells Monte that nothing is fine right now. Monte urges Lena to tell her and Lena shares that she is not excited about the baby. Lena tells Monte how she feels overwhelmed and worried about everything, including her marriage. At the last part, Lena breaks into tears and Monte closes in on Lena to hug and comfort her. They pull away from the hug, but Monte cups Lena's cheek with her hand. Lena says she is sorry, and Monte tells her not to be. They look into each other's eyes, and Monte leans in to kiss Lena. Lena is surprised and breaks the kiss after a few seconds. They both pull apart and Monte gets off the couch to leave for the dance-off.

At the competition, Lena is sitting with Stef and the rest of her family, while Monte finds a seat a few rows ahead. They are both noticeably uncomfortable.


Monte and Lena are in Lena’s office reviewing the summer celebration at Anchor Beach and the first day of summer school. They were able to hire extra teachers for summer school thanks to the Kiefer grant they received in The End of the Beginning. Monte mentions that one of the benefits that come with the grant is a trip for two to D.C. for the national conference in early July. She asks Lena if she can come, and Lena is hesitant in her response. Monte asks Lena when things are going to stop being weird between them. She explains the kiss away and tells Lena that she is straight. She looks to Lena to confirm that the kiss was nothing, and Lena agrees with some relief. Monte asks Lena to think about the Kilfer-D.C. trip and promises that Lena will have a great time.

Fost301 0475.png

Later that night at the Anchor Beach party, Lena finds Monte dancing with some students on the beach. Monte apologizes while laughing and Lena tells her it’s good for the students to see that she is a human being. Lena brings up the Kilfer-D.C. conference and tells Monte she cannot go on the trip. Monte looks disappointed and asks Lena if she is sure. Lena tells Monte she has too much going on at home and she hopes that Monte can understand. Monte says of course while looking at Stef in the background behind Lena.

Déjà Vu

Fost303 0475.png

Stef and Jenna are having a girl’s night out at a lesbian bar. Jenna is scouting for an age-appropriate partner when she spots an attractive woman at the bar. Stef looks the woman Jenna is checking out and is surprised to see that it is Monte. She tells Jenna that it is Lena’s boss. Jenna makes a sexually suggestive comment and Stef tells her to settle down because Monte is straight since she was married to a man. Jenna reminds her that she was also once married to a man.

Fost303 1002.png

The next morning, Monte enters Lena’s office. They both try to speak at the same time and laugh embarrassingly. Monte closes the office door and proceeds to share with Lena the difficulty she’s faced with meeting new people. Monte explains that she signed up for a dating site and decided to check all the boxes, seeing as it hadn’t been working out well for her with men. She apologetically tells Lena that the last thing she expected on her first date with a woman was to run into Lena’s wife. Lena tells Monte that she doesn’t have to explain, but Monte insists since she told Lena she was straight. Monte tells Lena that she doesn’t know if she is bisexual or something else, but she wanted to keep an open mind and meet someone nice.

Later that evening, Monte comes over to the Foster’s home for a double date with Jenna, presumably set up by Lena after their talk in her office. Lena walks Monte in, and Jenna is immediately stunned by Monte's beauty. They are having dinner in the backyard when Monte mentions that she never heard the story of how Stef and Lena met. Stef shares the story of how she first met Lena when she was separated from Brandon’s father and was looking for a school for Brandon. Lena was head of admissions and they went out a few times before Stef kissed her. As Stef recounts Lena's surprised and cute face, Monte smiles uneasily because of the familiarity of the story. Stef goes on saying that she tried to convince herself she was still into men and Lena was in a relationship at the time, which Lena adds it wasn’t a serious relationship, but she knew she was in love.

Fost303 1095.png

Jenna points out that Stef had crushes and experience with a woman in college. Stef responds saying everyone had that. Jenna claims she didn’t and asks Monte if she had that experience in college. Monte says no, but thinks for a moment before looking at Lena and admitting that she had crushes. Lena quickly changes the topic to desserts and Monte excuses herself to use the restroom.

Monte enters the house and Callie asks Monte if she can talk to her about her independent study. Monte invites Callie to come by her office the next day to discuss it.

The next day, Monte stops by Lena's office to thank her for last night. They both make a note of Jenna's enthusiasm and share a laugh about it. Monte goes on to say they went out for a drink after leaving Stef and Lena's house and she found Jenna funny and interesting. Lena asks if Monte wants to see Jenna again and Monte replies that she would unless Lena didn't want her to for some reason. Lena tells Monte that she doesn't want her to date any women. She explains that if Monte was straight, there would be no need to tell Stef about the kiss, but if she was gay, it would be like a betrayal.

