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Please, don't give up on this 'cause you're afraid of disappointment, Brandon. Sometimes it takes a lot of failure to reach success, trust me. One thing being your dad has taught me, it's that.

Mike Foster is the father of Brandon Foster and an unborn child, the husband of Ana Gutierrez, and also the step-father of Isabella Gutierrez, Mariana Adams Foster, and Jesus Adams Foster. He is also the former foster father of AJ Hensdale, ex-husband, and patrol partner of Stef Foster.

Mike and Stef had a rocky marriage, due to Stef struggling to come to terms with her sexuality. They eventually got divorced ten-years prior to "Pilot". In the pilot episode, he requested Stef to be his new partner, initially causing awkwardness for Lena Adams, Stef's current partner. Nonetheless, Lena and Mike manage to have a friendly and respectable relationship throughout the series.

Mike is portrayed by Danny Nucci.


A handsome average Joe, Mike is Stef’s ex-husband and Brandon’s biological father. Also a police officer, Mike personally requests to partner up with Stef after her regular partner leaves the department – a move that doesn’t initially sit well with Lena. We later learn that Mike has an alcohol addiction, which he slowly begins to beat over the course of the series.

Mike began dating a recovering alcoholic, Dani Kirkland, in Us Against The World whom he had met in a therapy group. Their relationships become serious and they had even discussed having a baby together. They broke up when Mike learned that she slept with a drunken Brandon in Adoption Day, and, despite having a hard time accepting she had statutorily raped his son, Mike has her arrested in The Longest Day. He later helps Ana, Jesus and Mariana's birth mother, with her own personal addiction and to improve her life for the better. After dating for a while, Mike and Ana announce their engagement.

Throughout Series


Stef and Mike.

At work Mike requested Stef as his partner since her previous partner transfers. Later that afternoon, Stef talks to Lena about Mike being her partner and she isn't happy about the situation until Mike explains he only requested Stef has his partner to look over her since he never felt comfortable with any partners she has had in the past. Later that evening, the rest of the Fosters are getting ready for Brandon's music competition and become worried when they can't find him or Callie. After Stef tracks his phone, they find out where they are and quickly leave. After arriving at Callie's former foster father's house, Brandon distracts him while Callie tries to get to Jude from the back. Things go south when he quickly notices Callie and begins shoving her, demanding she leave, but Callie refuses to leave without Jude. The foster father then pulls out a gun. Stef, Mike, and Lena arrive just in time and the foster father is arrested.


Mike and Lena.

Lena and Stef decide to not punish Brandon after the previous night's events. While at work, Stef mentions this to Mike, and he disagrees with Lena and Stef's decision. Later that afternoon, Mike comes home from work with Stef. They have an argument over Brandon's punishment, and Lena gets mad at Stef for taking Mike's side. Mike grounds Brandon which angers him. He strikes back by telling Mike that he's never around or been there for him much, and he wants to know who to take orders from. Stef gets angry and demands Brandon apologize to Mike over the phone.

Hostile Acts

Mike and Brandon.

Mike asks Brandon to live with him. Stef's unhappy with this and argues with Brandon. After the argument, Brandon makes the decision to move in with his dad. Brandon changed his mind about living with Mike and they shared a beautiful father and son moment due to the panio Mike has rented for Brandon. Later, in the episode, Brandon decides to stay with his family because he felt they need him.


Stef and Mike getting drinks.

Mike joins Mariana and Jesus' Quinceañera. He dances with Mariana when she asks him, because she wants to keep the tradition. He tells Stef that she and Lena are good parents during the party. He later on gets drunk and Brandon drives him home.


Mike is late to pick up Brandon for his piano audition. Brandon is irritated and tells Mike he smelled alcohol on his breath. When the piano teacher tells Brandon he didn't make it, Mike begs him to give Brandon another chance. He even offers to pay the money when the piano teacher informs them that he already gave the scholarship away. Later on, Brandon and Mike have lunch and Mike tells Brandon not to worry, that he'll pick up an extra shift.


Mike and Stef are on duty when a suspect runs a red light in front of them. They chase after him. They are able to stop him and arrest him. Mike was struck by the suspect's elbow which results Stef to run after the suspect. Mike follows afterwards. Stef is able to catch the man and arrests him. Stef repeats Mike's words for him "Mike, don't talk." They are later questioned by Captain Roberts. She asks Mike to leave and he does. Captain Roberts asks Mike if he has been drinking again. Later, Mike yells at Stef for rating him out about his drinking again. Stef is assigned to a new partner until further notice. Lena calls Mike when Stef is alone at Ana's house. They discover drugs and go in the house. Shots were later fired.


