Miranda Collins better known as Diamond is a teenager who was pimped by Russell Ortega. She recruited a few girls for Russell over the years, including a fellow Girls United member, Christina.


Miranda's parents were drug addicts who didn't care about her, which resulted in her being a street kid. She had a rough early life and was recruited by Russell Ortega to perform tricks on the street in exchange for a place to live, food, and cash when she was around fourteen or fifteen. She was also in-and-out of Juvie and had a record of being a troubled teen.

Physical Appearance

Diamond is a tough-looking young girl, who looked mature for her age of fifteen. She has full plump lips, high-arched brows, and long freshly polished nails at all times. She wears dark, heavy makeup that makes her dark eyes seem shadowed. Her hair is in dreads that are often pulled up in a bun.

Diamond wears very revealing clothing that showcase her job as a sex worker on the streets of San Diego. Across her left upper-breast she has the name, "Russell" tattooed to symbolize that he is her pimp.


Season 4 (3/20)

Season 5 1/22)



  • She used to be a sex worker before Stef helped reform her.
  • She was placed in Girls United after she was arrested, but left after calling Russell and recruiting Christina to join her.



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