Monte asks Lena what would happen if she told her wife, and Lena replies that Stef would not be happy with the two of them working together. Monte sincerely apologizes for putting Lena in the situation. She tells Lena that the kiss was just something stupid she did and asks Lena if there is any point in telling Stef if it would only make her uncomfortable.


Monte is in Lena's office discussing administrative matters when Lena sees Jude walk out of his classroom. She steps out of her office to ask him why he isn't taking his math test. Jude yells at Lena that he doesn't care if he fails the math test because Callie is back in the system and Lena and Stef are getting a divorce.

After Jude storms away, Lena clarifies to Monte that she and Stef are not getting a divorce and that they are only going through a rough patch. Lena continues, telling Monte that Stef is putting off a counseling session because it is difficult for them to make their relationship a priority with six kids. Monte responds by saying that if they don't, they risk waking up and realizing there is no relationship left. Lena says she doesn’t know how to make Stef see that and Monte suggests that they don't take divorce off the table. Monte quickly explains that some people believe they can neglect their relationship because they think they are never breaking up, but it’s not okay to be unhappy. Lena tells Monte that she is right and she needs to tell Stef.


Fost309 0896.png

Lena drives up to Idyllwild by herself, since Stef has to stay behind. Stef has to drive the kids the day after. Monte is already there as Lena arrives. Lena asks where Jenna is and Monte explains that Jenna had a PR crisis and she would come later that night. Lena comments that it is just the two of them for dinner. Monte tells Lena she brought organic steak, and Lena shows Monte that she brought a six-pack of wine, explaining that it was buy-five-get-one-free. Monte looks sheepish and pulls out the same six-pack of wine from her trunk. They share a laugh at themselves.

Fost309 1095.png

Later that night in the cabin, Lena and Monte are sitting on the couch in front of a fireplace. They are teasing one of the Spanish teacher's off-kilter wigs and laughing together. Lena asks Monte how her relationship with Jenna is going. Monte looks hesitant and says it's going fine and she likes Jenna, but she thinks Jenna is developing feelings faster than her. Lena asks how Monte feels about dating women in general, and Monte says she likes the emotional connection and the sex, which they share a laugh about. Lena says that maybe Monte just needs more time, and Monte says maybe, or maybe Jenna isn't the right woman for her. Lena looks slightly uncomfortable, so Monte goes back to joking about the wig when Jenna enters the cabin in their mid-laughter. Jenna senses something and asks what is going on, to which they respond nothing. Monte helps Jenna sit her things down and pours a glass of wine for her.

The next day, Jenna arrives at the music competition without Monte. Stef asks her what happened and Jenna says tearfully that she and Monte broke up because Monte has feelings for someone else. Stef asks Jenna who, and Jenna looks at Lena standing in the background.


In her office, Lena asks Monte why she would tell Jenna about the kiss. Monte explains that she finally told Jenna the reason she was having a hard time falling in love with her was that she was already in love with someone else, with Lena. Lena responds that she gets that. Monte looks heartbroken and tells Lena that she knows it's not okay and that she knows Lena doesn't feel the same way about her. Monte promises she would never, ever want to break up a marriage, but she felt the need to say that out loud. Their conversation is interrupted by Nate, Lena's step-brother.

Under Water

Monte is mentioned when Mariana confronts Lena in front of Stef and Sharon about a raunchy GIF she saw on Twitter, suggesting an affair, and the private conversations and whispering Mariana noticed between Lena and Monte. Lena denies the affair and after Mariana leaves, Lena's gets a call from Monte which she rejects.

Fost314 100.PNG

Later, Monte is in Lena's office. They are discussing Mariana's accusation earlier that morning. They both agree that it would be better to ignore the rumor and not dignify it with a response, and Monte says that kids make up stories about their teachers and principals all the time. Monte shares an anecdote of when she was in grade school, in which there was also rumors of an affair between a music teacher and his TA, but in this case, the affair was real and the music teacher divorced his wife.