A footage is shown of Mike and Stef entering the house. They search the house only to find nothing. Mike was in another room when he hears two gun shots. He hurries to Stef's rescue, and he shots the man three times. He calls a bus (also the ER in their language) for Stef. They immediately rush to the hospital. Mike calls Lena, and he tells her about the shooting. When she arrives, Lena puts her frustrations out on Mike. Mike is denied access to see Stef until he is questioned by IA. Jesus asks Mike if they found Ana to which he answers no. He also asks him if Ana's boyfriend is dead. When Jesus answers a good response when Mike says yes, Mike fights back saying that it's never good when someone dies no matter what they did. A flashback is shown that Stef asks for the divorce because she is gay. Mike is bombarded with questions once again by Brandon. Mike is questioned by IA who demand answers by annoying him. Captain Roberts stops them before it gets out of hand. Mike and Captain Roberts discuss the next day about the shooting. The captain said Ana was actually at the house climbing out the window when she heard the gunshots and that means that they now have an eye witness to help their alibi.

Brandon confronts Mike about his having alcohol in his coffee and tells him he is done with him until he cleans up his act. Mike is finally able to see Stef. She says it wasn't his fault and that she wanted to go in and investigate without waiting for back-up as she thought her child's life was in danger. Mike says he wishes it was him and Stef jokingly says she does too. Mike tells her that the cops picked up Ana, and that it doesn't matter because it was a clean shot and she was probably lying. Stef stares at him.

The episode ends with Stef having a flashback of her shooting, showing that she was in fact lying to IA earlier that day. Stef remembers that when she walked into the room, Ana's boyfriend immediately shot at her (marking the 1st gunshot), giving Stef her wound and causing her to fall to the ground. As she fell, Ana's boyfriend drops his gun on the floor in shock and the impact causes it to fire off again (marking the 2nd gunshot). Mike runs in and fires at Ana's boyfriend repeatedly (marking the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gunshots) without thinking to check for him being armed, meaning that Mike did indeed shoot at an unarmed person and that he and Stef could both get in trouble for the death of an innocent.

I Do

Stef and Mike were setting up tables for the wedding. When Mike said Ana told the police that her boyfriend dropped the gun and was then shot. Stef told Mike that she said she was unconscious, but that she actually saw what happened. Mike told Stef that she couldn't change her statement because she would definitely lose her jobs and she had the family to think about. Mike later enjoys himself possibly sober at the wedding.

The Honeymoon

Mike is present in the morning advising Stef to say yes as newlyweds to which Stef says that he never did it. Mike babysits the Fosters kids during the period Stef and Lena are searching for Callie. He struggles with what making the teenagers for breakfast as well as for their lunch since they're picky. Mike drops them off to school when Stef's car won't start. Mike has dinner with the kids when they receive the news that Callie has run off again.

House and Home

Meanwhile, Mike and Jesus play basketball. Mike has a talk with Brandon about Callie, he tries to convince Brandon to forget about her. He tells Brandon that Callie wasn’t planning on being with Brandon, that she was trying to go to Indiana to stay.

Things Unsaid

Mike, and Stef share with Brandon that they’ve taken a drastic step in keeping he and Callie away from one another-they’ve gotten a restraining order issued keeping Brandon apart from Callie legally. He gets angry and storms out. Mike, Stef, and Lena discuss the situation with Brandon, then Stef gets ready to head back to work for the first time since being shot. Stef tells Mike that he should be able to come to work with her, he tells her not to worry, it will work itself out.. Later, Mike apologizes to Brandon for being drunk at Mariana’s birthday and his audition. Brandon asks him about the times Mike was drunk when he was little. Mike tells Brandon he doesn’t remember those times, Brandon tells him that’s the thing about being a drunk. He tells Mike, “You can’t remember, but the rest of us can’t forget.”


Stef’s captain warned Lena to not let Stef anywhere around a newspaper. Lena didn’t understand and later asked Mike what’s so dangerous. He tried to downplay the situation but there is a journalist writing up a story on the shooting. According to Mike, he’s simply trying to sell papers or in other words this journalist is writing up a sensationalized article on police brutality. The story as Stef eventually learned from Mike had a bigger impact than even he thought it would. His suspension is up and yet his bosses still aren’t allowing him to go to work.

Us Against The World

In the meantime, Brandon’s new accommodations are at risk. Mike got a new friend. As in one with benefits even though his AA meetings warned him about starting something new this early in his sobriety. On top of that things aren’t going so well with Mike’s trial. Stef received a subpoena to testify in open court. Now they want to ask her about that night when she knows she gave a false statement way back when.

Kids in the Hall

Stef invited Mike and his girlfriend around as well. So the women decided to make a dinner party out of it.

Escapes and Reversals

Later Brandon wanted to tell his dad everything but his father’s new girlfriend stopped him. She didn’t want him to get into trouble or so she claims. Dani gave him the money to pay back his father. This way Brandon admitted to what to steal and couldn’t. Which much less than what he did with the money. Like bribing witnesses. Mike was upset but Dani talked it over with him. She told him that it was natural for Brandon to act out seeing as his family life back home had gotten so complicated. The she said maybe it was a good thing she was moving in. Brandon wouldn’t be in such an empty house and he would get a break from the drama. Funnily enough Mike had original viewed her as a friend with benefits. Now they’re going to live together.

Don't Let Go

Stef then leaves the school to go over to Mike’s house to chastise him for grounding Brandon without consulting with her first. She reminds him that she still has custody and needs to be consulted at all times. The scene then shifts to Callie who is dealing with her feelings about her dad by talking to one of her friends that she knew in juvenile detention.


Mike and Stef grill Brandon about what really happened. He says he bought the fake ids and booze because he needed the money. But he realized what he was doing was wrong so he bought them back. He said that he needed the money to pay his dad back for piano lessons, because the money he had to pay his dad went to Ana. He payed off Ana, the lady who approached Stef for ten thousand dollars, so she would change her testimony and they would not have to go to trial.

Adoption Day

The episode opens right where we left off Brandon, Mike and Stef in the cop car discussing what the repercussions should be for Brandon’s previous actions (from the fake I.Ds to giving Ana money). Outside of the police car, Stef tells Mike about the chat she had with Ana earlier; where if Stef didn't give Ana $10,000 she would retract her statement. Upon hearing this, Mike is flabbergasted. “I could kill her.” But Stef suggests that he just stay away from both her and Brandon. She then decides that Brandon is moving out of Mike’s and coming back to live with her. End of story.

Mike and Dani are later seen fighting about Stef’s recent decision to which Dani says that he should just rebel against it. Mike informs her that he can’t, since she has custody over Brandon in the first place. The two bicker some more until it gets to the point where Mike kicks Dani out…for good. Meanwhile, Brandon overheard the whole conversation. At Mike’s, Brandon is seen in his room packing away when his father walks in. He says that Stef has agreed in letting him stay for one more night (so he can practice for his big audition). Brandon tries to apologize about everything to him but Mike cuts him off. He says he’s never been more disappointed in him. Mike is an absolute mess, he has some cuts not to mention lots of blood on him. Dani asks if he got into a fight while she’s cleaning the blood off. What he did last night, we don’t know…but was killing Ana one of them?


Father's Day

Déjà Vu

Going South

It's My Party

Faith, Hope, Love


Mike obtains his foster license, allowing AJ to move in with him.

Mike begins to suspect Ty, AJ's brother was the driver that pulled the hit-and-run on the family's car.


First Impressions

Mixed Messages

If and When

Minor Offenses

The Show

Kingdom Come

Appearances (65/101)

Season 1 (18/21)

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Season 3 (14/20)

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Season 5 (5/22)


Stef Adams Foster

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: 10 years prior to Pilot
    • Broke Up: 10 years prior to Pilot
      • Reason: Stef realized she was a lesbian and had fallen in love with Lena.

Over ten years prior to the series Stef was married to Mike Foster. Their relationship hit a rough patch and they separated, leading to a divorce. Despite Mike willing to make things work, promising marriage counselling and spending more time with Brandon, she revealed that she was gay and met someone. This officially marked the end of their relationship as shown in flashbacks in Vigil. Their marriage resulted in one child, Brandon Foster, whose custody is shared between him and Stef.

Dani Kirkland

  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Prior to House and Home (1x12)
    • Broke Up: Adoption Day (1x21)
      • Reason: Mike was furious to find out that she helped Brandon lie to him by giving Brandon money to pay off his debt.
  • Second Relationship:
    • Start Up: Prior to Things Unknown (2x01)
    • Broke Up: The Longest Day (2x07)
      • Reason: Mike found out about Dani raping Brandon and had her sent to prison.

Mike and Dani started off as sober buddies. They began a relationship and eventually Dani moved in and formed a bond with Mike's son Brandon, which later culminated to her having sex with Brandon while he was drunk and upset from breaking up with Callie. During the time when Brandon and Dani kept this a secret, Mike and Dani's relationship became more serious, even considering having children together. Soon after this, Mike found out about what happened between her and Brandon and is visibly upset and shocked. However, he had refused to view it as rape at first since Brandon is a boy and "he knows how every 16-year-old boy thinks". Eventually, Stef forces him to see that Dani was the adult in the situation and had sexually assaulted Brandon and he decided to send her to prison for statutory rape.


  • Mike struggles with alcohol addiction for a duration of the series and is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Mike is Stef's former patrol officer partner. He requested to be her partner in "Pilot" episode, something Stef and Lena initially frowned on.
  • He is the only main character on the show who doesn't live in the Adams-Foster household.
  • He is considered to be part of the Adams Foster family and is somewhat of a father-figure to Jesus and Mariana.
  • In Season 3, he decided to officially foster AJ Hensdale and soon receives his fostering license.
  • Mike stated in "Hostile Acts" that he was in the Navy.



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