This arouses Lena's suspicion and she asks Monte if she sent that tweet. Monte looks hurt by the question and asks Lena if she thinks she would do something like that. Lena apologizes and says she has been stressed out, and Monte inquires further. Lena is on the verge of tears, and Monte shuts the office door so they can speak in private. Lena breaks into tears and tells Monte that Stef needs to have surgery, so she will need to take at least a week off. Monte says of course. At this moment, Stef is entering the school campus and sees Monte and Lena alone in Lena's office from the window. Monte asks if the surgery is serious and Lena, visibly trying to regain composure, says she will be fine. Monte apologizes and says she didn't mean to overstep.

Minor Offenses

Lena and Monte are in Lena's office. A student named Sally Benton is presenting an idea for the student council's community outreach project, which involves converting a space in City Heights into a park or a community garden. Monte says that it is very impressive. Sally also proposes that this project could be her senior thesis if she oversees the development. Lena interjects that since the school funds the community outreach project, it could be perceived as funding her thesis, which is against the rules. Monte asks Lena whether donated materials would be within the rules, and Lena says that it could work. Monte turns to Sally and suggests she show the local nurseries the presentation, they would be lining up to help. Sally expresses a lot of gratitude to Monte and leaves the office. Monte mentions what an incredible young woman Sally is to Lena, and Lena agrees but looks uncertain.

Fost315 0695.png

A few days later, Monte and Sally are in Lena's office, and Monte encourages Sally to tell Lena the good news. Sally says they got all the materials donated thanks to Monte. Lena questions why it was thanks to Monte and Sally tells her it was because Monte came with her and worked her magic on the guys at the garden store. Monte looks ecstatic and flips her hair playfully. Sally hesitantly asks Lena if this could be her thesis, and Lena says she doesn't see why not. Sally cheers and thanks Monte again before going to class.

As soon as Sally has left, Monte turns to Lena and asks what the problem is, as she can tell Lena isn't happy. Lena tells Monte that it is inappropriate. Monte closes the door, questioning Lena. Lena says that Monte is far too involved in a student's thesis and it is against the rules. Monte argues that it is okay to bend the rules for the greater good, and brings up the way she bent the rules to get Jesus back into Anchor Beach. Monte excuses herself for a conference call.


Fost316 2347.png

Monte is seen telling Lena that some students came forward to complain about Romeo and Juliet because they feel as though it's inappropriate due to suicide. It is brought up to the honor board at school to decide. Brandon makes his argument against Sally Benton and loses, but Monte is shown standing next to Lena, looking more impressed by Brandon's argument than Sally's. Later Sally is seen in Lena's office crying, she tells Lena that Monte kissed her.


Monte is sitting down with Lena in her office. Lena tells her that Sally Benton came to see her the day before. Monte instantly replies that if she's upset about Brandon having his play elsewhere that she'll have to get over it. Lena informs her that she's upset because Monte kissed her. Lena asked Monte if she kissed her, but Monte sits in silence without responding for a moment. Monte finally responds staying that she did not kiss the student, but that Sally tried to kiss her because she must have misinterpreted her interest in her, as her mentor. Monte instantly assumes that Lena doesn't believe her given their history. Lena responds with confusion and asks why Monte didn't report it. Monte replied claiming that she told Sally that it was not appropriate and that it was unwelcome, but that she didn't see a point in furthering embarrassing her, so she didn't report it. Lena continues to ask Monte why she didn't report it to the school board, but Monte argues that there aren't any legal issues because she's 18 and that she must have been afraid that Monte would tell her parents. Lena informed her that Sally did tell her parents and that they were reporting it.

Kingdom Come

Potential Energy

Monte is inside the school during the lockdown. She comes out with the rest of the staff when they are rescued.



Cruel and Unusual

Sex Ed

Diamond in the Rough

Who Knows

Until Tomorrow

Appearances (32/101)

Season 2 (9/21)

Season 3 (10/20)

Season 4 (8/20)

Season 5 (4/22)


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  • Monte had a miscarriage. According to herself, Monte was a few months into the pregnancy when she lost the baby and needed time to grieve before emotionally healing from it. Monte also talked about the instability of her marriage, sometimes believing the stress from the situation caused her to miscarry.
  • Monte studied pre-law at Princeton and then received her business degree at Yale.
    • At some point, she also graduated from Brown.
  • Starting in Season 3, Monte has decided to officially explore her sexuality and see what it is like being with a woman. Monte later explained to Lena that since she had bad relationships with men, she figured to try dating a woman instead. However, Monte has not labeled her sexual orientation until she is sure of herself.


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